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  1. Many thanks for the hotfix, today two of clan members score not added to clan total, they got bugged.. hope it will be fixed.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix, cool remove all exploits score..
  3. I checked real time, members joined after 19th, their score not added to clan score.
  4. DE Please... 1) Remove personal best score showing in members profile before leaderboard started if they not play the event after leaderboard implemented, its been hard for us (who trying to compete the leaderboard) to tell a member score added to clan total score or not. 2) Remove all players suspicious score which seems exploiting fps bug, could be trace if mission total time exceed over 60 min? 3) Please clarify for clan total score from clan will not include members join clan after the event start (19th Dec) ? or after the leaderboard started (23rd Dec)? Many thanks for
  5. I know that but this leaderhoard start after 4 days and score u have before leaderboard start its not added to clan total. Still confused. Have tried with a members joined after event start but cant tell for sure because leaderboard updater time have delay. not sure after how many min it updated after a plyer did a run.
  6. Haven't seen in any post or update this time, DE mentioned that any members join clan after event start or after leaderbord start will or will not add his personal best to clan total score. Any one know for sure, personal best score will not add to clan total after leaderboard started (23rd Dec)? or after event started (19th Dec).? Submit a ticket and wrote in event bug forums but no response till now. Would be very much appreciated if any one can answer surely.
  7. About Clan total score from clan members personal best. This time in the operation orphix venom post didnt mentioned about members join after the event start will not added to clan score. We are trying to compete in the leaderboard for a better place, so it very critical to know either members join after leaderboard (23rd Dec) start will not added to clan score? Or members join after the event start (19th Dec) will not count their best score for clan total? Hope DE will make it clear for us.
  8. Submission: Dojo Aliases: --IE-DragonZero— Kaan2104 Plorn SuperDuperAmazingPrime
  9. Rotate the ship... let say enemy ship at your 3 o'clock, you right turn to 90 deg, this taking longer time to move the ship, but it wasn't before, before was smooth you could move any point your ship easily. NB: Forgot to mention moving ship nose with mouse.
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