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  1. True. Jets don't float (for long) but they don't necessarily drop like stones either.
  2. It's not super tiny but it's not "life size" either. So don't get your hopes too far up. (Dear DE, let us scale orbiter decorations! That rug, I mean, c'mon!)
  3. Good thread with so many thoughtful responses. Applause and +1's to all the posts above me! I started playing soon after open beta started (it's all a bit cloudy now but it was certainly in the very early days, what was it? 2, 3 tile sets if that?) so it's difficult to gauge the new player experience now. But after seeing the damage that can be done to a game that chases new players with shiny tutorials at the expense of the current players, I can fully respect Steve's decision to not try to dedicate too many resources to that. That is, not spend their limited time and energy trying to
  4. The Rubico dot is useless once the action starts. Way too hard to see and I don't think I should be forced to intuit/guess where the damn shots are going to land. I've built the Rubico a second time in an effort to TRY to get into it but I just can't. Will get it, once again, to 30 and shelve it. I always hear good things about it but it is not a pleasure to use. I can't see bothering to even put one forma into to be honest. Yes, I hate the reticle that much.
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