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  1. When will we finally have something for veterans to do? A revamped LOR or JV embedded in whatever in order to get the 8 player squads back is what I'm craving!
  2. This is such a time intense way to farm for bossfight. Amazingly boring and completely uninnovative
  3. So a little information. In Mission as host and in Simulacrum my "Magnetized Discharge" build with 100% disarm chance doesn't disarm enemies or only very inconsistently. A little to my stats: Duration: 95% Efficiency: 145% Range: 205% Strength: 200% The definition of the augment reads all enemies hit by the blast have a chance to be disarmed. Enemies inside the bubble don't get disarmed consistently so it is definitely buged. If any changes are made to this Augment the disarm shouldn't be removed by obstacles as it is an ability.
  4. Great you made kill stealing a thing now...kuddos
  5. Wukong Deluxe has the worst textures ever! OMG i can't believe how bad it is.
  6. Again this unvaulting??? Whyyyy...Why not Nekros (as he was given away for Tenncon the matching prime accessories would've been very fitting!)...and after that Vauban Prime Accessories. O..o
  7. So will we see a buff to Wisps 4? Higher energy drain therefore more DPS then a fully moded Mesa is what I would expect when channeling the energy of a sun.
  8. Yay the next grind fest. Will we actually get a token system across the board for everything finally? Having RNG for relics one thing. Having RNG for EVERYTHING ELSE like BP and etc. Is very annoying and is getting worse with every item implemented into the game.
  9. This is in response to Brozimes last video that he has returned to Warframe. I felt the exact same way. Something has to change how we acquire these rewards. This "You just got lucky approach" to all of the new S#&$ is so exausting. It basically removed the fun completely. But i have to give it to DE they are on a role. Baruuk kinda sucks Hildryn really sucks Exploiter Orb fight "WAS" fun... Grind is mind numbingly crappy for the new stuff... Next step nerf MESA, OCTAVIA, ENERGIZE....Good bye players....
  10. This doesn't do jack if the rest of his drop table is cluttered with trash mods. Just make him appear when you do the howl or his emote or something like that. Goooooddddeeeee....
  11. Can we please get an increase of Overheating/ Thermia now that you increased Phase 1 of the Exploiter ORB battle.
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