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  1. (PS4)Herculxs


    @[DE]Danielle Will featured dojos be added?
  2. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    Every object that is not a nature object has this bad shadow problem. That's not " every 10th time x is done", that is almost all the time. It's also not a matter of it being easy to find. A DE staff member has acknowledged this problem back in August, bro it's December and it ain't fixed. They don't care about PS4 glitches, they don't care about PS4 clans and dojos at all. PS4 still don't have the featured dojos on the starchart almost 2 months after the dojo contest. Will have to wait and be disappointed when it isn't fixed in fortuna update lol
  3. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    Im not an optimist. There has been two updates since @[DE]LinkskiLinkski said something in this topic and that was over two months ago. If this was a PC problem it would've been fixed in two days. Until one of them says it is fixed or that they are still working on it then I am worried
  4. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    Still not fixed 😐
  5. (PS4)Herculxs

    Double Weekends

    Whatever happened to double resource or xp weekends? It's been awhile since the last one.
  6. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    I'm so disappointed that the new update didn't fix any of it.
  7. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

  8. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    @[DE]Dmitri Has any progress been made towards fixing this issue?
  9. (PS4)Herculxs

    Live Now: Featured Dojos!

    Okay, but when will the light/shadow glitches be fixed on PS4? Featured dojos would look better without the super glitchy spazzy shadows
  10. (PS4)Herculxs

    Dojo Lighting on PS4. Lesser version?

  11. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    I appreciate you posting this. I wanted to post my video but my account is glitches and won't let me post under ps4 bugs. If u take a look at my video you can see I am having the same problem. I'd love to make kool and complex things but the shadowing gets too bad at the moment
  12. (PS4)Herculxs

    Clan Decoration Lighting

    Dojo Lighting NEEDS to be fixed for ps4!!!! Please!!!!
  13. Can't build kool and complex stuff because gross shadows ruin it. Need to make them less intense!!!!
  14. (PS4)Herculxs

    dojo:such a shame

    I hate you pc decorators.... your dojos don't have really bad shadows like ps4. I'd love to build kool and more complex things but the shadows get extremely annoying
  15. (PS4)Herculxs

    Ignis wraith available to all

    PC and PS4 are different animals. Im not exaggerating when I say that a couple times a week I get asked how to get it. And clans die hard. I know a clan (has ignis research) that was once always 1000 members strong but has less than 400 members as a moon clan. Leadership switches games and stops caring. When stuff like this happens then it does become more difficult to find the ignis wraith. It also makes it so active clans with the ignis having easy time recruiting because of it.