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  1. [Update 20] Octavia's Anthem Quest Megathread 

    I am a little gutted that i payed 250 platinum for sound packs... but i can only keep 5 songs. This really needs to be increased..... But we all know whats to come. "20 plat for each extra slot"
  2. Octavia's Neuroptics Drop [FIXED]

    Just buy her. Could you have made 225 plainum in that time? the answer is yes. The frame is only 185 if you dont count the slot and catalyst.
  3. Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Wish there was a Lato buff. No joke, i really love this pistol. It needs a crit and status chance increase. Maybe even a damage buff.
  4. This is not the only blade/whip out there and it looks nothing like it. By that logic, every submission here is like every other weapon ever created of the same type. And no, it is nothing like ivy's weapon, i just looked it up, her whip has blades on it. What i want is a Sword that can turn into a whip at a press of a button.
  5. Helios prime vs carrier prime vs warm prime

    its active for like 10seconds. Takes 2 seconds from when it comes into range, then lasts 10 seconds. Maybe you should max out that mod.
  6. Warframe Stress-Test Easter-Egg

    I find it funny, Warframe runs better than minecraft on most computers. Minecraft currently uses about 4GB when modded. I always use this "Fps counter" and i have only seen a few "suspicious" areas... mostly in infested areas, volumetric lighting areas...ect. Next time i see this issue, i will screenshot the area. Also. i can not be the only one that wants an endless mission like this. Were we must kill "X amount" of enemies each round. This outbreak makes me want it more. "Self plug", i have a thread in fan idea thread.
  7. The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.2

    Shame most of us did not know about this: Fixed Vauban’s Bastille and Vortex lingering in tiles after players have left said tile.This resulted in enemies continually being damaged or immobile even after the ability ended. Maybe we all could have done 5k+ runs.
  8. I am not the best at art but i have a concept i would like to see. -Type: Whip /sword "Allow it to use stances from both" or Defiled snapdragon -Name: Razor Flail -Faction: Tenno -Damage: Slash -Special: When using this weapon you get a bonus to resource drops. Similar to how the lecta works for credits. Press "Alt fire" to activate the whip or blade. "maybe allow double stances to be equiped" Disclaimer.. this is not my art, but an image of the idea of one. if enough people like this post, i will try to draw a Tenno version This is a rough idea of the blade. I am sorry but i am not great with making images. If someone likes this idea, they can help build the idea better.
  9. Feedback on: "Operation: The Pacifism Defect"

    Its not time spent. Its "Total of personal bests". So what ever clans of each teir have the most active players... win. Shadow clan with 10 active members will lose to a shadow clan with 30 active members.. NO amount of time or grinding will change this. Now i wish i downgraded my whole clan... and removed everyone that was off longer than 3 days... Just for this event. The "top" clans will be who ever has the highest amount of active members.
  10. Feedback on: "Operation: The Pacifism Defect"

    I was wondering... is anyone else not running with other clans? The reason.. it boosts their stats. Since the Blueprint only goes to the top 10%, does this leave you not wanting to help other Tenno? Personally i think this event is another step in the wrong direction. It is causing players to look at profiles and not run with others if their clan is the same teir. LF Moon, mountain & Ghost Clan members for Operation This way they dont "pad" other shadow clans stats. Has this operation caused you to not play with others in a co-op game?
  11. Feedback on: "Operation: The Pacifism Defect"

    no, total points by the end of the operation.
  12. Helios prime vs carrier prime vs warm prime

    Except its not. I used Helios over Carrier prime.... for the reasons of utility and detect vulnerability... which is like a mini banshee hit spot. 275% damage buff
  13. Helios prime vs carrier prime vs warm prime

    Helios Prime Having it scan everything is worth it.
  14. DE asked for feedback on the Helios and Euphona Prime

    Banshee and ALL primes need more armor. Currently 65 armor is not enough for survival players. Helios- Make it have the same survivability as carrier prime. ALSO allow the primed versions scans count towards Cephlon daily standing. Also allow helois to scan flowers even if its "know" in codex. Euphona- Have secondary fire switch fire modes similar to how the Zarr is
  15. Problem i see there.... you should not be able to self pass like people do. And Unstable points are not fun for all... just the players that spam them