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  1. Meatball will most definitely be a "Constant drain" ability. They even mentioned in stream that if you don't drop it soon enough, you'll end up dizzy. My guess is consume will be the same, where eating too much will cause you to release them involuntarily.
  2. As they noted in the devstream, Both Devour and Meatball will drain energy, so even if an opponent eats them, they'll have to use them or lose them.
  3. Eh, both me and my GF are excited for Grendel and are planning on buying him immediately with plat. As well as being the only real heavy-set frame, his move set seems rather interesting to the both of us. While i do agree that the chat was a bit rude during Grendel's demo, DE made sure that grendel wasn't any more or less effective than his team-mates. He's as agile and strong as Frost, Rhyno, Hildren, or any other frame. He's essentially a Kirby-frame! and his move-set isn't nearly as gross are you're making it out to be. His munch ability has him moreso consuming people via cloud. The vomit ability is simply a enemy based projectile. The consume ability allows for a variety of different defenses. His roll ability also sees him morphing into a sonic/metroid style morph ball, rather then he himself rolling around. I don't really see Grendel as an insult to fat folks as it's being made out to be. Does he use a few stereotypes? Yeah, he's rather eat-centric but I find the character charming.
  4. The War Within was released in 2016.... It's been almost 3 years. Please, give me the Queen and Kuva Guardian noggles.
  5. While there are a large number of Noggles currently missing on my orbiter's shelf, I feel that both the Worm Queens, Kuva Guardian, and Kuva Jester should have been put there after the War Within questline. The fact that they still haven't appeared has saddened me, so below are a few of the noggles I've drawn. The Worm Queen and Kuva Guardians, both holding the Worm Queen's patented Grineer Blood Pies.
  6. YoU wAnT yOuR oWn TuBeMeN? Tyl Regor would be furious.
  7. Stats: How the crew-system will play out, I don’t know, however I hope that it will incorporate interesting stats for members. Given their FTL influence, all I can do is guess on what stats might appear in game. However, here are my hopes for how this sort of system would play out. Main Stats: Electric: The higher the skill, the more the character knows about electronics and their workings. The higher a character’s skill in this, the more effectively they can hack, repair or pilot ships, or interact with robotic proxies. A character with no skill in this ability does not understand computers and may have grown up in a settlement with little to no electronics. Combat: Plain and simple; a high combat rating equals better combat prowess. The ability to kill grineer, slay corpus, and cull infested all lies in how well you can aim a gun or swing a blade. Characters with no skill in this ability are civilians, unable to defend themselves from the brutes of the galaxy. Stealth: High level stealth individuals can enter and leave areas without any issue. Not only that, but if things go sideways, a stealthy character can easily find a place to hide. A character with no skill in stealth are clumsy, and can easily be identified as a threat by higher ranking enemies. Social: Social characters understand that sometimes, the pen is mightier than the sword. Through deceit or diplomacy, these characters are smiled upon in polite society and are more often taken for hostages than killed immediately. Characters without this skill are rude, impolite, or unpleasant to be around. Survival: Survivalists know what to do to keep themselves alive, regardless of the cost. High survival characters can traverse harsh landscapes, locate missing documents, or otherwise hunt for food when lost. A character without this skill is pampered, unable to figure out how to live without the conveniences of technology or society. Secondary Stats: Health: How healthy a character is. Most characters stay at around 100 hp, though failed missions or unfortunate circumstances might lower their health. Worse, they might contract injuries or illnesses. Loyalty: High loyalty crew will fight for you and die for you. They will not leave you unless forced to. Low loyalty crew will run away at any sign of danger, and may betray you or leave you if you continue to mistreat them. Random Quirks: Quirks may affect how a crew-member responds to you, how they will act in a mission, or aspects of the crew’s personality. Crew members start with a certain number of quirks, but can gain or lose quirks depending on mission results and side-quests. EXAMPLES: Corpus-Defector: This corpus has defected to your side, while they might worry about being recognized, their knowledge of Corpus-tec is unmatched. (+50% speed on Corpus missions. 75% chance of being captured on failed corpus missions.) (Character starts with this Quirk) Fear of Infested: This crew-member has had a bad experience with the Infested, as such they refuse to involve themselves with them. (+20% Fail rate on Infested missions) (Potentially gains quirk after failed infested or starts with this quirk) Grizzly Scar: This crew-member has a particularly bad scar. While it’s detracts from their beauty, the Grineer seem to like it. (-1 to social. +2 to social when talking to grineer) (Character potentially gets this quirk after failed combat mission) Civilian-Merchant: This character has no combat experience whatsoever. However, a lack of military service has allowed them to practice their craft. (-1 Combat. +1 Social) (Character starts with this quirk) Red Veil Member: This character is apart of the Syndicate: Red Veil. (Loyalty modifier to syndicate. Specialty weapons for sale.) (Character starts with this quirk) Wet-work Specialist: This character has shown competence in their craft. (+20% Success to Assassination missions) (Potentially gains quirk after successful assassination mission)
  8. So I made a previous post about crew members, and that got me thinking, what if there was an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood style side-mission system for the new recruits on Empyrean. You'd be able to level recruits up and send them on missions, which could then unlock new missions, items, or side-objectives. Brotherhood System: https://www.ign.com/wikis/assassins-creed-brotherhood/Assassin_Recruits#Contract_Missions Examples: Data Buyout: A tenno orders a recruit to go make a deal with the corpus and sell them a fake artifact. This artifact has a tracker which will allow the tenno to go pinpoint the new ship for a sabotage mission. Kill the Captain: The Tenno orders a recruit to go assassinate a Grineer Captain. While normally difficult, the captain is a minor player on Cetus, so getting close will require stealth and a good gun. The tenno gets a cash reward on the Captain's death. Rescue the recruit: You send a recruit to go steal some data from the grineer, however they get caught and captured. You have a choice to either rescue them within a time-limit, or let them get thrown to the Kuva litch, giving you a direct line to your mortal enemy. Social Flare: The tenno send a recruit to act as a spokesman. This will allow the tenno to enter a new area if they succeed. If they fail, well, sneaking in IS always an option. This system would allow for more stats and side-attributes to give your team more character (See Darkest Dungeon). A Grizzeled Veteran from Cetus might have a fear of Infested and as such do worse on infested missions. A member of Red Veil would be a perfect choice to go kill a low level grineer captain. And so on. Not all "Recruit Missions" would require your tennos help, and more complicated schemes, missions, and side quests would be unlocked either through story chains, missions, or through building specialized equipment. So what are your thoughts on such a mission? I feel that this is more fitting for Warframe, especially given the amount of help the Tenno get from other organizations. Previous Article:
  9. Dog Days of Summer: Floofball or Why you don't anger Hildryn. I do wonder if Kela de Thame will get in trouble for playing around with the enemy; I doubt it. She'll probably just blame the engineers in her quarters and have them executed. I was planning on shading this, but realized that the event was going to end today. I may come back to add shading later.
  10. Will we see any information on Grendel? On the Upcoming Crew system? The Kingpin System? WILL WE FINALLY GET WORM QUEEN/ KUVA GUARDIAN/ ELDER QUEEN NOGGLES?!
  11. Few days ago I posted a Worm Noggle I had an idea for. I noted a few other Noggles of note, with the Kuva Guardian being one of them. Enjoy. My Tumblr: https://mistergaslow.tumblr.com/ Worm Queen Noggle:
  12. It’s the worm queen. She’s supposed to look creepy. And thank you.
  13. I do hope that, at some point, they make a Worm Queen Noggle. I'm also hoping for noggles of the Kuva Guardians, Kuva Jester, and Elder Queen herself. They're a fun bunch, and I've been sad for the last two years that they've been missing from the Noggle Line up. My Tumblr: https://mistergaslow.tumblr.com/ Kuva Guardian Noggle:
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