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  1. Not really. I just want some of the existing mods to, you know, have some use at least. Those two are way beyond the power level of my suggestions above.
  2. Fair point. I actually liked the old melee combo system better: it was deliberate and you had to actually interact with the system, not just spam. Off: I actually had to lower "effects intensity" so that I can see something from behind my trillion attack speed dual daggers. But then I couldn't see my abilities properly, so I tuned it back up. My solution came via divine intervention: just don't use melee. Modern problems require modern solutions.
  3. You want better gun mods? So do I. Do we already have a template for many great mods? Yes we do. Does anyone actually ever use them? Hardly. The reasons are: There is no reason to pick them over their vanilla variants - in fact that is straight up disadvantageous. They stack poorly with their vanilla variants. They are not worth the mod slot: using pretty much any vanilla mod (even a Stormbringer) tends to yield better outputs The "while aiming" condition is (usually) a very, very big drawback, for what the mod is worth. Aiming (zooming) significantly slows you down and
  4. Fixed it for ya. Seriously: most melee problems could be solved by simply not letting (and quasi forcing) people to put on the Blood Rush + Weeping Wounds + Condition Overload + Berserker combo. This change (yes it is a nerf) would present players with the choice whether to go for high status or high crits. This would leave the player with the following (I believe viable) options: Pick Blood Rush, then rely on anything but Weeping Wounds to trigger Condition overload (thus already increasing modding variety or encouraging the use of status spreader guns/abilities), or stay wi
  5. A number of guns have their own, unique gimmicks. I would like Cedo's gimmick to stay unique to it as it is.
  6. That is an excellent suggestion. My concern is DE would create more "must equip" "by default" mods to bring up guns to the power level of melee, further reducing no modding variety. However, having powerful mods with significant downsides would preserve the player's liberty to make the choice whether or not it is worth to use said mods. I also like your Corrupted Mod analogy: CO currently is like an Overextended but without negative Strength, or a Blind Range without negative Efficiency.
  7. Yes, Warframe can go back to the 'good old days': it can be just as engaging an experience as ever. That's what I want. That's what we all want. For the rest of your arguments, you keep claiming I said things I clearly did not. You either have serious trouble understanding what you read or you are just trolling at this point.
  8. How could I resist answering every single question of that lovely list of yours / Zimzala's? "Balanced against what formula? There is not formula. What most people, and luckily DE mean by balance is that each aspect/item of the game would have a reason to be played. "Proper scaling" - who defines 'proper'? Bulletsponges and artificial difficulty is generally frowned upon in any game, not just Warframe. What not to do is generally easier to answer than what to do. The game is difficult for some easier for others, at all stages, so what problem is there to solve? T
  9. I did not say I am not a fan of the gameplay, I said that DE doesn't capitalize on the best aspects of it. Given my experience of playing 2014~ish Warframe and Dark Sector I am more than certain that the devs CAN give me exactly the game I desire. This forum section is titled "feedback" so that I may express how I currently feel whether or not they succeed to do so. I have not made a single claim of how "skillful" I am at the game. Even if I did, I don't see how it would relate to understanding economics or oncology.
  10. Have you ever played a roguelike? They are games with random generated levels and enemy placement where you start each "run" (mission, if you will) from a set starting point (your build, if you will) and have to develop new methods and strategies to adept to the new situations. Sounds familiar? Warframe actually has a great base structure of random enemy placements, random level generation, multiple layers of interactive systems (status crits weakspots weapon mechanics), (sadly shallow but still existent) build variety, great squad comp variety. DE just doesn't capitalize on it. Ther
  11. Uhm... Platinum? You know, to buy literally anything you want (aside from some cosmetics) the moment it comes out, rush stuff, be overall convenient? Although if you invest regularly in microtransactions then you do not need to grind for it. Despite of how much I respect DE for their decision to make the premium currency tradeable thus enabling true F2P, it always seemed backwards: if you like the game a lot and you can afford it, you would want to support the devs. But if you buy plats, then there is not much of a game to play. Fashionframe is the only game goal to have 🤷‍♀️ (O
  12. In a recent devstream, it was suggested that primary and secondary weapons would receive "new" mods to make them more powerful. This got me a bit worried, as the introduction of the inarguably powerful Blood Rush + Weeping Wounds + Condition Overload + Berserker cards led to a dominant build, that is: put these four on almost any melee by default. I harshly dislike the "by default" aspect: there is little room to create meaningfully different builds and playstyles when you "have to" use so many mods by default to make your melee relevant. Rifles already have their set of "by default"
  13. I'm not quite sure what setup are you running, but you need to remember that: Squishy warframes minmaxed without protective mods can get quickly demolished by traps: a single shot of enemy fire may take away one's shields, then the trap all the health. The Void is a place accessible to newbies fairly early on, who do not have high ranked defensive mods or level 30 frames at all. Not to mention extra arcane or pet revives. Void traps are already punishing enough, making them worse would probably frustrate many players. When playing in a party, other members may trigger the tr
  14. I can't help but to agree with all the previous commenters. The gunplay - smash E imbalance is consequence of issues rooted in the game's mechanics. Tweaking damage numbers up or down on anything won't fix that.
  15. Great idea. As it is today, you either need to learn a lot online, or have/make some friends that already know what's going on. Having an integrated, detailed tutorial system should help keeping newbies engaged. Things I think new players should also learn about: Affinity range Affinity mechanics MR grind Using warframe wiki (I know its third party, but come on) Linking [item] in chat Popular farming locations (this wouldn't even need tutorials, just have planets/nodes in the starchart with many open squads glow brighter or with different colour)
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