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  1. any ETA on a fix for the bug of reduced effectiveness of warfames armour that was introduced in the update that halved railjack fighter armour or are we still in the dark?
  2. while the removal of self damage is great why did you feel the need to make these weapons not only worse at AoE with the damage falloff change but also add self stagger to a ton of weapons that didn't have self damage in the first place thus making them objectively worse and in some cases absolutely terrible feeling.
  3. is there an ETA on a fix for the bug of warframes having reduced armour effectiveness that was introduced in the patch that reduced railjack fighter armour yet or are we still in the dark on that one?
  4. So you are nerfing several AoE weapons that didn't have self damage in the first place by also throwing them into the pile, not to mention that one of them is the Shedu which is a incredibly mediocre weapon that's incredibly awful to get. Nice. Also when are you going to fix the bug that is currently making armour on warframes approx half effectiveness, because those armour changes are by far not enough to make up the difference especially since the higher armour frames aren't even getting a buff.
  5. DE if you go through with those changes i will quit your game. These changes would effectively annihilate all of the fun i have in this game and i simply will not stand for it.
  6. The Cryophon nerf feels overzealous, I am having to three tap enemies far more than i used to and one tapping weaker enemies feels much fewer and farther between would have been nice to actually have numbers to equate to these nerfs instead of just saying you nerfed it's damage.
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