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  1. Not all warframes were/are made by "Dax Soldiers". Only Umbras as far as we know. Even us as Tenno remake "Primes and Non primes" in our foundry. Warframes are infested "golems" inside of the frame.
  2. This is not true. Some of the "options" are bias and not reflective of "good and bad" When is telling someone to "Squirm like a maggot" nicer than telling them "The cycle is broken" ?
  3. I think the Orokin and Tenno are the "bad guys" in Warframe. -Tenno say "Oh, look shiney i need to build this warframe and weapon", then proceeds to kill thousands of "enemies" to build it -Orokin say "We ran out of oil resources in the solar system, lets go steal gather it from someone else system. -Sentients say "This system is too beautiful, you will not ruin it like you ruined Origin System and us" -Corpus say "Show me the money" -Grineer say "Orokin why you do this to us" -Infested say "Orkin why you do this to us" So who are the "Good and Bad" guys?
  4. If you call being a hired mercenary that kills any faction that has something we need, good.... then ok. Warframes are not "good" nor are the Tenno. To answer your question, no. It does not currently matter. Another reason it does not matter, the choices of "Good and bad" are bias and not correct. Spoiler:
  5. Please revert this back. So that Limbos items are still effected. It was a fun and unique mechanic. Sure... dont let allies weapons be stopped... but allow Limbos to control their own.
  6. I dont want it removed... Just a universal polarity. We cant forma to get it... but on Umbras, that slot can fit any polarity.
  7. May need to take some tips from you. A round takes 4-6 minutes on average for 250,000 One hour is around 3,000,000 30 minutes is around 1.500.000
  8. Krhymez

    Exalted Weapons Problems

    This is my biggest issue with them.
  9. I just ran a few 40 minute runs. Got around 30% more kuva overall. It seemed like the filters were spawning a lot faster. Before it was like a "grace period" between the filters, where we had to wait for the filter to spawn and load in. For the past few runs, it was almost instantly. There was even a few times we had two filters going at the same time. If this is true and not just my imagination, this is a step in the right direction. I did not see it in the patch notes anywhere, that is why i am asking.
  10. Krhymez

    Overall exalted weapons troubles

    Lets hope they sort out the polarity of the stances. It is very limiting
  11. Exalted Umbra Blade need to have a "matching polarity" buff. Have a limit of 60 make it so we can not make all build. I have 5 forma on my Exalted blade, If i add a 6th, it will remove the ability for me to change the build without re-forming. Please Add the Stance Polartiy Buff.
  12. They currently do work. They changed the way they are working.
  13. That auto-correction. Thanks.
  14. I find myself making friends with people in streams. Even when i get burnt out of the game, i still stick around streams because of the community on Twitch. I have noticed that community there "explodes" when twitch drops are active.... it is really nice. When twitch drops are active, there are a lot of viewer, Warframe is higher on the viewed list. This make more people come to watch the game, even people that never played the game. People seem to always watch the "Most watch game", "Most watch streamer"... ect For the community, the "drops" are nice. Even if it is only one per day. This brings a lot of players to twitch and support the streamers that promote the game. I really wish drops were always on. Other games like "Elder Scrolls Legends" always has them enabled, when they had them set up right... the game had like 100x more viewers. When they reduced the drop rates... all the viewer left and the game lost a lot of players. Warframe drops could be randomly timed or set how they currently are to watch for one hour. Limited to per day. Items that would be nice. 1. Forma 2. Orokin Reactor (less common) 3. Orokin Catalyst (less common) 4. Nitain Extract 5. Credit Cache: 50,000-100,000 (We can make over 3,000,000 in the index in 1hr) 6. 3 hour Boosters ...ect (Non-Tradeable items so it cant be abused)
  15. Krhymez

    Update 23: Mods, Forma, and Destruction of Builds

    I am not a huge fan of this new polarity. Wish it was a "universal polarity", meaning all polarities could use it. Maybe make a "Umbra Forma" that unlocks it. These new mods really break a lot of my frames. So many formas.....