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  1. Pakal energy colour is curently bugged atm it stays at its default colours no matter what u put on
  2. Although the new melee is good I found some issues that need to be fixed. The first issue is that aim glides will force you to pull out your gun which could lower survivability as less blocking while aim gliding or as a Valkyr in hysteria just kill the hell out of you for going to revive a teammate and not being protected. Another issue is if you have melee out when your being shot at while your in the air you will be forced to block and aim glide which to me makes movement feel a little clunkier. And a last issue that is very minor is that when your using a melee charge attack, if you are shot or hit by anything in the block area you will have it cancelled so if your using a gunblade to clear a hoard you can't use the charge attack to clear them. Are these issues being looked into or will they in the near future?
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