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  1. Nope, same dull looking textures on WF and in Dojo decorations. I have some weird looking shadows floating in my Dojo and other parts that should have the same shadows don’t have any. Gold still looks wrong, if this is not going to get any better can we please go back to the old esthetic. I prefer better looking Warframes and Dojos instead of good looking shadows, floor textures. https://imgur.com/hQupeMz
  2. Yes, a few people already mentioned the problem with that in the "Hotfix 25.7.1 " topic. Only thing we can do is wait for a fix or statement.
  3. Yep, same here. I totally lost interest of playing the game with my Frames looking like that. Frost Deluxe skin is totally messed up and looks like a chinise knockoff of what we had before. Seeing so many complain about the game looking worse they should really consider to go back and just leave it as it was. Don't fix what ain't broke.
  4. Thanks for the quick Update but metal is still looking dull and much worse now. I have the same problem with Dojo decorations looking more yellow instead of gold. Can we please run back whatever was done to get back the shiny look we had before? https://imgur.com/0mOwcsb
  5. Same here, some places are too bright and a lot of my WF have lost detail especially golden prime parts. My Frost Harka Skin looks nothing like it did before. I hope this is a bug and not intentionally. https://imgur.com/0mOwcsb
  6. Not crying at all, just making my point here. Nobody should impose how to play upon others for the sake of "balancing". The problem is nerfing when it should be buffing the stuff which is not good at the moment. As I said taking away stuff is always a bad thing instead of adding something. DE did design this system and left it in the game as it was for months, now they decided it is not working... maybe next time something should be tested more before launching it. I'm not even that mad about the changes itself, I'm disappointed in how much they double down on stuff to make it even for every player regardless of how much time/effort they put in the game.
  7. And still we have white knights defending everything DE does regardless of who it affects. Maybe YOU are not one of the affected people, maybe YOU didn’t spend time to get the better or godlike Riven Mods because YOU didn’t want to invest the time/resources or plat or simply YOU didn’t need them… but there are OTHER players using the best tools possible DE gave us. Don’t be selfish just because it does not affect you this time, maybe next time it does. Whose fault is that players are putting in time to learn how to build a strong weapon if these tools, for example the time PoE came around and the Aura Mod: Shield Disruption on Eidolons, are there for anybody to use. That is not an exploit because the mod does what it was designed for and what the freaking name says. Who do we blame, the players knowing exactly what tools they have to their disposal? Since when do we punish knowledge? And if these changes are considered meaningless for some because “your weapon is still great…” why do these changes at all? I fail to see how this is going to help the game or how it makes the game better. It takes away freedom and it doesn’t really made the game better for people not willing to use these Riven Mods, available to everybody at all time. I have more than 3000h with this account alone and never had to say to myself: “Man they should nerf that weapon because this other player does way more damage than me.” I don’t give a f***, it is a PVE game. To me it is way more annoying to revive always the same player because he didn’t bring the right gear. Most of the time this player thanks you for reviving him over and over again, no complains for actually finishing the mission. Obviously I will not tell that player to change his gear because he has the liberty do play with whatever he wants and so do I. This nerf thing is once again punishing only a certain group of players. Probably the players with most time invested in this game because they acquired the knowledge of how the game works. Taking away things is never good because you are taking away features you DE decided to put in this game from the beginning. They wanted us to speak the truth and tell them if we are not ok with something… well I think there are a lot more players having an issue with these recent changes than people happy about them. Oh and by the way how do players know when or if someone is using a Riven Mod, most players in public matches rarely make long runs anymore so there is no way to tell. It is expected from a MR16 or higher to do damage and kill a s*** ton of enemies. If you have time to look how much damage others do or what gear they have, maybe it is time to go against higher tier enemies. Just saying. Cheers
  8. Eso parece, si tenemos suerte y se preocupan por su comunidad o mejor dicho si no ignoran todo lo que se está diciendo aquí... quizás vuelvan a modificarlo a como estaba anteriormente aunque lo dudo mucho la verdad.
  9. Ok, so never get attached to anything in Warframe because it could be changed over time… and if we spend our time playing a game which should be fun, the entire point of a GAME, we should be ok with any changes. According to this logic the game is pointless, why would anybody even care to invest time into a build or go to the simulacrum to see how a weapon preform? No point of spending any plat buying stuff because maybe in a few weeks/months it is trash and sits in you inventory. That just shows a core problem of WF, use it, level it and throw it away or keep it if it is any good or you like it. But hey maybe if more people like it we need to change it. Vets had fun building their weapons and this “lottery” had something new to offer. We have so many useless mods in this game and so many builds are almost identical… why even have Rivens for the Arca Plasmor, Rubico, Lanka etc. if these are considered op anyway? I would really like to understand the intention here, if you plan was to balance then bring the bad weapons up to the level of the better ones, not toning down the good weapons to match it, it just takes away options of something YOU implemented in the first place. Maybe it is about time to hit the brakes with new weapons almost every update and fix problems first instead of adding even more weapons which could potentially be op again with the right build. It is a never ending story and we will never get it “balanced” this way.
  10. Great, really great, for those spending an insane amount of time, resources and even plat... this is a slap in the face. Yeah everything can change because the game is still in beta but that is not how things should be done. I don't get why something should be nerfed just because it is popular or seems to be op. Players will always find something to make it insanely strong and others will copy those builds. Your solution is to make it worse just to "balance" things out? Nah DE that is f***** up, it creates a toxic environment because some players will demand changes others don’t want or need. Where do we draw the line here what is good or not for the game? Maybe next time someone asks for a build or good gear we should lie to him in order to keep “the good” weapons working. I don’t want to be forced into anything because it takes away freedom/options for your player base. You will never make everybody happy but if you implement something do it with time and done wright or don’t implement it at all. And why are there always people happy about someone losing his favorite gear/build? WTH is wrong with you people, don’t like the weapon, don’t use it. Let others enjoy the game how they want. Holy s*** what a toxic community it has become since 2013…
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