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  1. I've put Protea's dispenser on my Wisp for that purpose. And i probably should do the same for my Chroma. But generally i don't feel like i'm terribly lacking ammo, i suspect DE increased drop rates for archgun ammo after Deimos update.
  2. I'm with you, bro. I completely gave up on Steam when they've made Proton (stuff for Linux) "more secure" so to speak, and by "more secure" they mean they started to basically request super-user permissions to run games. I just uninstalled. I only used Steam to run Warframe anyway and haven't heard from my friends on Steam for a long time.
  3. Oh yeah, you are right. I'm launching Warframe using EGS now. LOL.
  4. Dayum, you're right, it's not even on the first page of steam charts. However i don't see major drops, spike probably after update, then slow decline. For instance it's about the same players count as in November or October (less than that ofc). Could it be that other games attracted more players and climbed steam charts?
  5. I think you've lost the track of discussion. It's unfair to ask "can you do that on Epic Store" because you know very well that i can't do that on Steam either and i explained why.
  6. Well, i can't do that on Steam if they demand to buy something with credit card, can i? On the other hand, EGS already sold me something for e-currency you are probably not familiar with and they were OK with that, and i'm more than happy with purchase. Again, i'm not trying to convince anyone, but it's a bit unfair to say "why would you support EGS" or "can you do that on Epic store". At least in my personal situation EGS was more convenient and user-friendly.
  7. I don't know man. I was using Steam for the past ~5-7 years or more and for that whole time Steam didn't do anything good for me. For two weeks on EGS i've got more value than for years with steam... Regarding payment method: Steam is not letting me to do some stuff, i don't remember what exactly, like sell my skins or something, because i didn't purchase anything for a year or something. They keep asking me for my credit card to let me use their store. So there is that. Of course we all have different understanding of "user oriented features", i'm not trying to convince you to use E
  8. I actually tried to use them rather recently, but they don't do sh-t. They don't last long (weeks), you need to manually manage them, they don't extract what i want. I would leave them running for a while to extract some mutagen samples here and there, but they just don't, it's too much trouble for too little gain.
  9. I think it's a graphics bug, i saw it once and it completely kills the FPS.
  10. This is sort of overstatement. Games they give away are not quite new, however they do indeed give them away and that's $$100-200 worth of games or possibly more, and more games in your collection if you are bored and want to play a game. There are also discounts, so you can actually buy a game if you are interested, and more payment methods than one, so they won't necessarily will ask for your credit card too.
  11. Why not? They were giving free game every day for the last couple of weeks. My library in EGS is now not much smaller than in Steam. And according to this thread, they cut less from plat purchases too. Why so much hate against EGS?
  12. I'd like to forma my necramech (or two) before upcoming operation, what is the best/fastest way to farm forma? I know i can open relics and choose forma, or i can run Plato on Lua and do Octavia puzzle for rare container to appear. Which one is faster or is there a better way?
  13. Here is another idea how to connect different parts of the game: instead of doing bounties on Fortuna for syndicate rep, go beat the sh-t out of some corpus dude, put a chain on his leg and make him work on your railjack. In corpus railjack he could do some diversions on your ship and sometimes escape or revolt.
  14. Love all this stuff, thank you very much. However this is Stahlta, but i am emotionally attached to my Quellor. Is it possible to make this into a skin for all rifles?
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