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  1. Just saw melee manual block is BACK I am SO excited I can't wait to try it out!!!
  2. Any news on this update? I'd like to use my block mods again. Parry was a super cool mod with guardian derision. I would like to be on the leaderboards because of skill not cheese. Saryn I choose you! Cast molt and spam 1 while I drink tea and watch TV!
  3. We were telling them it breaks mods 3 months before they did it. All block mods and weapons are broke if primary and secondary are equiped, Electromagnetic shielding, and guardian derision, vaykor sydon, party, reflection. They knew. They just did it anyway.
  4. (DE)bear was nice enough to reply a few days ago. They wish to do it in phases because the system is too big now
  5. If it helps you get your block button back if you dedicate yourself to melee only and remove primary and secondary.
  6. Atlas bug can’t use abilities other than rumblers when new augment is active. When using a pc controller (activate current ability
  7. They have already declared exilus slots are for movement based mods.
  8. I’m betting they added a solid number like 5 seconds that can’t be changed by duration. Also if you need that combo counter get [body count] [drifting contact] for your melee.
  9. Yep I know. Press 5 and nyx assimilate augment half speed wont be a problem. I said 5 in case you have not played second dream quest
  10. Have you unlocked your “5th” ability through the quests yet. This should allow you to not care about speed of the frame.
  11. Try the ui. first go to the Options screen via the main menu. From there, choose the Interface tab, then select the UI Customization option.
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