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  1. One way to fix this would be to invent the legendary core of Forma. All mod loadouts could be unequipped and all added polarities could be removed. For every Forma you lost, you get a Legendary Forma that can be used at any level and does not reset the weapon's level. Bam. Instead of polarizing and leveling your weapons all over again, you'll only spend maybe an hour instantly polarizing all of your weapons. Obviously, this Forma can't be traded or crafted.
  2. AlchemistMute

    Radial Blind Status

    Yes, Slash Dash was once uninterrupted by nothing but walls, so that should be brought back. While we're at it, its damage could be scaled by the melee weapon you have equipped, or it could deal 70% (can be increased) of an enemy's max health, or it could inflict an impact proc on anything it hits. But to nerf Radial Blind to crap without improving his other abilities? Do you just want Excalibur to be a beginner-only Frame?
  3. AlchemistMute


    NOT. ENOUGH. DAKKA. Thou must realize that dakka is not about power through powerful projectiles, but power through raining projectiles. If you have a machine gun that fires rockets, that is great! But the type of projectile is not the point; the point is the amount. Therefore, we must focus on fire rate. Primary: Dual Grakatas, modded with Split Chamber, Shred, Speed Trigger, and Magazine Warp. Bring along Team Ammo Restores for sustained dakka. Secondary: Quad Vipers Wraith, modded with Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Gunslinger, Ice Storm and Slip Magazine. Melee: There are no gunblades, so just attach more Wraith Vipers to your hands and feet. Sentinel Weapon: Deth Machine Rifle, modded with the same crap as your Dual Grakatas. All of this allows for the most dakka over the longest amount of time. If you must have your dakka NOW, then the fukk'n Dual Boars Prime can unload hundreds of bullets in only a couple of seconds, and the Quad Broncos Prime ain't sayin' crap on the Brakk for maximum dakka.
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    And it was a brilliant idea indeed.
  5. AlchemistMute

    The Color (Set) Sharing Program!

  6. AlchemistMute

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Booben's Bastille only stuns 13-something enemies. Vortex has a rather small range and causes buggy ragdolling. Radial Disarm is reliable, has a good range and comes on a Frame with a 10% power efficiency helmet.
  7. AlchemistMute

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    He used to be a tank/defender hybrid with minor CC/damage abilities. Now it's been flipped. He's a CC/nuker hybrid with some defensive abilities. The issue is that damage abilities simply don't scale, and will be worthless at a high enough level. Hell, the buffs to Frost's damage scales aren't even that great. Freeze is still single-target. Ice Wave pretty much never hits anything. Avalanche is okay. I do understand why Snow Globe was nerfed, but there could have been a better way to do so. Instead of using HP, they could have made it hit-based. Like.. if it takes 400 hits, it dies. Something like that.
  8. AlchemistMute

    Last Post Wins

    How to win: Post porn, report the post with the porn. The topic will be locked and your post will be last.
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    Infestedolphin: A very rare wild Infested found in oceans and gas planets, the creature is an infested dolphin capable of swimming through all kinds of liquids and gases. It is large and hulky with very resistant skin, and it specializes in charging at foes.
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    Not many people have mastered Damage 2.0 as a whole.
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  12. AlchemistMute

    The Color (Set) Sharing Program!

    Candy Cane Trinity: Saint Nichofrost:
  13. AlchemistMute


    How a tiny Crewman becomes a buff Technician:
  14. AlchemistMute

    Phase 1: Melee Weapon Concept Submissions

    Faction: Tenno (Not originally Orokin-made/no Prime) Brief Description: A polearm/thrown weapon mix. It has a mechanically-spun Glaive on it's tip instead of a blade. Upon attacking, the Glaive starts to spin for high slicing power. Normal attacks are medium-speed, high-range and cleave enemies. Charged attacks cause you to throw the weapon like a javelin for insanely high damage. However, you need to go back and pick the javelin up once it is thrown, as it sticks to whatever it hits. Original Artwork: Excuse the horribly crappy quality, but my scanner is bad. The notes on the image are pretty much illegible so I'll put them under the image. (Pointing at Glaive: "Spun like a fan, has a Lotus insignia on it.") (Pointing at grips: "Grips") (Pointing at animations: "About to be thrown.")
  15. AlchemistMute


    Paint.NET, and just shaddap, I cba to find out how to flawlessly select with a magic wand and I won't use the lasso select with a mouse.