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  1. Its as if this game were in beta, and all the updates we're supposed to be tested by some sort of community. Its a cheap cop out to call your game a beta for 6 years, yet move to platforms where bugs are heavily discouraged. This game shouldn't be classified in any way to excuse the development team. Its not like they cant play their updates themselves. Honestly bugs at this point should be minor and easily ignored. DE is like the toxic clone of Bethesda at this point.
  2. Got a host migration, kicked into a squad by myself. This happened when there was only 2 enemy fighters left, and all mission objectives completed. Host migration hits, Im 25km away from railjack, objectives reset, and #*!% me. I've waited since Fortuna teaser at E3 for this. Thanks 30 minutes of slowly killing everything because host sucks, and had literally the weakest guns I've ever used. Only to get this.
  3. I read his post, he made some fairly decent points. The only issue is he called out steve directly? Thats an oof. Who cares who he called out. He literally called out the director of the project? The main man in charge? am I missing something, was there another post? Because that one seemed tame enough. Director has to take responsibility for their project at the end of the day, he was just directing his issues towards steve.
  4. This is the offtopic, he could leave it in feedback or bug reports. Or add it to a mega thread then head out. One gone isnt visible, but if enough people leave DE would notice and make whatever seems to be the prominent issue top priority. This at the end of the day really was just a flame post to bait
  5. Oh thanks dude, very cool. Appreciate it 🙂 A lot of people said the same thing when I posted " Did you know there was a dark theme?" Yet more people were like "😮 No way"
  6. Yeah I agree with this^ I love warframe to death, but I also heavily criticize it and hold it up to heavy scrutiny more that other games because It's proven to have the potential to be the greatest (in my opinion) game I've ever played. I post bug reports, talk about lore and theories on how it could come together, and yes I complain... A lot. But yeah this isn't productive or really constructive in any way.
  7. Listen, you're not doing anything special here. Check steam charts when warframe drops and update? Tons of people come back check it out, then leave. But on a side note, I think its very shady of DE to have Railjack stuff on the market so blatantly pay to win style. To drop an update so buggy, and then try to extort your players because you know they love your product 😕 sad time
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