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  1. So many lags....Uh disgusting under promise over deliver in 2021 huh....good start
  2. Getting some massiv lags from this update....
  3. Don't know if anyone adressed his "energy" policy but it is rdiculous if you infuse an ability into him which will bring me to another point. 1. Energy = Cooldown His abilities working on cooldown is fine but it should actually be somewhat relativ to how long and strong the ability is. Looking at his catalyze it takes 30sec cooldown. At this point this is equivalent to an energy cost of 150 energy. Thats ridiculous! How do you get to 150? Easy! Infuse an ability like Breach Surge into him that costs 50 energy default and then you get the cooldown equivalent of 10 sec. If you now
  4. @Voltage totally agree! This event is so bad on so many levels. Not just because the only items you are using is the necramech and the operator but because the game mechanic is copy paste from what you've done in scarlet spear. Instead of using the Necras as a reinforcement to damage whatever is disabling the warframes we are in them 24/7. The last years you've done more on appearances than fun gameplay and it's showing. Continue like this and Warframe will be the prettiest game that nobody plays with the nicest art community that nobody cares about. So sad. Firefall is
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