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  1. Last revolution we had was Plains of Eidolon and bounties.
  2. I don't think content is a priority. This game seems to be aimed at new players. Release some minor stuff, get some Twitch attention, attract a few hundred new players to make some quick cash, rely on fanboys buying prime access every 3 months and profit. So called veterans don't spend money on the game, except for the few hundreds/thousands buying prime accesses and cosmetics. They make enough money with little effort. It's been 5 months since "new content" was introduced (disruptions, which are basically a rework of mobdefs).
  3. It is like serving dinner 1 hour late: doesn't matter what you serve, it will seem to taste better because you are hungry af. Putting everything on hold might even make you consider intermission/NW as new content.
  4. If we start having new content I see the idea as an upgrade.
  5. I almost agree. And I say almost because the drop rate booster affects the whole party, which means new and old players alike. With both boosters going, I get like 10-14 extra vitus per hour, which is like 5k kuva/hour (1.4 riven reroll/hour). For 400p / month it is pretty terrible, specially considering how riven rolling works. 90% of times you will get a better riven just by buying one for the same 400 plats.
  6. is there any other situation where a booster would be worth?
  7. that's the thing, I don't think riven rolling is worth it considering how bad the drop rate is
  8. the price is ridiculous, better to buy (for ducats) and sell (for plat) mods/weapons and buy the boosters from market. still not worth it though.
  9. yeah, just not worth the 400 plats i spent on the 30 day boosters
  10. not really, because it only affects the ones that drop, not the mission reward
  11. Bought a resource drop chance booster to test it with Vitus Essence and it was a waste of plat. Even the resource booster is questionable, since the drop rate is so low that the x2 is almost irrelevant.
  12. Probably some sort of nerf, content removal or cosmetic.
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