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  1. the mod did reflect damage to the warframe not return projectiles with your weapon.
  2. they keep talking about melee 3 having rage which will replace channeling. i believe this is a place holder mod. SOON tm
  3. Blocking now negates 100% of damage, you no longer take damage to reflect as it reflects damage taken not projectiles. Iron skin from rhino negated this mod when it was active.
  4. I too loved this mod. I’m afraid that the mod won’t work anymore and is only a place holder until the rage system comes to be. Also blocking now negates 100% instead of 90% so it can’t reflect that 10% anymore as it was reflecting damage you take not projectiles.
  5. I am hoping the rage mode they have ignored this year is the trigger and the reason they have neglected my favorite mod. Last time it worked though it was broken in the sense it only returned the 10% blocking didn’t negate. If you had a damage negation ability on such as rhino skin you would be unable to reflect damage.
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