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  1. Lua missions rescue and spies leads to the most anger. Hence it doesn't even appear that often in Sortie rotation. :P Just kidding it is chance based.
  2. Energy reduction sortie.... uhhh Inaros / Nidus / Hildryn. Boring ? Oh Decaying key, Oberon / Chroma / Excal etc. Fin. Done.
  3. Ignis never needed the Riven adjustment. It is a popular weapon, but even with Ignis Wraith, it was still not a weapon you like to bring to sorties against Grineer. Because it dealt pathetic damage. So why was it adjusted ? Too popular ?
  4. No more 300 oxium alerts ? Eh a shame. I know of a few rookies who get by from 3000 ferrite or 1500 circuit alerts. A shame to see them go though. As for the new currency ? Not much a fan at all. Syndicate exp is already a form of currency that we redeem. Why need more currency ? Heck I am fine if the Night wave syndicate standing resets after every season. but we do not need to double dip with another currency.
  5. Finally ! Hope you guys can squish all the bugs :P
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