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  1. (XB1)DarkXDevil11111

    Question on the opticor

    oh I do when the heck did I get a second one well thx😁
  2. (XB1)DarkXDevil11111

    Question on the opticor

    Well after letting it sit for awhile after I got bored with it I went to pick it up just to try it again and I found it unranked and not showing any of the forma I put into it. It was as if I just built it but I sunk 5 forma on there. Is this a bug did I miss DE saying anything on it or what if anyone could help me that would great.
  3. (XB1)DarkXDevil11111

    XB1: The Pacifism Defect 19.13.1 Status [LIVE]

    OMG Thanks Megan I was going take a break from Warframe Due to Stagnation but i dont have to THX!!!!!!