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  1. Thnx for the Limbo Limina skin fix Any chance for a fix on the Shocking Step Ephemera? The particles are always launched to the right of the warframe instead of backwards or evenly around.
  2. Also, most of the emissives on Valkyr Prime are gone
  3. Actually, take back my previous comment a bit, secondary energy is still overpowering primary energy. This is a picture from my battacor and the lights on it are fully orange from a distance, same as my war, but my primary color on both weapons is blue.
  4. Its mostly an issue with anything with pulsing fx, as the "light area" that is apparently defined as the primary color is not the dominant area in pulsing emissives such as on Revenant, while on most items the change did what it was intended too to make the primary color the dominate color, it dosnt work on pulsing emissives because the area defined as the light area is not the dominate area and such is overpowered by the secondary.
  5. Yea, looking at something like the phantasma, any item that has pulsing emissives now suffer from the issue everything else had before where the secondary is too overpowering The amount of area defined as "dark area" on pulsing emissives is too high.
  6. Limbo's Deluxe skin energy FX is broken and not taking dual energy or primary energy right Outside of his tennogen helmet, dual energy is not applying to Revenent's emissives "both on regular helmets and main body" Picture with tennogen helmet equipped Also could it be possible to tone down how overpowering the secondary energy is? On pulsing emissives it completely overpowers the primary color. Also noticable on Rev's tennogen helm where most of the color is orange "the secondary" instead of blue "the primary. For whatever reason in reversing the areas the secondary energy is applied from the inside of the emissive to the outside has had the opposite effect in this case of making the secondary overpowering, the opposite effect to which the change was aimed to fix
  7. Correction, we need it to work first. Pointless adding it to other things when what we have now does not work.
  8. Also, as another dual energy bug, it seems like the secondary color is stronger then the primary is most emissives. If the primary is blue and the secondary is orange, the main color of the lights becomes orange, not blue, which is supposed to be the primary color, but if you switch it around using the same colors than blue becomes the main color even tho its now the secondary energy.
  9. Yea, this is fully borked now. I don't even have green equipped. I have the darkest black on the smoke pallet selected and a yellow. 😕
  10. Also, Revs body emissives are not taking the dual energy, only his head, also with the changes to his wisps its hard to see the dual energy in them.
  11. Dual energy is not working on Limbo deluxe skin glyph sigil things that float around him. I have a darker blue and yellow equipped. The energy bits are taking the default energy of the skin then applying the primary energy color as the secondary. This means that you can not choose a secondary or primary color as its always stuck on default and mixing with the primary energy choice.
  12. I will point out a major flaw in just making any small meme word have the possibility of chat suspension or ban. Any mean veteran player can just go ahead and tell noobs who dont know the chat system to type those things in. Actually a pretty common thing that happens right now and if you make a more global GOTL like system whats gonna end up happening is some real scummy people are gonna have a big "Reputable, you can trust me" tag slapped on them so they can go around and use the chat filters against people.
  13. The dual energy is broken on some deluxe skins like the ones for Nekros and Limbo. Also Exalted wepons take only the secondary energy at least on Baruuk and Valkyr, I couldn't say for Excalibur or not if anybody has any confirmation on that.
  14. When they show a bug live and dont even bother to fix it. This is the issue thats currently plaguing warframes visual side. Nobody is fixing visual bugs. Honestly annoying me that I cant even login without seeing bugs in my face 24/7. Where is the quality control?
  15. Been testing out dual energy. Conclusion? Nothing really works at all. Anybody have anything that actually works or is everything basically broken for you guys as well?
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