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  1. Last night was fine, able to invite for trade in Dojo as smooth, but again this morning facing same issue.
  2. If you only have directx 12, try install that come with Warframe setup, else you can try update your pc's display driver, lower game display settings, and try this guide, its old but will give you some clue. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625627818
  3. I was having same issue when I updated my pc to windows 10 from windows 7. If you using windows 10, please write in search box, "Turn windows update features on or off" wait till it load, scroll down to Legacy components, look if DirectPlay is unchecked, if it is, check the box and restart pc.
  4. I have this same problems since yesterday 14th May, cant invite ppls to my Dojo for trade, always saying they failed, sometime it say couldn't deliver. only able to join others, but trade accepting seems taking longer. I haven't done any change to settings nor install any apps, firewall antivirus disabled too. so its not only me.
  5. We are rank 10 very active mountain clan, if you like recruit new members for a clan, please apply this link below https://forms.gle/ChiHbg4XWuCTyCdH9
  6. Clan name: Immortal Exiles Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PC Clan roles: Founding Warlord Featured image: Main Hall: Orokin Hall: Greater Hall: Orokin Lab: Meditation Room: Trophy Room: Corpus Market: Using beautiful neon Fortuna color. Tenebrous: Luminous light work in the dark: Custom obstacle course: Serenity Garden: Spring atmosphere with soft pink color, peaceful and relax place with water fall sound. Trillium Park: While coloring this room surprisingly found a very astonishing color combination; Mini Orb Vallis: Oasis Sanctuary: Trying to create a earth nature atmosphere in the deep space, all tenno's get relax and cool down his mind after exhausted fight with enemy; Treasury Hall: Other highlights in Dojo: End.
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