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  1. Clan name: The Awakened Clan Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PS4 Your Clan role: The Founder Welcome to The Awakening, Our clan has been around for 3 to 4 years, originally created by our founder unknownmystery_1 we have seen many great leaders and members come and go, relationships built by The blood sweat and tears of clan events and from them formed our warlords. I am forever great full to DE for giving us this community to be a part of and find ourselves and voices within as well as long lasting friends. Clans within warframe are extremely dependent on communication in game as much as outside of it, Events like this for clans as well as the competition is vital, they give us a goal to focus on together as a whole. I hope to see more attention further in 2019 focusing on clans. YouTube video The Awakened Clan 2019 https://imgur.com/3DQTqHP https://imgur.com/edg5PNG https://imgur.com/8opo3z5 https://imgur.com/kjWV0pL https://imgur.com/pfrc9AM https://imgur.com/0qhk0nw https://imgur.com/Mb0rLWA https://imgur.com/hA0AQKc https://imgur.com/1vGwGoC https://imgur.com/BDt4I6P https://imgur.com/JIWrBqs https://imgur.com/ErhVBxO
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