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  1. Thanks for removing one of the best functionalities of Baruuks 4, also when will i be able to use emotes in Nyx Assimilate again.
  2. Is the Inability to use Emotes while in Nyx Assimilate ever going to be fixed? Please i loved dancing in assimilate.
  3. Since we are still making changes to Nyx can we please make it so you can dance in Nyx Assimilate again because it's a legitimate big downer to not be able to do so.
  4. Im glad we are still patching out fun harmless things and making the game have worse quality of life.
  5. Please tell us you are going to let go of the three Chat mods that are responsible for this huge controversy.
  6. So ive got to say that i love the Nyx Changes for the most part however im going to have to ask if the passive works like titania's reduced accuracy IE it does nothing at high level because enemy accuracy scales? Can you please just give both these frames a better form of dodge chance or fix this because as is "reducing" enemy accuracy is useless past like level 60.
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