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  1. lolmetimbers

    Ember is up to par

    here we go again 😂
  2. lolmetimbers

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    Honestly just sad that it still has not been adjusted. Literally only need to change a digit in the game files to match the normal akvasto.
  3. lolmetimbers

    Arbitrations survival life support

    It's a problem with solo survival in general and DE still refuses to do anything about it. Solo spawns are pathetic. And lol @ who forced you to go solo - usually it is people harping about who forced you to pub it.
  4. lolmetimbers

    Is this excalibur build bad ?

    I dunno how you guys manage to play excal without rush in exilus slot. You spend a lot of time on your feet spamming blade and the extra sprint speed makes a world of difference across mission types.
  5. lolmetimbers

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    Akvasto prime recoil has been adjusted to match it's normal variant Why isn't this included??? =/
  6. lolmetimbers

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    This. After crafting it I can't even be bothered leveling it as I know how bad the recoil is compared to the vasto prime/akvasto. They really need to adjust it.
  7. lolmetimbers

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    Bumping this so it can be fixed. How disappointing the akvariant is because of this recoil change. DE please keep the recoil the same as the regular akvasto.
  8. lolmetimbers

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

  9. lolmetimbers

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Hype and disappointment. Saw that coming from a mile away lel
  10. lolmetimbers

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Date Announcement!

    The make or break would for me would be cross-save/progress with PC. But probably unlikely to happen =(
  11. lolmetimbers

    The Silver Grove: U4+4.1

    Are hieracon endo excavation rates nerfed again? I have one 400 endo bundle out of 28 wtf