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  1. Passive: Enemy projectiles have a harder time to land shots since parts of the frame have open holes. Ability 1: Fires a beam that procs a random debuff on enemies and buffs on allies. Ability 2: Unravels/grows the material that holds it together to cause an area around the frame to trip and confuse enemies (procs radiation). Ability 3: The frames body parts split apart (player chooses the part; 5 uses total) and causes them to get buffs, but at the cost of health or shields (lowers max health/shield)/can be used move said part(s) and have higher stealh capabilities. Ability 4: (Exalted tendrils) the user will tighten its body closer (the parts are now truly connected for a time) to allow the material its body uses as a weapon; has the ability to punch through targets and draw the bodies closer to protect the player (improvised defense).
  2. Did you get the plat for free from the game? Because any free plat is untradable for it has a no monetary value at face. Only plat bought by itself or from packs/bundles with real money can be traded. Plat you got from a trade would fall under the plat bought with real money
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