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  1. The main reason is the amount of troll limbos and the normal limbos. I respect a good limbo player because i know that mastering limbo is hard but they are too few. There are too many players that have bad experiences with troll limbos and have started not to trust them. I understand your frustration as i like to bring limbo for kuva but only in pre made teams. When theres a pub, they see limbo, they leave.
  2. New hacking animation development so far : 1. Rhino He punches the terminal until it opens. 2. Nyx Nyx: " You're hacked, open up" Terminal :"Really. I don't think so" Nyx : You are. Open up. Terminal : " ok..." 3. Baruuk He waits in front of the terminal for it to open. Restrain is a virtue. 4. Wisp She turns her back to the terminal in agile pose. Door opens 5. Khora Venari marks his teritory on the terminal. Terminal overloads. 6. Gauss "Terminal, my name is Ghoos , open up. "Error, it is pronounces Gauss." "Nop. It's Ghoos. "Error, error, err....." Door opens 7. Limbo "Hey, did you know that if i change my energy to bright yellow and green it's almost as having a stroke? Terminal: "what? " "Here you go" " error error, please stop, error" Door opens 8. Grendel *there is a slight development problem. Grendel keeps eating the terminals. More updates soon. 9. Banshee "Open up or i'll screem" 10. Ember "Hey...you know...open up....for old times sake? I used to be someone you know?" Terminal: " sure lady...go ahead...." 11. Valkyr "Open" Terminal : "yep" More updates coming soon on the other warframes animations.
  3. I would rather have a Khora in my team for defence/mobile defence rather than a limbo or frost. Hell even in disruptionand survival is a better pick than the other two.
  4. A nice way of aproach would be a player controled stalker. Similar to invades. You don't get your weapons or mods, only what the stalker normaly has. You don't get the dramatic entry but you spawn somewhere out of sight of the players. Then the hunt can begin
  5. The thread made me curious and i searched the spiders interwebs for more details and found NO OFFICIAL STANDPOINT on a release, development, concept or even an idea that there will be Rhino Umbra. All i've found is fanfiction, fanart, and a lot of people who "would like for DE to make Rhino Umbra" Making such a thread and formulating the post in such manner, implies that there is a secret development on Rhino Umbra that only a few players know and talk about it in game. For some reason. And for some reason you make a thread such as this, with no information to back it up, basing you thread on a "surge of rumors" that hasn't been verified by anyone soly your word on it, and creating a false sense of other Umbra releases in the future, which also, there is no official standpoint. Your entire post is based on creating a debate with no actual information, facts, or even the slightest touch of reality. I would say clickbait. For some reason there are more and more of these on the forum.
  6. RNG. I did 3 arbi almost back to back. First one 20, second 38 , third 15. All have been till wave 30
  7. There is no problem. I usualy go Nekros in kuva survival. I run magus lockdown and repair. I'm constantly zooming around the team to help with cc and heal when i'm between desecrate refreshing. The thing is the main topic. Extra rewards for healing as there are a number of ways to exploit some of the healing mechanics in the game.
  8. Let me tell you something. Kuva survival, pub team, 3 nekros and 1 volt. When all 3 nekros summon their little pals, it's chaos. That's 21 summons. You can't see anything anymore. 7 little pals are enough. More would hinder you and your team. Even so, when i summon my pals to help, i ALWAYS try to shoot one of them by mistake. When you reach lvl100 + , everything has to be done in speed or you die. Having more distractions at this point is really detrimental. I would even go and say 7 are too many. 3 or 4 would be enough. Buff the minions and that's it
  9. Spawn increase? You want to make infested missions more fun? Sure!
  10. What about Nidus passive regen. Isn't that healing? Magus repair? You can simply take Nidus and repair and have 100% healing .
  11. Saturn - Helene is my favorite spot.
  12. This time around, i think they will stick to the scheduel. Empyrean, from what i've seen in the japan videos, looks pretty much complete. And they said they will launch it with only 1 faction then update it every month. Theoreticly, this would mean they have enough time to put together TNW by december and do the same thing ,update it each month This would be a drip feed of content like Nightwave acts, which i personaly don't enjoy. Even so we will have empyrean this year and they will link it with grendel release in october most probably. If not, and they push empyrean for november, we will most likely get TNW in 2020
  13. Nightwave final chapter, papa Nurgle....umm...i mean papa Grendel, and more filler stuff until empyrean and TNW. I hope. Because if there is not gonna be any filler events until the mainlines, it will be quite boring
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