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  1. List of QOL fixes & Suggestions related to RJ 1. Place markers while using Railjack Guns/Cannon/Slingshot/Pilot seat. 2. Particle ram should be invisible to gunners (among other things). 3. A list of community issues with Railjack. 4. Invulnerability when entering archwing in Railjack. 5. Enemies should drop loot as soon as they die. 6. Forge Color should change color indicating a cool-down.
  2. Rage inducing RJ bug: When you press the "use" key to enter or exit something it happens twice (a.k.a. you leave the thing you were entering, or you enter the thing you were exiting). Description: If you are a bit laggy you may need to press the "use" key several times for it to trigger. This means that once you enter turret, you will instantly exit what you were entering. This happens constantly. This is related to all transitions: Between RJ and space, between RJ and turret seat, Between RJ and pilot seat, between space and any grineer structure. Suggestion: Add a cool down for the transition for the "use" button. It should never trigger twice in a row. The input for the next transition should only be accepted once the first transition has completed fully. Suggestion2: The grineer structures often have the exit usable exactly on the entrance, which means by pressing "use" key you often do duplicate exit/entrance all the time. To fix This I suggest moving the spawn-point slightly away from the exit location, this would ensure that accidental enter & exit won't happen constantly.
  3. Missing functionality in RJ: Cannot scrap partially built parts. Description: If you have contributed materials towards an item, then you cannot scrap it. This functionality is missing.
  4. Six more bugs below. All related to transitions in Railjack missions. Sentient Ship bug1: Cannot skip cinematic. Description: Cannot skip the entrance cinematic. This is the case always, even when the user is the first one to enter the node (which usually avoids the transition bug in other type of missions). Frequency: Always. Tested as a client. Sentient Ship bug2: Sound plays every time someone enters the sentient ship Description: Every time someone enters the sentient ship I hear their entrance "wooosh" sounds. If there are 4 players this sound will trigger 4 times for everyone (once per player). Frequency: Very frequent, maybe 100% of the time. Tested as a client. Sentient Ship bug3: Going to operator will reset you to the beginning of sentient ship Description: When you go to operator mode, while in the fist room of the sentient ship, you will activate the entrance cut scene again, and will we thrown to the beginning. You will have to run through the first room (or first few rooms) in your warframe and only then can you use operator. Frequency: Sometimes. Tested as a client. Sentient Ship bug4: When someone enters the ship you are forced to watch their cinematic. Description: Sometimes you are forced to watch every entrance cinematic to the sentient ship, even those by other players. Frequency: Sometimes. Tested as a client. Sentient Ship bug5: Flying transitions in the narrow sentient pipe doesn't work. Description: Sentient pipe = the narrow translucent thing that connects tiles in the sentient ship. Sometimes these pipes do not work, but randomly throw you in the wrong direction. As a result you cannot proceed in the ship. Frequency: Sometimes. Tested as a client. Laggy host might make this worse. Generic Railjack bug: When someone does a transition you are teleported to them. Description: Sometimes you are are teleported from your current location to the player that just entered a crewship. Not sure if this happens in other transitions as well. In most cases I was in our RJ when I got teleported to a crewship. Frequency: Sometimes. Tested as a client.
  5. RJ Issue: The Particle Ram is completely black and not opaque at all. Blocks gunner view entirely. Description: Gunners cannot see anything. I've heard other gunners complain about this too. Suggestion: Make the Particle Ram more transparent. Even when it's not bugged, it's quite hard to target enemies when it's active. EDIT: This bug appears even with out the ram according to some players.
  6. So If I want it on slot 1 I simply remove all items 12 items from my hotbar. Sounds like a bad solution. We should be allowed to select the slot, besides slot 12. The current design is lacking.
  7. RJ Issue: Different roles get VERY different amount of intrinsic points Description: It seems that different roles get a very different amounts of experience. For instance I got 5 intrinsics while boarding, and our pilot got 7. This is 50% more! All roles should get the same amount of exp. The boarder person cannot benefit from smeeta at all. This means that nobody wants to be a boarder since they get much less intrinsic points! Suggested fix: All members get same amount of experience. Smeeta should be able to buff even in SPACE! Otherwise the affinity buff means that nobody wants to fly in arch wing. This issue was also highly upvoted on the warframe reddit.
  8. RJ bug: Sentinel dying in space. Description: Sentinel keeps dying in space. This seems to happen at the moment I enter the crew ship, almost as if the AOE gets the sentinel once I enter. Suggested fix: Extend the invulnerable period for sentinel & pets when going through a loading screen.
  9. RJ bug: Stuck in Arch wing mode inside structures. No way to leave the area. Description: I was going for the objective. I landed in some sort of bugged arch wing mode (see image). I could fly inside, and shoot, but could not open any door, nor leave the building. I tried unstuck, pressing X button on the exit ( to leave the building), and the tactical teleport back to ship. Nothing worked. I had to wait for the team to go to dry dock, and only then did the bug disappear.
  10. Game-breaking RJ BUG: If host is dead, then squad cannot extract. Description: Host was dead and out of revives. Host was outside of the ship. Missions said "Waiting for players", but he cant come because revives gone. Someone tried to use the console to go to dry dock. This didn't work. Host had to abort the mission, and give us a new host, otherwise extraction is not possible. If in this situation host won't leave, they can keep the squad as a hostage, which is a bad situation. EDIT: We did scourge the map in order to find the rest of the grineer. We got them all. We didn't notice any crewship markers either.
  11. Perhaps the storage is more expensive for items with special stats. To counter the 30 slot cap I think we should be allowed to list items that we want to always destroy into parts. e.g. Destroy all MK II / MK I parts. This way DE won't have to deal with overhead of the storage and we get to farm longer between item trashing. Essentially this would be a "loot filter", that is a part of some WoW addons (e.g. sell all gray items).
  12. Game-breaking RJ bug: Disable ship killer platform mission won't complete. Description: Destroyed both radiators, then captured the ship. At this point mission should complete, but it didn't. Game asks us to do the same mission again, even when we just did it (see bugged mission icon in screenshot). Crew ships were 6/6 done when re first entered the asteroid. Also: there is invisible force-field that prevents us shooting this ship, our pilot rammed it and killed it somehow. Mission still won't complete.
  13. Sadly this has been present at least since patch 2702, maybe earlier. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1151964-empyrean-hotfix-2702/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-11247816
  14. RJ Issue: Losing loot due to crew members not refining items Current situation: All loot in forge will be lost if somebody doesn't refine when forge is full. Loot is also lost on extraction. The refine doesn't fit very well to the, otherwise fast paced game-play. It feels very clunky. Suggested fix: When forge is full, all further additions will be refined automatically based on the skill level of the highest engineer in group. Upon extraction the same thing should happen. By doing this change the RJ experience will more enjoyable.
  15. RJ related Omni-tool suggestion: Let us place Omni-tool to a specific gear slot Current situation: Currently the omni-tool goes to the last gear slot. Suggested improvement: Let us place the omni-tool on a desired slot i the gear wheel. This would let us use the gearwheel keybinds more easily. Even people who won't use hotkeys benefit from this, since now they have to loop the gear wheel less in order to select the tool.
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