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  1. @[DE]Drew Please unlock the clan forums. Not understand why its making issue....it was an excellent tool for clan and clan management .... First changes recruiting page default view from "Recently update" to 'Start date'...which is a big backward for us to get more members, used to be get many request from the recruiting post. but its gone. Finally Clan forum gone, used to get few request every day, but its gone... Which path Warframe walking in to? squeezing all community? nowadays very hard to get new members for clan from in game recruit chat... Remember before can
  2. Apply here if interested: Immortal Exiles - Warframe Forums
  3. Apply here if interested Immortal Exiles - Warframe Forums
  4. Many thanks for the hotfix, today two of clan members score not added to clan total, they got bugged.. hope it will be fixed.
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