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  1. But it level up fine in only Hydron
  2. Leveling new Moa and Helstrum with it, but Moa leveling ok, but Helstrum still remain unranked, another of my clan mate complain same issue. Hope to fix it soon.
  3. Its has been few months already, invited guest often spawned inside railjack when got invite for a trade. its not always but very frequent happening, Its reported by other clan members too Our clan is Immortal Exiles. I did change spawn room, and back to pervious room, it fixed for few days, but again start happening, Its kinda really annoying for both parties for a trade session. Hope it will fix soon.
  4. Immortal Exiles - Rank 10 - Mountain clan open recruitment again. We are cozy, laid back and semi-competitive clan, one of most active mountain clan in pc platform, we are forever mountain because we believe in quality not in quantities, max 300 members is best for interact each other and help each others. Our focus is to grow as a strong warframe community and striving to be one of most active clan. We have all dojo lab items researched. very friendly and helpful members, huge number veteran players from most of all the busiest time zone. Our Dojo and all rooms are awesome, huge and beautiful decorated with nice colors. We are part of the huge and very active V alliance. We are an International clan, Members from around the globe, we are open for all players no matter what country or cultures, Always 30 to 60 members online in 24/7 hrs. We have a very organized discord server, with warframe alerts, cetus day/night alerts, price checks, builds, warframe news and update ect; 1) Mastery Rank 6 or above. 2) Must participate clan operation/event hosted by DE which have a leaderboard 3) Discord required, (mic optional) 1. 7 days for members are mastery rank from 0 - 6. 2. 10 days for all members with clan less than one month or clan rank below Deadly Ninja. 3. 14 days for those with clan more than 1 months or clan rank Deadly Ninja. 4. 21 days for clan rank Fearless leader and above ranks. 5. You can leave a vacation note in discord if you have a real life need. 6. Maximum additional total day can be allowed is 21 days when submit a vacation note. 30 days for high clan rank members. If you interested to join with us leave a reply below this post with your: 1) In-game name: 2) Mastery Rank: 3) Region: 4) Type of Player: Or send me a friend request with a note in game to -IE-DragonZero- Or you can apply online here: ImmortalExiles.clanwebsite.com/recruitment We are not following this recruiting applications anymore since new Clan forum started by DE. Clan forum links: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/350-immortal-exiles/
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