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  1. Game identifies the controller and on the login screen I can move with the left analog, but no other buttons work, after logging in I can't move, jump or do anything else. Steam controller support for warframe is set to forced off, but when I use steam on offline mode the controller works fine for some reason.
  2. Emissive and Energy color are changing attachments, before emissive would change the color in the attachments and energy color would change the color of the ephemera, now they conflict with each other. Also the preview on the Harrow Deluxe is bugged for me, it just stacks his acessories from his normal look and doesn't change the model, only the helmet.
  3. Didn't test around a lot with it, but the worst offenders are the Staticor and the Arca Plasmor. If you shoot anything close to you with those weapons they make your screen go dark for a few seconds and brightness slowly comes back, its very annoying.
  4. No, for real, when is primed chamber coming back? It's been 6 years now, most of the people that play this game didn't play since the beginning. I get Excali P being exclusive for founders, I fully do, but this is just a random mod, I know you guys are all about your le funny memes haha but for real its been 6 years.
  5. Not against everything, can't think of a more recent example but Saturn Six molotovs can kill Op in void mode.
  6. Operator isn't invincible, not everyone has their focus trees maxed up, so the average players operator has like 500 hp, any random projectile or laser can instakill an operator.
  7. Are we just going to forget roar and that 50% damage increase? Rhino might not be the best team player, but he certainly isn't this one trick pony like people are saying. Also lets not forget he is a revive machine, his risk for reviving others is much lower than most frames.
  8. Ok, so, I'm stupid, apparently what shows up at the end result screen is your total, not how many you did in that run.
  9. Had 31, did a run, got another 30, however stayed with 31 instead of 61, #*!%ing good stuff, progress loss on a game where grinding is the main thing is probably the worst thing you could have.
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