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  1. I'm not sure if Hydron is the best place for him or what but I saw him twice in a row there in the first two missions I played today. Maybe I just had good RNG. Furthermore, regarding Mr. Meathead "Wolf of Saturn Six" Damagesponge, can you take a look at just how durable that guy is? Jesus Lotus-Kissing Christ is he absorbent to pain. A weapon that can clear enemies in sorties is having a difficult time even whittling him down in a reasonable timeframe. It's ridiculous. He's immune to status, so no slash or toxin procs, nor can his armor be stripped by corrosive. Abilities don't work on him so that's out. At least he doesn't have ridiculous AOE damage like Eidolons or absurd knockback like the adds in Orb Mother fights.
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