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  1. Use a spray and pray like soma prime, you can still zap them in the head but aiming is a lot easier. Snipers are mostly useless in this game apart from a few special missions or enemies. Melee is really king right now, that might change with 3.0 though.
  2. Mines Grineer BBQ Lighter, works great with a riven.
  3. By guns you mean Mesa prime? That or Saryn prime imho. Wukong now that they made him fun is another obvious choice.
  4. You have to shoot the nox in the face otherwise they take forever to die...opticor build looks fine.
  5. My zero forma build is all 3 umbrals, flow, rage, narrow minded, streamline or adaptation. It works fine.
  6. The more stuff you kill the higher your combo counter goes, combo counter means more damage, blood rush means combo counter increases crit chance too...
  7. Wukong clone isn't any different than the various specters you can spawn. Not to mention that it's the most fun part of his current kit. In fact it's probably weaker than a lot of specters, some of them are practically indestructable at higher levels.
  8. His number 2 benefits from Volt buff so you can fly around at the speed of lulz.
  9. I think seekalla and ekwana jai is around 18-20% crit and status. You can preview the builds in game you know. Cyath polearm is ridiculous with blood rush, reach and condition overload. Really hard to go wrong with it.
  10. Just get the best card you can afford without gimping the rest of your build.
  11. I'd say pressure point, blood rush, condition, organ, berserker, drifting, weeping, reach or healing return. It's kinda hard not to do OK with those mods on any melee that has slash tbh.
  12. They are OK. Best weapons overall are the staff-polearm ones but blood rush and condition overload make every melee strong tbh.
  13. You can always try it out in simulacrum to see if it makes a big deal.
  14. Max out health, armor, chromatic blade, rage, intensify, streamline, flow, adaptation rank 4.
  15. Mighty prisma cleavers ftw
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