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  1. Why were bans issued out for XP farming in Orb Vallis for using "unintended" exploits? Why were 2 week trade suspensions given for people running Spectres with INTENDED mechanics? Why in this case, cheaters are not getting a punishment, or not even a score revert? This is a spit in the face to every member of every clan trying to run the event multiple times, trying to improve their scores, or just carrying other people through to increase clan/alliance totals. There is NOT A SINGLE CHANCE, that the exploiters who actually got the meaningful scores were not aware of the exploiting they were participating in. And even more staggering is that they are not cheating an extra 2-5% scores, but rather the scores of 5-10 fully endgame grind ready veteran squads. Absolutely shameful that cheaters are not being punished, but rather rewarded.
  2. How about we get a fix for the Lotus Noggle that has been broken since October 😉
  3. Are we ever gonna get the Lotus noggles fixed? It's been borked since October
  4. Can we get a color change for Grineer hacking minigames? As someone with colorblindness, it's impossible to see yellow bips on a yellow background, in front of yellow screens.
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