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  1. Vauban's Rework is near perfect in my opinion. Minelayer is the only ability I have a few pet peeves about: Tether Coil is pretty good. It may only tether 2 enemies, but it makes up for it in its grab range. The pet peeve I have for it is its tethers stay attached to dead bodies, making it difficult to read whatever is attached is alive or dead and also just making a mess out of vision. If the tethers detached on death, that would be perfect. Flechette Orb is okay. It's a bit lacking at higher levels, but it gets the job done throughout the starchart at least. What would make it better is if it had a stagger effect when it hit enemies. That way it at least has some minor CC to make up for it's low performance at high levels. Vector Pad is a mixed bag. I do agree with others that Vauban could use a more supportive ability that can bolster his and/or his allies' survivability, but I do see the usefulness in a movement booster as well. That being said, Vector Pad right now is a bit weak when compared to other movement boosting abilities like Volt's Speed, or Saryn's Molt, or even Nova's Wormhole and augment, Terminal Velocity. I think it would be a bit better if it had a lingering speed boost after the initial push. Finally, Overdriver is an awesome ability... when it works the way you want. The targeting for the mine is a bit funky. There have been many times where I have thrown the Overdriver at an ally and it buffs their Sentinel, or another companion. It even targets Vauban's Tesla Nervos and defense objectives, things that shouldn't normally be buffed. If it only targeted players, or at least prioritized players over everything else, that would perfect.
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