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  1. There must be a way to kill them, my dude.
  2. Yes. It often appears like DE is making special effects for autists. I'm not saying this to insult anyone, i mean people who need their sensory organs stimulated, with like loud sounds or flashy images. There are display options that i have to turn down to almost nothing to play comfortably, but this flashing when mission is loading is horrible. The worst is that even if i alt-tab from Warframe when mission loads to skip this flash, stupid mission just doesn't load, it waits for me to alt-tab back.
  3. 32768

    RAM usage

    Oh yeah, and there are sometimes significant difficulties with ending Warframe process. Either i main menu -> quit game or Alt+F4, Warframe process stays, it doesn't end. Window disappears, but Warframe icons stays in the taskbar and i often have to kill it in task manager. Although if i wait long enough, i think it ends eventually, but it might take couple of minutes.
  4. There is a way to farm Simaris rep in hard mode: Like do it like 2 or 3 times and you can buy the blueprint.
  5. 32768

    RAM usage

    I don't remember, some random missions. It's very reproducible, just load into orbiter and there will be 1-2-3 gigs of RAM consumed in in-game debug display. My graphics are at low, although i'm using new graphics engine, i don't remember if i started noticing this before i switched or after. I have 8 gigs of RAM total, i'm pretty this is included into crash report which i think i related.
  6. 32768

    RAM usage

    Lately i noticed that RAM usage significantly increased. Warframe is using 3 gigs of RAM when i'm in orbiter. It often goes to swap, i guess, and starts to freeze and lag. WAR-2920765
  7. "Rivens deleted from the game." - this what i would like to see in patch notes.
  8. This is blue crits, right? Okay, this makes sense. I did remember blue crits and now i'm in a more peaceful state of mind, thanks guys, i appreciate this.
  9. I know this is not the point of the thread, but they are likely to increase drop chance later like they did with railjack avionics, so now everyone can farm void hole which was unobtainable in the similar fashion. Meanwhile mod drop booster really helps. I've got it twice since deimos release from sorties and got like a lot of mods, but not the rare ones, just copper and silver. You are right of course. The only rare mods that i have i've bought from shop for syndicate rep. On the other hand, there are not a lot of places where necramech is usable, it's like whatever, not like i'm go
  10. I saw a thread where a person used some bugged build and apparently got banned for 15 years for doing too much damage. I find this disturbing because sometimes i see orange crits for about 700K even without activating any abilities on my frame. I know some frames can buff damage, i also have smita kavat, so i can potentially produce orange crits reliably, or even red crits with smita buff maybe? Anyway, assuming we're looking at around 4 mils damage done per few seconds, is it going to get me banned until 2035 or not? Where is that limit that i can not cross? Any ideas?
  11. Normal map is texture with directions encoded on it. Normal because it encode normals, map because it's flat (texture). Usual texture applied to mesh is like wallpaper, it's completely flat and contains only color informmation, then you need to add shading to it to simulate depth. Remember that your monitor surface is also flat, so to make your brain perceive it as a 3D space, texture applied to mesh has to be shaded. It's really that simple, just light and shadows (and perspective perhaps). To set depth to a flat wallpaper you combine it with another texture that doesn't have colors
  12. For anyone interested in actual difference between images: It is indeed hard to tell what the difference is, but imagemagick can reveal the truth compare NormalBase\(19MB\).jpg.4a35315e07a978e3597fabecd44b1333.jpg NormalRDO\(8MB\).jpg.78662471a18e02d81bea803577f2dd96.jpg diff.png
  13. You are probably used to see normal maps in tangent space where they appear mostly blue-ish with red and green. But this shade comes from tangent space itself where each normal is encoded with a unit vector which looks like blue, red or green pixel or combinaton of those. It's hard to tell what they call normal map here, i assume it's a bump map or height map that is being transformed to tangent-space normal map somewhere in the engine. Or maybe this is how normals look in non-tangent space, or maybe it's tangent space in grayscale. Although i don't know why would you encode normals in gr
  14. So what you are saying is basically if people want plague star event, they need to somehow drive players number down? This is interesting, but sounds counter productive. Cant we just have plague star event without murdering warframe?
  15. While we on it. Does anyone know if I can transfer my account from steam to launcher? I played a lot on steam, but achievements are glitched and it shows advertisement every time I login, like buying games isn't enough to keep it running. Can I transfer my account to launcher somehow? I would like to keep all my stuff when I do that. By the way, does anyone know if I will be able to play on steam servers after that? I have some friends playing on steam.
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