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  1. I've been on warframe waiting for the event and relay since 4 am, its 3pm now, and I cant get into the relay, showing the same "network not responding" I'v watched the whole thing, on twitch and I wanted to do a video on it, but have been unable since I cant go to the actual relay. I over heard someone on a thread say that said you guys will be doing another relay event cause of this for us, but I only barely heard it and there no confirms, So what about us that have been on warframe for more then 12/24 hours waiting for this? Just to get stuff as an Alert instead? Why bother paying for a ticket, i mean i bought out baro, what else would the relay be good for now?
  2. Really? OMG.... Thank you thank you, you... actually helped me a lot, I was actually having a panic attack from the thought and... this you have no idea how much this helped me, I checked it out as soon as I saw you say it, Thank you so so much!
  3. I dont know if you all know this, but I liked to pet my dog and cats... that was one of my fav things, I have a dog on WF named after a real dog that had passed, and petting him is an everyday thing for me on login/log out, now I cant do it..... I miss him and really want to see "myself" pet him again Im actively tearing up and crying right now as i type on the thought of not being being able to touch him again I dont know if its a glitch or happened to me, or everyone Picture of how the ship now looks with lack of petting {plus my in game Kurbow, magic} https://imgur.com/gallery/O5sFyYz Picture of the Real Magic https://imgur.com/gallery/NiV85EH {hopefully my game is messed up or im just wrong about this...}
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