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  1. The Corrupted Lancer specter is shown as the Corrupted Bombard, at the Arbiters of Hexis, The Corrupted Lancer's picture and model is the Corrupted Bombard as well Its such a petty tiny bug{?}, but for someone like me that switches to specters on there gear wheel using the picture in the heat of battle, this causes problems https://gyazo.com/6e47196d56b99f8a5c9f15c48b8a51f4 https://gyazo.com/bd0d3febc0e73e5ce05302dffa0f95f1 {it wouldn't let me insert the image, first time doing this, I'm not even sure this is the right spot to put this.. Sorry!}
  2. In the gear wheel, corrupted bomber specters are shown as the corrupted lancer specters and the lancer specters are shown as the bomber ones
  3. This^ this is all i been waiting for!
  4. Virtual Valentine "My Tenno Butterfly" My Tenno 'Leoninus" as the Angel winged "Fairy boy" My Warframe Titania as "Titania, Queen of the Fairies" Made using Warframes Capture and Coral Paint studio For the 2021 Virtual Valentine *Edit: I meant 2021 ♥️
  5. Yet no fix for when you fall though into the void while switching to and from the operator in the Deimos Isolation Vaults?
  6. but the mustaches, bunny ears, and pumpkin heads are "Warframy" like? If it is the realistic ones its clearly JUST for the month/valentine, if anything the neon one is "Warframy" and they should keep that Altho the realistic ones fit well with several WF's, and fit well with more nature like frames Fairy like Titania Bird like zephyr Hunter like ivara Thats just a few to name
  7. oh sorry! I should have been playing Warframe and getting those "Unique" Items instead of getting my cancer out and going to chemo Not everyone can do it 24/7 to get everything on wf, if that was the case, then about 50% of there players would scream unfair and leave
  8. There's still the bug of inside the isolation vaults, when you transfer from your Warframe to your operator then back, you will about 45% of the time fall though the floor into the void, and can only get out if you do /unstuck, and if your unlucky it can place you on a spot where you can just fall again if you don't bullet jump out of the void so you have to wait awhile to do /unstuck again, about 10% of the time using archiving works to get out but then you just hit the bottom of the ground.
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