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  1. Same here, half of players that i invite is "Appears to be offline"
  2. There is still players who farm credits with Secura Lecta and Effigy 😄
  3. Make nonsense, why the hell weapons and mods? Why not synada or other cosmetic stuf? All gameplay related stuff should be obtainable via playing period.
  4. Actually it's less than 30 mins, 50 plat is nothing if you really play this game.
  5. Try Saturn-Cassini, got 3 respawns in 5 runs.
  6. I bet Relay itself is comsetic stuff on solar chart, unless DE want to tie it to some sort of storyline, but i highly doubt.
  7. 5 Captures runs = 3 times spawned, low rate??? There is other thing: person who got invaded should not be downed, even if you managed to kill them all it will not count as contribution, first 2 kills didn't count to me because of that, last one spawned for me and i'm tough to kill 😄 so it does count.
  8. For fk sake remove mods/weapons from milestone forever and put unique cosmetcis stuff to replace them.
  9. Even w/o Volt shield it still better.
  10. I've managed to login on site after couple of tries and even succesfuly made a ticket.
  11. Linked account + Followd chanel + watched for 5+ hours and still not received Ash Prime.
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