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  1. 위습,레버넌트의 4번스킬이 널파 장막을 관통해서 적을 죽이는게 문제가 된거였는데 아예 장막자체에 피해를 못주는건 너무 심한거같습니다 엑스칼리버 4번 익절 검기는 장막에 피해를 줄수있으면서 왜 다른 워프레임들은 피해를 못주나요?
  2. Multiple tweaks to Wisp’s cloth physics to fix Syandana deformation and reduce cloth wildness. It has not been fully modified yet.
  3. Physics engine mess!!!Roll back!!!!!Roll back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Roll back. Slight tweaks to Wisp’s skirt cloth to reduce clipping in the thigh region and in various other Idle Animations. Roll back.Physics engine mess
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