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  1. Clan name: Greedy Devils Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PS4 Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image https://imgur.com/5AAGlBx Video: https://youtu.be/HSYQOHx17s8
  2. Happened to me too. People kept visiting my don't and we're confused when they tried to buy blueprints. They also abused the trade post and spam random trade requests
  3. My clan Greedy Devils is not allowed to enter because we won the previous contest. People will be missing out on our remodeled dojo... What a shame!
  4. @[DE]Danielle Will featured dojos be added?
  5. Okay, but when will the light/shadow glitches be fixed on PS4? Featured dojos would look better without the super glitchy spazzy shadows
  6. Clan name: Greedy Devils Tier: Mountain Platform:ps4 My role: founding warlord Please msg me when my video has been reviewed.
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