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  1. I would like to propose a succession system between Warframe and Prime Warframe. As needed, users make various upgrades to normal Warframes. Forma, Orokin Reactor, Aura Forma, Axilus Adapter, Umbra Forma, focus lens. Even though it comes out, I didn't think about the long-awaited Prime Warframe. Yesterday I threw Inaros (with the Orokin Reactor, Axilus Adapter, and 3 Formas) as food for Helmins. Just to make Inaros Prime and to make a vacancy. Some can say this. Why not use Prime Warframe as well as normal Warframe? I am proposing because the warehouse I own is limited
  2. I hope that kuva lich will be reorganized I go through the Saturn capture mission to catch the kuva lich and repeat until the desired weapon is released. And if the weapon you want comes out, you execute it and make it a kuva lich and catch another slave to catch it. This process of capturing slaves is too long. So I have one suggestion The nodes of the planets occupied by kuva lich are random, but there are times when all nodes are captured. Even so, one node is not occupied, it is the node of the assassination mission. I also want this assassination node to be o
  3. sorry I saw today mag have simiolar skill ! Im happy to use it. thx for imformed to me. My mistake I came back to play this game after watching the cinematic and didn't know that Mag changed. :I'm sorry for writing without knowing it properly. Criticism against me is also sweet, and I hope that I only think that I have this kind of thought. Still, I want to keep the historical evidence for cinematic. (Such things like maintaining skill #1 of the smart Kubrona Bolt mentioned above) This is also written in Google Translate, so there may be incorrect or strange sentences. Then you have a good ga
  4. I hope that Mag's 2nd and 3rd skills will be reworked up to the 4th skill. *When using skill #2, reach forward to create a sphere or shield to grab all the flying bullets and explode the bullets when reused. Change to toggle skill Explosion damage multiplier to ability power and power amplification of skill #3, which will be described later The size of the sphere or shield and the extent of the explosion at the ability distance. Ability efficiency and duration are operated by the same mechanism as other toggle skills. *When using skill #3, fires bullets collected with
  5. When opening the Railjack tactics menu, there is an overlay map on the right. However, it is uncomfortable that the overlay is opened in the center of the opening user, and the bottom part is cut off in many cases. I would like to fix it so that the overlay is visible like when it is opened in the middle. Sorry for using google translator :D
  6. 레일잭 전술 메뉴를 열면 오른쪽에 오버레이 맵이 생깁니다 그런데 이게 불편하게도 여는 유저의 중심으로 오버레이가 열려서 밑의 부분이 짤리는경우가 허다합니다 중간에 열었을때 처럼 오버레이가 다보이도록 고정을 좀 해주었으면 좋겠습니다. :D
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