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  1. Cool deal overall, glad to see the crew perpetually refining the mechanics, and aesthetics.....now about the resource amounts...I don't mind the lower end costs for repairing things, but there should be some way to reacquire at least half of those resources with the 75 direc or however you spell it upon selling these things which can go toward an upgrade, or being able to upgrade from a MKI variant to an MKII variant at a significantly reduced cost for the same type of weapon, whether apoc, or otherwise....same for obvious reactors engines, and shield array upgrades. On a side note of interest I still have yet to receive My December Twitch Prime loot despite having already "claimed" it, and having the response be that I had claimed it. For some reason warframe.com seems to have some issue verifying the sync no matter how many times I refresh it, and I do have it linked, so I'm a little curious as to what the issue seems to be.
  2. Yeah, I can relate on the stats for the guns, and the engines, the shield arrays, etc. For example, the Sigma Shield Array MK1 has +200 to shileds, yet the Vidar Shiled Array MK1 I got in order to repair only has a +104 to the shield bonus...which is quite odd when you consider the insane amount of resources required to repair the items for use on your railjack.
  3. So, it all sounds good for "damage control" at least, and we appreciate it. Now, a question...has anyone considered generating an orbiter seasonal decor option for autumn, maybe a Halloween kind of thematic set up kind of like we have for winter solstice, and spring equinox based special holiday themes which seem somewhat globalized? Just something I've wondered for a bit, and am pretty sure a lot of other players might like....it doesn't all have to be jack o lanterns, and candy though...a little neo-gothic ambiance may prove desirable to many a player, who knows. Might just depend on what all is included in the potential decor model produced xD
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