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  1. Greetings, I am interested in joining, after some time being unaffiliated IGN: serq89 MR: 25 (almost ready for 27, I am currently not ranking up); not old player (~900h Ingame) , but I definitely played raids actively Region: Central EU (can host) Discord: Anytime I am on PC, I am online on discord; can hop into action in no time Daily active player with very creative mindset for game, I am fully available helping towards clan, If I don´t get burned in future No bull*****/scamming player, I have healthy mindset and I can be helpfull towards new players (If they are willing to listen) I can be competitive, but there are limitations for me aswell, helped directly with a few researches (specially pigments, Plague Star Hemocytes, one weapon fully resource-funded myself) for my previous clan (Moon tier) ; atleast 3x within top 10 clan contributors (In-Clan events) From 0 (casual, time to time player) to 10 (TOP tier grinder, 24h online competitor) I would grade myself as 5,5/10. What am I expecting from clan : Not being totall ****holes : e.g. telling whole discord how rich are you/how much your PC cost, doing fun from players (you can always PM or ignore someone), dont have typical "modern mindset of WF" : have 300+ caps for Eidolons ... with no space to do it previously, etc. ; But I am expecting some teach-yourself abilities from clanmates
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