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  1. With that dispo nerf u dont get the normal kohm on 100 % status chance with an no negative riven. Do u even know what u are doing ?! Used = nerf ......... all the time........... untill the riven gives 30 % on stats (dead). We play the guns for the extra effects on it not for the dmg..... PLAY THE GAME DE DONT BUY RIVENS its an time an money TRAP IF U WANT ALL GUNS SAME LIKE BATTLEFIELD, ASK THEM !
  2. did u check that anoth ground are there ? 40 % more then space ?!
  3. @[DE]MeganWhy does the people in space that could be murex 101 102 Fail and abord the mission ?! #Statskiller 😄
  4. THe Scarlet Spear does link Ground with Space Groups, Murex are not up to date, an new relai has no murex, AND AND, many people has hud problems from start = no points at the end (while starting the mission @[DE]Rebecca different loadingbartimes seems to be the problem for it). Rejoin an old "USED" Relai would be nice! FULL IS FULL and not watchable or joinable. 1Disconnect or 1 Bug in 3 turn = fail for the group
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