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  1. More Loadoutslots plx :3 like 12 😄
  2. Hey DE, i got some idears for the Universe of Inventory and stats. 1st of all that stats like won game lost game leaved game stress people so mutch that they wnat not leave any buggy mission. 2nd we got like 57 warframes and just 27 loadoutslot would u fix it, because for more flexablity, i want still an laodout for new frames....
  3. Need an loadout for every Warframe, is that possible ?!
  4. Would be fking insane, if u would not join us an failing group our stats are fked allready cuz of bugs and now this too :S and breaking from stucked waitinghall in sector 21 gives us too an fail. i fking love u ...
  5. My Girl .......... Server is Down, no login
  6. Garuda Melee Weapon ? http://prntscr.com/lsahk1 we get it or the forma back ?
  7. K Drive boostmod doesnt stack with k drive gold speed mod thats awfull :S
  8. Kinda blond question dude, beasts with cyber mods :S!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?.....?!?!?!?!??
  9. no comment http://prntscr.com/lhscu4 no possible steam mission cuz of patches
  10. Is there an plan o.o? New stuff that is hard to get and just crap ?!
  11. event done so many time wasted and the fix 1,5 weeks after .... enjoy warframe u had holidays or what ?! had a great time with an 39 minits defense for 10 waves cuz the drones was stuck behind doors and walls.
  12. wukong augemnt with 200 duration only 4 secounds enjoy :S , minimap items too little, sometimes the waypoint too
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