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  1. True. Jets don't float (for long) but they don't necessarily drop like stones either.
  2. Was someone using an Ignis? Or possibly Ignis Wraith? One, or both, of them makes a weird sound after releasing the trigger.
  3. The first Nightwave did stress me out. It felt like an enormously long event that I'd mess up if I didn't do every task even though they said you didn't have to all of them. But I quickly learned, especially with the improvements that I don't have to do any task I don't want to. Or I can wait to do it using the 'catch up' system. And if I miss out, it doesn't change much of the game. There will be more later, don't sweat it. You might be missing out on some unique cosmetics, or a rare item like UF, but the rest is all attainable other ways. Umbral Forma is nice to have around but only certain frames really benefit from the space so I don't personally see the need to collect as many as possible. I do admit that I'm at least intrigued by the operator cosmetics at level 30 of this wave. But it's operator stuff, how important is that really? Seriously, skip the tasks that you hate and don't look back. I'm not wasting anymore forma if I don't have something to max anymore. I'm not gilding S#&$. The rest is fun, or at least negotiable.
  4. I support the OP's idea of clan glyphs and good point about the resolution. Luckily, I created my clan emblem in a stupidly high resolution and downsized it for upload for just such an eventuality.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about Harrow. If an AI is killing the enemies too fast for him then the team doesn't need Harrow's buffs. I mean, the whole fun of Harrow is being a kill stealing jerk in the name of buffing yourself and the team. If that isn't possible then just be a parkouring gun turret and don't worry about it.
  6. I feel like melee in Warframe really lost something with the auto-switch. From a purely game mechanics/efficiency stand point, auto-switch is better. If just feels like full melee has been removed in favor a slightly more complicated quick-melee mode. I know DE hasn't done that, but going 'full melee' isn't the same anymore unless you don't bring a primary and secondary at all to the mission. The only time I really like auto-switch is when I run with a status spreading gun and then go nuts with a condition overload weapon. But the weird things auto-switch does to parkour, like the OP mentioned, doesn't seem worth it just to take advantage one specific load out. There is no longer melee as we know it, but instead it's become just a secondary fire mode for every gun in the game.
  7. The coolest thing they could do would be to totally break with tradition and release them both in the same Prime Access. I mean, how many are going to buy Atlas or Wukong prime alone? But together...that's pretty tempting.
  8. I don't have a problem with the no revive mechanic we have now. Just the slow reward cycle. But if we must have revives did someone already mention self-revives in place of team revives but the debuffs should apply to YOU (not your teammates) and stack? One can lose a 'tick' of debuff for every X number of kills perhaps. Hmm, that should be in the game in general if you ask me. It creates an incentive to pay attention.
  9. Going to do some testing tonight. This has me concerned as I usually default to Harrow unless I need something specific and I really enjoyed how he originally played.
  10. The guys interrupting Rebecca? But that never happens. /eyeroll
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