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  1. Upgraded to Storm:
  2. -snip
  3. ☠Tenno of Anarchy☠ We are a small group of really active players. Currently we are recruiting. We have all research done. We have an Alliance discord for communications if needed. We are looking for active players. Mastery Rank is not important, as long as your are active. Post below: Name: Age: Location: What are you looking for in a clan?: Do you use a Mic?:
  4. You are comparing an AOE frame to a single target frame. Put Valkyr and Ember in an assassination mission... Guess who does more damage? Valkyr. Frames and weapons are situational. If are adjusted to those situations... not against each other.
  5. I am a little gutted that i payed 250 platinum for sound packs... but i can only keep 5 songs. This really needs to be increased..... But we all know whats to come. "20 plat for each extra slot"
  6. Sorry, but we already did the Ascension. The amount of endo it gives should not be your reason for not joining a clan.... the amount can be farmed in a day. Edit: Looking at you account, it seems you are trying to do this with a lot of clans.
  7. Just buy her. Could you have made 225 plainum in that time? the answer is yes. The frame is only 185 if you dont count the slot and catalyst.
  8. It is cheaper to buy her for 225 platinum. Here is why 20 plat warframe slot 20 plat catalyst 185 plat for frame In the time it takes to farm all of her parts from all of the missions.... You can make well over 185 plat. That just a few rad shares. So the story is... best way to get her..... crack radiant relics.... and buy her.
  9. Rank 9 Shadow clan. If we fill out 30 slots, we may grow to storm.
  10. Then they would also need to buff some enemies. These weapons just do way too much damage. I would prefer if they fixed the scaling enemy armor. Then balanced weapons to that. The three rifles that were fixed (nerfed).... needed it. The melee didnt need a change, just removed others from seeing the effects.
  11. There is still 5 open slots.
  12. Wish there was a Lato buff. No joke, i really love this pistol. It needs a crit and status chance increase. Maybe even a damage buff.
  13. ok you have an issue with both UPNP and NAT. First off, you will want to log into your router and "open the port". You can do this a few ways. WAY 1: This is the easiest and all you need to do is set your PC to Exposed host for both TCP and UDP. this is less secure but most effective. WAY 2: set certain ports to open. But then you will also need to do this for all MP games you play. Second off, Your Nat type. This one is a bit tricky. BUT there are a few guides and trouble shooting you can do. Find out what your Teredo ip is, you can find this by selecting the file tab on your start bar, then selecting network. right click and select properties, then select teredo. Find the TCP it uses. Then follow some "Windows 10 open nat" guides. This is not the exact guide BUT its simalar to get he idea Edit: IF you use discord, pm me. i will invite you to my server and walk you through this fix.
  14. Would be better if they added D. Then had it run A-B-C-D-C-D-C-D---ect Repeating the last two rotations. This way people get what they are grinding for. Right now there is not reason to go past 20 min or wave 20... Because its "easier" to just leave and re-queue. Honestly, i would prefer Teirs of the rotations. A1-A1-B1-C1---A2-A2-B2-C2-----A3-A3-B3-C3 Making going on for long time worth something. Maybe add "special" loot relics their.
  15. Are you running windows 10? if so follow these steps. Launch warframe but leave it on the launcher (dont hit play) Then right click start (bottom left icon on your desktop) Select Comand prompt as Admin. Type the following.. hitting enter after each line. Netsh int teredo show state See if your UPNP says yes and Nat says cone. Get back to me with that info. From there i may be able to help you... i had this same issue.