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  1. This happens quite often.
  2. BUMP. Just to clarify: CPU has 3x the processing power of minimum requirements. Neither CPU nor RAM is capped when these happened. Due to the fact that neither CPU NOR RAM was capped it would seem as if UI/Network operations are being done in the same thread as where the assets loading happens, which causes the game to freeze. EDIT: Just hosted a mission for over 60 minutes. I had to load in first due to the freezing. Then invite everyone else. I can host missions but cannot join any of them, so clearly there is something wrong with the loading of assets.
  3. My game freezes every time I start to load somewhere. Playing in a team is not an option due to the disconnect during the first loading screen. e.g. start loading to public mission: - a few seconds after the loading of the assets have started the game freezes for about 2-3 minutes. - Due to the freezing I get disconnected from the host. - When I click "ok" on the disconnect button then game freezes again for at least equally long time or longer. Info: At the time of attempting to connect I had ~20% spare ram (4GB max ram) . CPU was NOT capped, but at ~70% (4 cores). I even did the "Optimize" in the launcher and it didn't help. Windows 7 x64. Settings: Everything off, 800x600 in full screen. This didn't happen with the old 32bit client. Suggested fix: - Primarily: Don't use too many resources for the loading assets, because it causes other operations to halt such as network and UI operations. - Secondary improvement: When users RAM is about to be full (e.g. less than 250MB left), then start releasing old assets from memory. I've seen occasions where ram goes to 98% during intensive mission, then Windows OS tries to compensate by moving memory into a page-file and the game will freeze because it tries to access memory that is cached to the hard drive, which is obviously slower than RAM. It would be better to release the old assets that are currently not required rather than resort to the slow page-file. Posts with similar issues related to freezes & similar disconnects: Game Freezes For a Few Seconds, When I am in a Group I get Host Migrated. Short constant freezing Game freeze for a second while other players joining squad FPS Still Stuttering... Is there anything wrong with Warframe these days? Game keeps freezing on me now 4/9/2019 Network Issues The game freezes Warframe became nplayable New Thread added: FPS Still Stuttering... Is there anything wrong with Warframe these days?
  4. Never had these issues with the 32bit client and dx9. Something in the new system seems to freeze the game entirely while assets are being loaded.
  5. What kind if PC u got? I'm running laptop and I freeze for ~60 seconds if I try to extract (or join a mission). Makes the game unplayable. Never had this type of issue before.
  6. No melee aim-glide block? Please bring it back. It was necessary for fluid movement when using melee. Yeah that's annoying. Not being able to benefit from Rage with the automatic block.
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