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  1. Thanks for the update DE! Doubt this would get seen but would it be possible to add an option for displaying a new name such as a clan name/ clan tag / or even a nickname? This would be great for those with a short name that don't want it to get taken but also while still displaying your clan in your name for example. They could even be obvious "nicknames" like ***New-New-DINI*** for example so you know someone is using a nickname. I'd even pay plat just so I can keep my OG name while being able to show my clan in it as well.
  2. Charges would feel better than a cooldown but I feel like if they did that then it would be an even longer cooldown.
  3. I know DE probably will never see this but it was impossible trying to get steve to see the message with 2min cooldown on chat. Basically, we can currently only use up to 9 binds for our gear wheel, when now.. it's kind of infinite. I use a stream deck and bind all my gear wheel to it and have a ton of extra buttons with a lot more stuff to bind but can sadly only do 9. ;-; Space mom saw my message because they first said it's impossible to infinite binds ;p
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