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  1. Dude! You know he has an army of prime gollums and weapons.. we slaughtered grineer and corpus for looking in the orokin towers in the void and this dude has an ARMY!!!
  2. please remove heavy attack from the combos, when I am ready to spend my combo I have a button for that, also pick a button for heavy attack to be on so I can be more strategic with my combo currency spending.
  3. any news on if we will get a block button assignment setting that isn't block/aim? the block button requires 3 sec press of switch weapon while melee only so that um.... stange and doesn't feel right.
  4. Oh hey I forgot about kuva liches, I've been off fighting stronger stuff.
  5. You have the lich system backwards! Currently it has to kill us to level up. We need to be able to kill any lich to clear it from the mission allowing it to level up until it's powerful enough to face us. Otherwise we are just admitting it's more powerful than us and we are just ignoring it until we have the combo. EVERYONE IS IGNORING LICHES UNTIL THEY HAVE THE RIGHT MODS!!! No reason to face them otherwise.
  6. having trouble locating the quick melee button. fire stab fire stab repeat is my goal, im only seeing fire > stab > switch weapon hold > fire > stab
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