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  1. I do like NMS taking a break had a whole bunch of trade loops and info on a xl.. and some how deleted it or something... so only need one xl ass pain at the time. Now I am trying to update and figure out being gone from warframe... figure half my mods and set ups are less powered or worse some of them have abilities changed. Real salty at loosing wold of fire but what do I know...
  2. Well games like NO Man Sky also promised a lot, did not deliver, but then they went back to the drawing boards. They released a massive update which turns out to be good but they also let it out before it was less buggy. They got new players and lost some during the bug fixes. Conclusion if they make something significant even after a long time players will come back. But when you release buggy bs you arguably loose more. There is a difference if its buggy you loos people that may Never come back, but if they go play another game for a bit and you offer something Significant you may recapture their interest more long term. Few game companies seem to grasp this. Different Genre but I would say that games like Grim dawn that follow more of a DLC type of release do it better.
  3. Let me be very clear then I am fine with tweaks but not ability changes. And yeah think just as the rest I am allowed an opinion. I chalk it up to the same problem as HOTS or WoW. Time spent on reworks (in part to give us fresh stuff) rather than working More on actual fresh stuff and fixing bugs, maybe end content. And from what I hear riven melee was nerfed so if balancing was a issue you raise or lower the dmg or scaling. Changing the abilities is a LAZY ♥♥♥ way to make a frame feel fresh. Also guessing that some that are fine with changes are some that either enjoy a chance of that type or never spend time or cash planing out, getting and then modding a frame. One of many reasons I stick often to games that Work on their game but dont have major class changes. Oh so many games I could list here on steam that did not need to resort to re works.
  4. Just came back, so what did they do with Rivens/melee? And Arcanes are not raids anymore? And why am I not supposed to play via steam? Inquiring minds came here to find out why my Ember got screw3d and decided to read this.
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