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  1. Gotta love the rhetoric... Acting like most of this came from you 🤣
  2. Wow this sounds dumb. It's like you don't want to make it fun to hunt liches. If we were able to ditch the lich we still have to kill, what like 13 individual liches. Aside from that. If every lich would spawn the ephemera at a 100% and only by converting would we get it, it would still mean we would have to do it 26 times in total. That's ENOUGH. The way Warframe is progressing so far it will load itself up in that railjack slingshot and propel itself into meaninglessniss. Same goes for that RNG mess inside Railjack. LET PEOPLE WORK FOR NICE STUFF AND NOT GET LUCKY! OMFG... Look at the feedback for the new anomaly shards. 1000% more positive than anything you changed recently with anything. How about you learn from it? That'd be too easy right?
  3. I have to say. I think it is absolutely messed up you expect people to do 30min mission for 2% drop chances. For example the Vidar Reactor MK3. You dilute the drop table with crap nobody wants from these missions. Instead of just spreading drops throughout the new ship types without the useless drops. So RNG decides what we get and IF we get the wreckage we want and then RNG decides if the stats are even worth investing. Sorry but this suuuuuucks! Give it hard values! And none of this you can keep what you got so far BS. Change it to something right and stick to it!
  4. Could we get a chance to abord a repair that we started? This is so annoying! And we need to say that we want to Auto scrap any wreckage with a certain tier. Why would i want MK1&2 if i am only running MK3? EDIT: DOES ANYONE KNOW IF INTRINSICS ARE HARD CAPED AT 124? i have over 130 after a mission but it doesn't show!!! EDIT2: Intrinsics show wrong amount after mission. During mission it is correct!
  5. So the way Wreckage works is absolutely stupid. You do 2 to 3 missions in succession get 15-20 BP and when something rare drops its just lost. No chance to choose what exactly you want to keep or scrap! The implementation of the UI for Railjack is sooo poor. For example: 1. Returning to someone elses Dojo and checking your info won't let you scrap/contribute or do anything of the sort to your own railjack 2. You can only start missions from the Dojo with your OWN railjack. If you want to join up someone else maybe and save the trip back to the orbiter it doesn't work! Damage from Railjack weapons to enemies is too low considering the speed of the enemies and no chance in the beginning to slow them down. This needs so much refining and balancing (especially in the build department) this shouldn't have been released this year. Oh you will probably nerf yet another archwing because of railjack ....Can't wait for the hate videos to come when that happens...
  6. Will upcoming content be just as boring as liches? Or will we actually get something fun like the Exploiter ORB fight.
  7. All this time wasted towards useless duplicate kuva weapons... Can't we just choose the weapon we want the lich to have after we created it. And then basically just grind for the max stats? That way the only RNG is the look of the lich and the power stat of the weapon and that should be enough.
  8. Vauban Feedback: 1. Tesla Nervos Should stay localized around Vauban in order to stun enemies in his immediate proximity and not wander off and do their own thing. 2. Minelayer Sticky line could deserve some power strength scaling to become a useful option 3. Orbital Strike Just trash...this should defintiely get a dmg boost. 4.Bastille/Vortex So the way this behaves is just idiotic. Casting the Bastille gives me X sec of bastille. If i then collapse the bastille into the vortex i get another X sec of vortex. BUT if i charge for my vortex i get only X sec. So if my Bastille would be 20sec why can't my Vortex be 30sec. i did charge for it. And now i get nothing in return. Ember Feedback: 2. shouldn't cost more energy when at 90%. (it doesn't cost Gara anything to keep her DR active why does EMBER need to pay?) Therefore it should be more difficult to reach that 90% by casting more but once reached being able to maintain is just crucial for higher level content. 3. The armor striping is nice. Using her 3 to keep her 2 in check sucks sry. 4. Nice dmg. But at least at half the radius enemies should get hit that are not in her FOV. Often tileset obstacles bug her out.
  9. What we need: Kuva floods to persist Requiem Mods to persist (if Kuva floods don't) Heavy attacks to become faster with an increase in range (or why do them in the first place) Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds should count into normal attacks by 50% to balance out melee weapons that are lost without them. Gunblades should be looked at in order to get them back to where they were without the heavy attack Vauban animation speed needs to be halfed (aside from his Meme Abilities entirely reworked...AGAIN) e.g. Clone Ability: Lets Vauban Clone his Sentinel (scales with PS) 2x at Base. Imagine 4 Helios at 200% PS. That your turret right there! Ember's 2 increases too fast after using her 4 <-- lowered. more to come
  10. A little melee feedback: Stances - great Animations - great New Combo Counter - Absolute crap. Gunblades are trash now. The animation is clunky. Many builds that rely on combo counter builds are useless. Best example is a Galatine Prime pure slash build. Before combo counter in combination with weeping wounds gave me a consistent chance with each hit to proc slash. NOW only with heavy attacks and only AFTER i built up the crappy counter. It feels as though killing high level enemies takes twice as long now. Then on the other side you have a ZAW (Plague Kripath with EKW II RU) 64% Status. This feels stronger WITHOUT even using the counter. The ironie is with the Zaw that if i use my heavy attack the wind up time = DPS i could inflict while just continuing my attack. Then back to the Galatine Prime. Here i need such a large combo multiplier to reach a 100% chance i am faster just shooting the dude. I basically brought a knife to a gun fight. If Brozime would do this test again now i wonder how long it would take....
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