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  1. Not to mention Hema research cost not being fixed due to the poor excuse that it was in respect to the "people who had put a lot of work grinding mutagen". I spent hours during the 2x resource weekend (and had a booster running) to mine and grind wisps in order to build all remaining arcanes (we're talking 300 nyth, 300 sentirum, 500 wisps) and 2 weeks later they make it all useless.
  2. Nerf useful rivens, buff useless rivens, call it rebalance. No one will notice. But my question is: do existant rivens keel their numbers? Or are they "balanced" according to the new disposition?
  3. So what happened to the poeple who already completed the defense with friends? I've done it twice (ODD then Akkad). Also removing wildlife killing... seriously, political correctness is getting out of control...
  4. Also: was there a fix to the huge mess that is/was using archgun while quick meleeing? I didn't try yet and don't remember seeing in other patchnotes. Still waiting for a fix to hema research cost. Oh, and a very annoying problem that must be fixed: after host migrations on defense arbitrations, the objective-guy loses a crapton of health. And please, the wolf spawn rate is ridiculous, specially considering his loot table also is. I only got him 4 times since the beggining of the event and got 1 single piece of the hammer and a handful of Eleventh Storms. That's 2 layers of ridiculous RNG on a temporary event where the guy is a pain to kill.
  5. oh boi..... bounties again. this is disgusting.
  6. What we need: content. What we get: skins.
  7. no listed nerfs, I guess. hope there is no ninja nerf.
  8. I know this will be censored, but I'll say it anyway. - Doubled the maximum amount of 'Loadout' slots you can purchase with Platinum (now 20 max)! Considering raids were removed and half the builds I used were nerfed to the point of being nearly uuseless, this is pointless. I was using all slots a few months ago, after nerfs and content removal, all I´ve been doing was deleting loadouts (EV trin, Bless trin, JV Nekros, LoR Rhino, LoR Vauban, PoE ember, PoE Chroma, Focus Banshee... the list goes on). Now it is time to delete trinity link build. You should double the riven mod capacity instead, at least they are useful (at least until you decide to nerf the weapons they are used in, like you did with whips recently). - Leaving the launcher idle will now periodically re-check for updates every 30 minutes; again, if you want to go to bed before a major update this means you can just leave the launcher open and it'll download it while you sleep! Will we have major updates ever again? If so, I hope they are not as bad as Plains of Eidolon. This seems to me like a desperate attempt to improve steamchart numbers to disguise the playerbase loss.
  9. My experience with onslaught after the patch so far: - host migrated twice, worked fine - no white screens - did 4 or 5 runs (non-elite), all worked fine - environmental hazard sucks - khora parts should have a higher drop chance, specially now that it was removed from elite
  10. First run of the day: wave 7, host migrated, stuck forever on host migration. Yes, still broken. Eventhough I was able to rejoin the squad, I lost all XP of the weapons I was leveling. After the mmission I got stuck foprever on "updating account information".
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