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  1. Yay the next grind fest. Will we actually get a token system across the board for everything finally? Having RNG for relics one thing. Having RNG for EVERYTHING ELSE like BP and etc. Is very annoying and is getting worse with every item implemented into the game.
  2. This is in response to Brozimes last video that he has returned to Warframe. I felt the exact same way. Something has to change how we acquire these rewards. This "You just got lucky approach" to all of the new S#&$ is so exausting. It basically removed the fun completely. But i have to give it to DE they are on a role. Baruuk kinda sucks Hildryn really sucks Exploiter Orb fight "WAS" fun... Grind is mind numbingly crappy for the new stuff... Next step nerf MESA, OCTAVIA, ENERGIZE....Good bye players....
  3. So really short. I know that the Ice Armor acts like Rhinos Armor but because the amount of Ice Armor you get per enemy kinda sucks it would be nice to have Icy Avalanche act like Nezha's Halo in order to trigger Adaptation. The resulting survivability would be far greater and Frost would be back on par with the rest. Hope it gets considered, cya.
  4. This doesn't do jack if the rest of his drop table is cluttered with trash mods. Just make him appear when you do the howl or his emote or something like that. Goooooddddeeeee....
  5. Can we please get an increase of Overheating/ Thermia now that you increased Phase 1 of the Exploiter ORB battle.
  6. I feel you dude. I am right down that alley. I would have 2 Freezing step i could trade but NOooOOOOoooo
  7. I call BS. Now the Exploiter takes almost twice as long and the drop rates for Shocking and Freezing Ephemera are still the same! At least make them tradeable ffs!!!
  8. What DE writes: While players have restored functionality now (i.e Mesa + Arcane Velocity), it won't be a true solution if you don't know the dev teams intention. We unintentionally broke some arcane interactions and let it ride when we shouldn't have. We're fixing that today! What i read: We let you have fun until today by actually making sensible use of the arcanes we provide. We think you shouldn't use anything else but Arcane Guardian/Energize on your Warframes as all other Arcanes make absolutely no sense of equipping now. Thanks for grinding them up until this point. Any future arcanes will also lack use accross Warframes. Thanks for playing.
  9. This is some high class BS right here. Another shadow nerf. Who cared if Mesa was able to proc this or not? At least the freaking Arcane found some damn application. But NO releasing arcanes that apply to absulutely nothing is the way to get people to use them. Ah very nice example is Magus Melt, Magus Accelerant and Virtuos Forge. Now these 3 would've been a very nice combination to actually use on Eidolons but they only apply to normal enemies that NOBODY fights with the their operator. Stop fixing things that are not broken...
  10. I would be surprised if they actually enabled this.
  11. I hope this Host/Client issue also includes Warframe abilities.
  12. The Wolf 🐺 should spawn 100% every 20min in a pure grineer survival if you have all the challenges done from Nora Night. This Stalker like behavior sucks!
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