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  1. I think I've got some ash parts randomly by farming something else (polymers?) on Neptune? Probably survival mission and if you do it long enough manic comes and may drop the part. But generally i never farmed for it specifically, it just drops in some greener missions I suppose. The thing I can not get is ivara systems(?), spy missions just stopped dropping ivara parts for me. Wanted to feed her to helminth.
  2. Here is mine: Gimp Squad Sigma Due to matchmaking issues i can't launch my railjack, so for now i keep them in a box.
  3. Looks legit. I can't get rid of Despair too, but i used it a lot in the past. Not sure about the criteria, i think i killed more mobs with other secondaries, but Despair must be the one i've spent most wall clock time with. I'm a bit surprised about Frost though, i would imagine that Excalibur or Rhino would take the 3rd place. Very interesting stats. Thanks for the link by the way.
  4. I don't know. This all sounds very important, but since patch I wasn't able to launch my railjack without switching to solo mode. So solo/coop aspect sounds mostly irrelevant to me. What is the point of farming and maxing your gear (railjack) if you can't even use it? I guess I'm waiting for railjack to die again so I can use my railjack again, but I don't really want railjack to die. Therefore I don't know, I was kind of ejected out of railjack stuff (not that I touched it very often anyway). In my opinion they need to fix their matchmaking and let people play their game.
  5. Also today I highjacked someone's ship. Instead of launching my railjack game added me to someone's else, I saw pilot seat unoccupied, jumped into it and started to move to mission objective, then host migration occurred. Former host wrote only one message to chat: "hey, where are you going? Hello?” I think I start to understand what "space GTA" was supposed to mean, although not quite sure if I like it if it forces peeps to leave the squad.
  6. I was opening containers in railjack missions and they all drop carbides, like metric tons or carbides. Is it supposed to work like that? Greenir sectors seems to be affected too. Or is it just me?
  7. There is still greenir sectors with a lot of fighters. They are kinda meh though because they are tailored for teamwerk and ai pilots can't kill stupid radiators, so you have to run back and forth. Corpus sectors are much better in that regard because there is no radiators - that's a solid progress, but much less space pew pew and more ground missions, which isn't always bad, when it isn't too much of it. I only hope that blizzard could make missions with different proportions of space/ground combat for everyone's liking, no radiators pls thx, but this probably not going to happen until n
  8. I didn't play too much before GUI softlocked the game, but i think i quite like what i'm seeing so far. Screen-shaking is good, great music and i like the pace. Don't quite like the regular missions in railjack, it's a good change of pace, but i would maybe prefer something more railjack-related. The weirdest thing though is that i have to switch to solo or invites only to launch my railjack. On the other hand, AI crew seems to do better than non-AI, dude is just sitting in turret and gunning down fighters. Nice.
  9. Chroma Hirudo Quellor Mausolon My cat Murzik Death, destruction, suffering per usual
  10. No, i actually wanted to hear what potential changes are upcoming to prepare for them. I have all reactors, engines and shields in my inventory and they are near max values, so i maybe need another one or two to max out. I agree with the other dude that this update will give me something to do with railjack - that's good, definitely better than one exterminate mission again and again. But somehow this thread went into "how this is going to suck". This was never intention of this thread.
  11. Hahaha, man, i feel you, the kitgun riven is a good one. Hopefully they will send you an umbra forma, riven slivers, legendary core and what not to sweeten the deal.
  12. IIRC it was supposed to be a difficulty selector for upgraded warframes like NG+ or NG+2 if that matters. At least this is what DE was asked for originally and i think i once saw a GUI for selecting starting level of enemies. So you would start a mission from level 100 enemies instead of level 30 enemies. But somehow it transformed into a game mode, then into a kuva farm, now it's a source of umbra forma every 2 months i guess. With that said, it turned out to be a pretty cool game mode with fun minibosses. However i likely to fail to explain what it is supposed to be in its current stat
  13. Oh yeah, probably going to need to research that in dojo too. Interesting point about multiple reactors. So i guess that if your weapon of choice is Void Hole, then you might go after duration or range reactor, but if someone with Seeker Volley comes to such railjack, they won't get the right buff question mark? Or vice versa, if someone with Void Hole comes to a power-reactor railjack. Interesting indeed. But i guess Seeker Volley could see a renaissance on a correctly modded railjack, it's a very cool avionic.
  14. Here is dev workshop thread: Some bullet points: Stamina is gone (good) Mods aren't attached to railjack anymore, but attached to players (probs also good, idk) Energy from warframe instead of reactor (yeah whatever) So what does that mean exactly? For instance, i have a reactor, shields and engines from the specific houses. Flux capacity is gone, mod (avionics) capacity is also gone, reactors are buffing avionics - probably going to need new reactor, OK, that's fine. If no stamina means infinite boosting, does that also mean that Lavan engines might look li
  15. Because i don't do steel path missions, or rather rarely do them, i do steel path alerts and i prefer to extract with 5 essence. Here is the maths: if i abort 1 time then do 4 alerts solo killing every acolyte, i get 20 essence. This is still more essence than if i do 5 missions in PUG and get 3 essence for each of them because 3x5=15. I get +5 extra essence if i abort the mission. 5 extra essence is like 30% bonus if we're speaking about daily alerts exclusively. It's a good chunk.
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