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  1. GA-Bulletproof

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    The drought is over
  2. GA-Bulletproof

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    Same here! Running I7-2600K Win 10 - 64bit AMD RX 580 18.10.2 Driver
  3. GA-Bulletproof

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.7

    No thx It's an absolute joke that in Arbitration certain abilties don't damage the drones e.g. Atlas Landslide We also can't give our secondary weapon to the objective which is another huge downside. The dodge mechanic of the drones leaves you with a Arca Plasmor meta. This game mode is dead after receiving the items in it. Fun factor = 0 Just like EOS could have been timed exterminate per zone, which would've been really fun and interesting, this Arbitration sux. I feel sorry for anyone that still has to play this mode.
  4. GA-Bulletproof

    The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

    This is my entry Poster
  5. So this is still a thing after 20.10.6 There are symbols for adaptation but it doesn't show to what. i was getting hit by almost everything at that moment.
  6. GA-Bulletproof

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Please use my Account if you are going to showcase Fortuna. I'd like to see my Fashion Frame in the new world! Questions: Have the CPU optimizations been implemented yet or are they coming with Fortuna When will Auras be relooked at? Empowered Blades should really work on anything! Will we get Range as a melee stat with Melee3.0? Because this is something players choose their weapons by. Pets 2.0? When can we expect to use both Sentinel and Pet at the same time? Riven: Can we finally get a Stat lock when we reroll to tailor the riven instead of having this slot machine. Can we get an escape route for when we are stuck in loading?
  7. GA-Bulletproof

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    Sounds like you have
  8. You don't get my point. It is fine that the drone is giving enemies in an AOE 100% dmg reduction. What i do have problem with is that you automatically put weaker frames at a disadvantage because abilities don't interact with the drone. With a nullifier i can jump into the bubble pop pop, dead. With the drone you have sometime up to 5-6 guys shooting at you while your aiming at the drone (drone dodges if not oneshot) and any frame not tanky enough will die. Or you have to go invisivble and play a very passive role. Either way if it stays that way it will distill a certain meta yet again just like with EOS. And i am not playing that anymore and i wonder why.
  9. These drones completely fail the purpose that they probably intended to have. Why are they immune to Warframe Abilities like Atlas Landslide, Valkyr Talons etc? The drones themselves pushes a meta again. Not only do they behave poorly but also dodge your attack AND make it necessary to use non-aoe attacks to kill them first. Because in combination with an ancient the aoe attack will heal the drone. In Survival specifically the reduction of the spawning enemies leads to less air drops which in return with 75% efficiency is even worse. The doubled time on the rotation is just extremely boring. It doesn't make it more difficult!!! IT JUST MAKES IT MORE TIME THAT IT IS FECKIN ANNOYING! Why can't we give Defense targets OUR guns? They run around with their NERF guns being completely unhelpful and teleport back and forth to teammates if they are scattered.
  10. Thx. What about the Riven dispos? EDIT: Please fix Host/Client dependencies!!! E.g. Nova Portal, Nezha Chakram, etc.. Edit 2: Could we get the option to previously equip Prime Access Armor before we purchase it? The same goes for Tennogen skins but seperately eg. if i just want to know what a tennogen helmet looks like with my deluxe skin i can't just pick the helmet if the helmet is bundled with a body skin.
  11. GA-Bulletproof

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    Well the CS slots are basically what i am trying to use to make a point. These companies still make money providing them at that price. Having entire Server rigs dedicated would be cheaper. The specs and time needed is nothing that can't be variably handled by whoever is hosting them. I just see a huge hit coming to the gaming experience with an increase of requirements for the game but not expanding the backbone at the same time. With a fast pace game like Warframe you can't have people miss their nova portals or abilities not working correctly because DE decided to make the wrong things host side instead of client side while not offering a good enough host to handle it.
  12. GA-Bulletproof

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    No i didn't format my PC. I doubt it will solve the problem as it is an issue that only shows up in Warframe. Checking installation files also does nothing. Like i said i think it is AMD specific. Probably Because of the QHD resolution. My brother has the same behaviour on a different RX 580.
  13. GA-Bulletproof

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    Well i can only assume what the problem is. Maybe its driver issues between AMD and the game that doesnt happen with Nvidia. Who knows.
  14. GA-Bulletproof

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    I have a i7-2600K running at stock 3.5 Ghz
  15. GA-Bulletproof

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    I set my ping limit to 100ms. If my understanding is so poor please elaborate? Fill me in on what was missed with dedicated server for MMO.