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  1. It's a fun one. A pump type water gun for a primary in warframe. I have figured out what I think are some nice details for it. Two fire modes: Charge and Burst Charge will do more damage and have Punch through. Burst will have less damage, but an aoe splash effect that also causes blast procs on direct impact, or impact from the splash. Charge will slowly take ammo until at max charge. Another neat thing is that you hold it down, and when you release, it won't fire until you press the fire button again. Burst will be a 3-4 round burst. To change between the two, it's alt fire (like how the zarr works). Also a nice feature is that when you change it, you would pump your gun. Once when you go to Burst and Twice when you go to charge. Damage: Puncture, Heat, Cold Reason for each is because the cold makes ice (no water damage type), then heat melts it into water, and puncture since the gun is pressurized. Also it would be interesting to have a weapon that does 2 base elemental damage types. How ammo and reloading works is going to be weird. You have a mag and ammo pool, but the weapon reloads itself (like how plinx and cycron reload). So it's not infinite, but doesn't seem to run out either. The critical chance/multiplier should be higher on the charge and status chance should be higher on the burst. Maybe go with 20% for the crit chance and 2.5 crit multiplier on charge, and 25% status chance on burst. For charge's status, it can be 10-15%. For burst's crit, it can be 10% with a crit multiplier of 1.6. That's all I have gotten so far.
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