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  1. Will Chroma get a rework/upgrade before he is Primed?
  2. Limbo Stasis-ed the Drop of the Prime!!!! 🙂 LOL JK JK
  3. @[DE]Rebecca Will Chroma be getting a full rework soon? Also any more changes to Khora in the future?
  4. @[DE]Rebecca Will Chroma see a rework before his eventually Prime? According to the predictions his Prime is either soon this year (DEpends on when Limbo Prime is done) and some would like to see a slight rework or adjustment before our Prime Dragon becomes Golden.
  5. @White_Matter We may need to start a bug report cause many are having clipping issues and it being Borked. I love BeastBusters work but...... @[DE]Taylor could the team look into the clipping issues and the scaling issues with the Sovereign Syandana Please 🙂 ?
  6. I believe I heard on a devstream that the sacrifice is slated for update 24 when it ships. The next mainline would be update 23 sadly. Let me see if I can find the link that said Update 24 was what they are shooting for. Then again you might be right. All I can find says that Update 23 at the earliest, Update 24 at the Latest. Although in last devstream they said they wouldn't say more about it and that it would be out when it is finished. But Steve did say at one point it was slated for one of the two Mainlines above....... but it isn't DEfinite
  7. @[DE]Rebecca Will Chroma get a reworked before his Prime? This is my favorite main frame so I'm curious
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