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  1. Happened to me too. People kept visiting my don't and we're confused when they tried to buy blueprints. They also abused the trade post and spam random trade requests
  2. My clan Greedy Devils is not allowed to enter because we won the previous contest. People will be missing out on our remodeled dojo... What a shame!
  3. (PS4)Herculxs


    Should allow us to scale up floofs. Not crazy big but at least double their current size. I'd like to use them as animals in the dojo but they are too small to be noticed. If they take up 20 capacity then they should be scalable!
  4. (PS4)Herculxs

    Leaving warframe after 1380 hours(Devs take note)

    U'll be back lol
  5. (PS4)Herculxs

    Rivens 2.0

    Your lucky that rivens even exist. Once upon a time rivens didn't exist and we couldn't get the insane stats that are possible now.
  6. (PS4)Herculxs

    Add Ophelia to fissure rotation.

    I'm a daily player and I have never seen it. I challenge anyone to show a screenshot of an Ophelia neo survival fissure. I don't have data cuz I'm not crazy about this, just a random thought while farming. I run Ophelia a lot for a resource farm and it occurred to me that I have never seen an Ophelia fissure.
  7. (PS4)Herculxs

    Add Ophelia to fissure rotation.

    Add Ophelia to fissure rotation, I have never seen it has a neo fissure.
  8. (PS4)Herculxs

    Let us know who banned/suspended us.

    As a clan leader I can say we are not given access to a lot of information. I am a leader for a mountain clan. There is no easy way for me to check the donations for 300 members. There is no way for me to see who has recently invited the new members. I cannot see who has been banned/kicked and I can't see who did the kicking/banning. I think the clan log should include a LOT more information.
  9. (PS4)Herculxs

    Six slots in trading

    If you are going to have weapons require 6 pieces (including main bp) then u either need to allow stacking in trades or increase the number of slots from 5 to 6. Shouldn't need to do 2 trades to buy/sell a set.
  10. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    Historically a new gen has come out every 6 or 7 years. PS4 came out in 2013. So I don't think it's an absurd thought a few days before 2019 to be concerned.
  11. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    I agree. However, with a new gen console it would have a high probability to split the player population overtime. Cut the population, 50% on PS4 and 50% on PS5 (or however you like to cut it). IF a new gen console comes then PS4 Warframe players leaving to PS5 would hurt the PS4 Warframe community. A year after a new gen, how many players do u honestly think would stay? Two years? Three years? Old consoles die after New gens are released, which is why no one is playing ps3 these days. I know from experience because I played ps3 for a year after PS4 release and it was brutal to ps3 communities. I only see three possibilities. 1) allow crossplay 2) allow acc transfer to either PC or PS5 (although I find it ridiculous I'd have to pay 600$ on a new console to remain in an active community that has a future) 3) Sony and DE leave us stranded to rot in a shrinking community.
  12. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    I don't think that is totally true tho. DE could probably transfer PS4 accounts to PC. I'm assuming DE owns that data and not Sony. I believe transfer from PC to console was possible at one point, so I don't see why they can't do it the other way. Also, IF PS5 comes out then most likely Xbox will also have a new gen. Do u really think DE would want to do updates for 5 different platforms? I know it doesn't matter what DE wants, but I bet DE would encourage transferring to PC if it made their lives easier in the long run.
  13. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    So when PS4 came out you kept the same Sony account from ps3. But ps3 and PS4 couldn't play together. Call of duty ghost for example, it was available on both but they couldn't play with each other. I have zero clue how this would effect Warframe which is why I am concerned.
  14. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    The ball being in Sony's court is kinda the problem. Games' (including Warframe) future pretty much depend on Sony's move. Sony is a company that will do whatever gets it the most money. So whether or not cross play between PS4 and ps5 is unknown, whether or not DE allowing platform transfer is unknown. IF ps5 comes out then a pretty safe assumption would be it'll split the PS4 Warframe community pretty hard. I have more faith in DE to save the PS4 community than Sony doing the right thing.
  15. (PS4)Herculxs

    Future of PS4

    I have roughly 5k hours played and invested a lot into the game. I would like to know (I'm sure other long time players) would like to know there is a plan B. We wouldn't want our time, effort and loyalty to the game to go to waste. Rumor or not, it'll effect all PS4 gaming communities.