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  1. I looked for windows updates and installed the lastest. Either that or the Hotfix helped with my huge lags and freezes. Now I only get a short freeze when a lich spawns. Everything else seems to be back to normal.
  2. I have the same issue since the update. Checked CPU and GPU temperatures and usage with MSI Afterburner. Everything is fine there. But my RAM usage is off the charts! It's using all of my 16 GB RAM. Ingame it shows 1.2 GB usage, but when I check in my taskmanager Warframe is using most of it.
  3. Had the same problem. Tried Sedna Kappa, Selkie and Uranus Puck. Switched Frames and got it first try on Sedna Kappa.
  4. I played the Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested) Disruption Mode solo. In Round 10 and one completed conduit, if I inserted a key it was gone but did not promt the countdown or the demolisher to spawn, This was with all the three other conduits, Keys were gone, no timer, no demolisher, And the enemies did not drop anymore keys after I inserted keys in all the other three conduits, I played with nekros.
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