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  1. No money needed. You just need to play the trading system. Do you guys not use the trading site on consoles? Most of Baro's items are trade-able so if you do not want to play the economy game... you can flat out buy them with plat. Then save your ducats for the items that cant be traded. No one is telling you that you "need" any of these items. IF you want them... work for them.
  2. How is it "wasting"? you are flipping plat to make more ducats and or plat. I spend around 250 plat on Prime Junk everyday.... at the end of the two weeks i get that back 10x. I would go into detail but you do not seem interested in the ways of trading.
  3. Sure it takes time... but you wont need to worry about ducats anymore. Example: 1. Farm Kronen Prime Blades. This is a 100 ducat item but you can sell it for 60-70 plat (not sure prices on consoles) 2. Take that 60 and buy 6 sets of prime junk. At the "minimum" you will get 270 ducats worth of items (typically you will get more than that)
  4. Sell the "expensive" items you get. Then "WTB Prime Junk 5:10p" in trade chat. For the lowest possible trade it is 45 ducats for 10p Some people give some really good "junk" and you can get a lot more ducats in the long run.

    This weapons really wants a Riven mod. Without one.. it is good but with a riven, it is amazing.
  6. Xiphos Parts

    It is faster to farm 150 plat and buy this ship.... then it is to farm the parts.
  7. There is a leaderboard for most nodes. I believe it is under Profile. They reset weekly though.
  8. cross platform / account transfer

    Doubt this will happen. Cross platform console to console.... maybe. But i highly doubt PC and Consoles will ever play together. IF they ever do add this feature they will have to give players the option to not group with console players. Also TennoGen can not be bought with platinum on PC. If they added the ability to transfer accounts... people would to it just get all the TennoGen... then switch back. Another thing... mouse and keyboard is just far superior than a controller.
  9. Well, this threads tile and subject changed. Originally is was about how we only have 23 loadout slots but 34 different frames. I think a mod changed the title and deleted a bunch of messages.... and it became this thread.
  10. So, how does everyone else label their loadouts?
  11. I use 400 DPI 10/10/10 When i play lunaro i turn it down even more.
  12. Not-sniper weapons against Teralyst?

    I know, this is why Chroma uses them. He spawns them for the other 3 void strikers to pick up when the shields are up. It is a fast process. The player taking down the shields... picks up the wisp and one shots the shields.
  13. Best zaw weapon?

    There is no "best" zaw. Two people can have two separate zaws... and it is the "best" for them. It has more to do with playstyle. Do you favor speed over damage? Do you favor status over crit? Do you favor fasion frame... because you one shot everything anyway?
  14. Disable IPV6 Warframe and majority of all site still use IPV4. You can disabled IPV6: I had a similar issue last year. My upnp was not detected, my Nat type was strict.. ect. I ended up disabling "teredo filter and IPV6" and it sorted out my issues. Even Warframe support recommends it:
  15. Static quantification of melee range

    You will also need to factor in Riven Disposition. Weapons with a higher disposition.. could have a higher range and DPS. Your best bet in this situation is to just check the wiki and research it all. Here is a good place to start Riven Calculator. This is not 100% accurate but gives a rough idea of ranges: