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  1. There is at least one bug that doesn't count mission progress towards overall score. I don't know how this bug works exactly, but sometimes score counter freezes, then unfreezes, then you exit the mission and don't see yourself on scoreboard as you didn't do that mission at all. Doing another mission counts towards overall score. Another bug that i saw is that i had score on scoreboard, but then mission somehow bugged out and i disappeared from scoreboard, doing other mission didn't account for any score, but gave credits (credits balance in Duck's shop increased). I'm not saying that your teammates are hitting same bugs, but i think it's reasonable to assume it's just some bug with scoring.
  2. Then either it's not an insanity, or they don't expect different results from doing the same thing. If it worked for years, then, i don't know, maybe they expect it to keep working? Even if we don't understand how it works, it objectively works, right? TBH, they (mostly) fixed their crap pretty fast this time. By the weekend it was playable. It bugs out sometimes, but generally it's playable, good job.
  3. I think it would make much more sense if archwings were used in railjack defense because IIRC all archwing avionics have "in N meters around railjack" in their description. So if you install archwing-specific avionics in your railjack, then archwings are tied to railjack and have to move (or to stay) with it if they want to use advantage coming from railjack. And ultimate combo would be AI/NPC crew on turrets + 3/4 archwings around railjack. But to be entirely honest i don't see how this could work because to me it looks like everything oneshots archwing in space.
  4. Youtube perhaps, there were some clips from New War before. It doesn't let me replay on PC as well.
  5. You just go to extraction at any moment and keep your score. I think it's required to do at least 3 waves for extraction to open (any warframe i guess), after that it's as long as you're comfortable with. You might also destroy your oplink - that will force extraction too. The penalty is that you get progressively less score. For 3 waves you'll get 90 points, for 10 waves you'll get 800-ish (don't remember exact number, 835 probably).
  6. Lol indeed. But at least now we know that they are behind, and now i know what was planned. It would be also great to know where are we now and what is the current plan. From what i've heard, they are doing corpus rework which seems to me to be unrelated to anything, but maybe it's related to New War in some way, i don't know. P.S. They need to put less stuff on whiteboard and deliver more actual gameplay rather than put more stuff on whiteboard and deliver less actual gameplay.
  7. Yes. Yes. No. I can take Frost to railjack mission and solo it to wave 3 (including) without even trying. Ground mission, i think Frost is good to about wave 10 or 11, then you need more DPS, after that point it's just not viable to put bullets into that sponge for so long, it's faster to restart. But maybe i don't have optimal build. Railjack part is easy, hide it underneath the sentient ship so ramsleds can't land, then keep oplink alive for about 2 minutes and that is it. For ground part i think key frame is Mesa actually. She's very good at clearing adds. But mesa is best in duo. Frost + Mesa = ❤️
  8. Dayum, you are right. I completely forgot that there was supposed to be another phase after dry dock and railjack. S#&$. You know what is missing? Some sort of vague roadmap of what they are planning to do could probably help for general understanding of what to expect and what not to expect.
  9. I mean, she says in Ropalolyst bossfight pretty clearly what happened to her (i'm writing this from the top of my head, not really a quote): "Do you remember Lua? You was saved, but I? I was changed". You just have to listen. A better thing to notice: over the course of about 6-7 years she used a bunch of kids to carry out assassinations and such for credits and other loot.
  10. Hold on, what's that? I don't mind phase 3, 4 or 5, but does that mean that AI/NPC crew is delayed again? NPC crew was promised as well, wasn't it? I think they said at TennoCon that you could hire bots from Fortuna and deploy them to railjack.
  11. We've been doing ground mission and came to wave 17 with 56 health remaining on last surviving oplink. I think we've send a code or two, then it was destroyed. When this happened, game decided that we've completed wave 17, score was 2210. Me and at least one other dude were in some way disconnected from flotilla. I disappeared from scoreboard and i didn't see killcodes being sent to railjacks in following missions. This continued through two next missions that i played with other people, in last mission i've met the same guy who said he didn't see killcodes going out either. In the end, when flotilla progress reached 100/100 i don't think i've got any bonus whatsoever. P.S. And i'm not sure if final mission score was accounted towards operation progress.
  12. You have this impression because there are mostly negative comments. There are mostly negative comments because people tend to notice negative things - this is how people learn, they remember negative things and take positive things for granted. Give it a try, it's not ideal, but most likely it's not as bad as you think it is.
  13. Yeah, I noticed this too. There is a difference between D2 and Warframe communities, for once D2 community is openly hostile towards Budgie. This wasn't the case in Warframe community, but it slowly turning around. I think they are just loosing goodwill that they had. It's not because they don't want that goodwill, but because of objective circumstances surrounding all of us. Like you know, stuff changes, they clearly have some problems, they are having hard time dealing with those problems, problems pile up on each other and it's even harder to deal with a pile of them. Alas this isn't even game related, there is no feedback forum to discuss how to deal with problems they have, and I don't think we should. I think they need to step up quality of their releases. How they do that, how much time it will take, will it help - I don't know, probably not, it's their business, they have to deal with it, not us. There is only so much we can do. Even if I or somebody else would point out what the problem is and how to resolve it - this will only lead to more negativity towards DE because now it's a public knowledge that there is a problem and there is a way to resolve this problem and they didn't. Which is pretty much what they do with never fixed bugs. I don't know man, they are creating their own fate. One fact is certain: if community turns away from them - this is because of something they did (or didn't).
  14. Yeah, i've heard about bugs a lot. So just good ideas from the forums are not enough apparently - check. I do agree that rewards as they implemented are at least awkward. But what is raid then?
  15. Isn't that what they're doing? Weren't raids and scaling rewards the most requested features? Now peeps don't want to stay for 3 hours in one mission and bored? So what are they supposed to do with this? I'm just asking. Honestly, i'm just lurking on this forums during events and such stuff, reading what people say and i'm genuinely interested in this stuff for my own reasons.
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