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  1. What's going to happen with the Tower White dojo color? Like the Riven wildlife challenges, this requires killing condrocs.
  2. I ran into the host migration making Exploiter Stage 2 not start thing yesterday, so glad that's fixed.
  3. I don't know if this has been reported yet, but every time I've run an Orb Vallis bounty, I have to hope we don't get the credit collection mission in a bounty. Why? Because once you collect the credits and the target comes out, they're completely invulnerable and can only be killed by somehow moving them into water. Also, if you use the Solar Rail terminal in a Dojo's Orokin Lab, a blank GUI comes up with just an Exit button. Clicking the Exit button doesn't close this UI (possibly a scripting error?).
  4. Have you bothered to look at the unvaulting pattern? Starting with the 3rd unvault, they include the frame that was unvaulted the previous year... and unvaults happen twice a year. In fact, the unvault process is so predictable, we already know that the next Summer unvault should be Nyx and Volt, although Volt being in some of Baro's relics may change that to Nyx and Ash instead.
  5. TOTALN3WB is a glyph code added earlier today. It was added in memory of TotalN3wb, a Warframe partner who passed away on Monday.
  6. I just realized I never posted this, but I've noticed lately that sometimes at the start of the Kela de Thym fight, if anyone skips the cinematic you sometimes spawn inside the platform. Luckily, you can still move and fall out to the lower floor, but it's still kinda annoying since it means you can't immediately start shooting at her.
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