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  1. This is all I needed, thanks so much ❤️
  2. These Garuda feel tweaks sound fantastic, thanks for the polish Edit- In trying it out, I do wish the mid air hang time maintained some momentum, but that's probably just preference.
  3. Small complaint, the dagger skin concept art seemed like it would work for dual daggers, but it does not pls tho
  4. Wow, so far the Nezha changes are fantastic, and the entire Nezha deluxe bundle looks great. Thanks a bunch
  5. Can't get on to test, does wukong gain invis as well? 😲
  6. If the deth machine rifle fix is a thing, you might want to look into kunai, high firerate/multishot builds create the most awful sounds Thanks for the update
  7. Have you guys considered turning the concussion portion of minelayer into a pseudo-exalted weapon (the way atlas gara and khora work)? Maybe use primary or secondary mods to allow for some modding and scalability? High base status and some usable crit stats, base radiation, would allow for some neat combos with weapons Just a thought
  8. Any chance we can get clarification on minelayer? Any changes in the works?
  9. The prime weapons look amazing 😲 Thanks a ton for the umbra animation set change, and thanks another ton for shortening his howl ❤️
  10. Can't play for a few hours but the Saryn changes look lovely, pretty much everything I wanted. Thanks Pablo ❤️
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