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  1. Paracesis is OK to build however gram prime is a much better "big sword". When sentients become more common then paracesis will be useful.
  2. Who cares. I was expecting something more tbh.
  3. I think mine is all 3 umbral, fleeting, primed continuity, blind rage, rage and adaptation. It's about the tankiest build I can figure out apart from maybe a quick thinking + primed flow setup.
  4. Should work, cleavers are my favorite with him.
  5. Her spores eat armor use the energy one instead.
  6. You can sub in quick thinking instead of adaptation. If you can fit rage, primed flow and quick thinking together they add a good amount of eHP.
  7. Well I think one has all 3 umbra mods, adaptation, overextended, blind rage, rage and stretch. Another swaps out the umbral intensify for I think streamline and then a 3rd has quick thinking added in as well as mobilize. So one build for melee, one for running around using ignis and one that is kinda in between.
  8. If you use the umbra mods and overextended you can go past 200 power and range both but you will have to sacrifice something like efficiency. Then you have energy problems as well so zenurik and hunter adrenaline become nice to have.
  9. I'm interested in hearing peoples Trinity builds, off the top of my head I've got umbra vitality, umbra intensify, adaptation, quick thinking, prime flowand continuity, streamline and then maybe range.
  10. My head hurts reading OP. I thought they were pretty self explanatory as to their function, as well as the 40 vs 45 difference (likely to balance out the higher point cost of hunter).
  11. Lots of damage and then split between status and crit for a weeping/relentless build. Unfortunately the melee 3.0 will happen soon and that may change what is and isn't an effective build. That's for a polearm btw. Machete stances suck.
  12. Catch moon rivens are super common on PC right now because of a freebie riven thing so it would be 150-200 there.
  13. I'm wondering more about damage scaling under 3.0. they seem to be removing the combo counter increase and putting it on a "strong attack". Not sure why they feel the need to fix something that isn't broken but we shall have to wait and see.
  14. I think mine is catch moon with haymaker and splat or slap. It's like a mini plasmor. The base heat damage is a bit annoying since I'd rather have corrosive or slash but you can still do radiation for grineer.
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