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  1. First of all, I love the Baphomet demon so I was already biased to be supportive of whatever was in this thread, not to mention it's always good to see a great member of the community contribute cool ideas.


    The design is awesome and follows the Baphomet theme very well. The one big thing I wonder about is how his appearance would translate beyond this sketch. We only have the current in-game designs and lore to go by, but I always got the idea that losing oneself to the Infested would wreak a ton of havoc on the body to the point that the previous entity might be unrecognizable. I'd love if something like this expanded on the lore in a meaningful way and we could learn more about what becoming Infested entails for Corpus, Grineer, and Tenno. I'd also love to learn how a Tenno could manipulate the virus in the way he does. Maybe certain physiological or even genetic traits allow this? It could open up some very interesting paths lore-wise.


    I am a bit too tired to come up with a move list or anything, but if Baphomet was once a healer, I'd love to see that previous ability used in a malicious way. Maybe as a sapping ability to grant strength to himself and his allies? My grasp of this part of the lore is rusty, but if the Tenno are also infested with the Technocyte virus, maybe Baphomet could gain temporary control of a Tenno? Even debuffs would be interesting to see. He obviously gave himself over to the Infested for compelling reasons, and that should be reflected in what he can do on the battle field.


    And you know, we seriously need more deviant Tenno-type enemies. The other factions are numerous and formidable in their own ways, but they do seem like fodder often enough. This is why a good deal of people were once afraid of the Stalker - it was an enemy with similar capabilities and similar lethality (AI limitations aside).

    he is a warframme so i don't see why it might take a sh!t ton of time to get him to look to that extent and even more so to get him to that point at all.

  2. Does anyone else besides me not see a difference, I mean it might just be the fact that I play on one of the lowest qualities of graphics for warframe, but when I see HD I only see HD, not some "Oh this is without the SweetFX and my Nvidea FX is running at only 96.2% efficiency".

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