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  1. No it wasn't. I think Brozime pretty clearly showed it was a convenient thing to have. What they should have done is remove the combo counter all together. Heavy attacks use it up anyway. This Xoris change is just ridiculous.
  2. Am i gonna get my Forma back i invested? Probably not! Why DE do you do this S#&$ everytime....every F***ing time. Instead of taking the likeing of the mechanic of the Xoris and applying it to warframe abilities like Whipclash or Landslide so that those abilities can just by nature maintain their combo counter you nerf. Not that Warframes like ASH s*** A** enough. You remove every chance they get to be fun again. Even if you would change ALL melee weapons to have NO TIME RESTRAINT it would NOT be OP. Because the consumption of combo counter on heavy attacks would actually make it worth it. But why bother even replying to these threads... @[DE]Pablo Could you please remove the time reversal on "no kill" with Protea? Whats the point of using her 4 if i get thrown to the beginning of the mission (exterminate for example). Isn't the ability supposed to be a safety hook?
  3. After her changes! Her 1 and 2 feels a lot better. Her 3 with this huge duration should really be capped at 15sec and any extra duration should lead to faster spawns. But her 4 is just like Embers 3. Why am i being punished and thrown back to the beginning of my cast even if i do not die? This is such an essential change to her that is necessary. Or open draw, put Protea in, close.
  4. Protea still feels like you are being punished for using her 4. She is basically a stationary frame in a super unstationary game. Please change her 4 to be only rewind on death. Everything else is great.
  5. Passive is fine Grenade Fan: (Tap) Duration at base should be 10 for (Hold) Duration should be 20 Blaze Artillery: Should be able to be moded. Double energy cost but make the damage really high so that it is actually worth it. Dispensary: Should have a fixed Duration. Increasing Duration passed 100% should make the items appear faster while going under 100% would make them appear slower Temporal Anchor: Should only cause a rewind on "kill". If not explosion with knock down in 5m and stagger in 10. If there aren't any changes to her she will be very mediocre.
  6. Please let us use Universal Medallions universally --> Conclave
  7. Wow... Less inside costs more. I think I'll pass...
  8. Aiming unfortunately just makes the same view bigger. Yeah a switch where you are able to hide the frame like you said would be the best.
  9. Could we please get a fix for the visual when in artillery. How am i supposed to see where i am firing? We don't have to see the frame here.
  10. Could we get the freaking Universal Medallion for Conclave back? I would like to get the Atlas Mod but i sure as hell won't be playing Conclave for it!
  11. Again Augments that shouldn't be called Augments...State of Decay
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