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  1. Just Soon™ Anyway I am already 10/10/10/10 for all Railjack. Command is something just for mastery.
  2. Because when dealing with infested or sentients, we are just allies of convenience. Or just because some parts of the faction is friendly to you, it doesn't mean the entire faction is friendly to you.
  3. Sortie was sort of the newbie dipping his toes into endgame content. It is like Destiny's Strikes. If you want better and more specific rewards, search else well. But rivens are here to stay for sorties. And if you want rivens, you have to do them. Just like you have to do Arbitrations for Adapation.
  4. That is what ESO tried to do... And it is mostly untouched once you reach your desired foci (the most level headed ones just unlock the bound nodes and use their school of choice). Except for leveling weapons of course.
  5. I take it you haven't play ME3 multiplayer seriously right ? Everything was Mk X or nothing. And you can only rank up weapons by opening RNG crates. If it happens to drop the same weapon as your current one, then congrats you can level up your gun. That is worse than farming. As for cool downs, you do know that there are specific +200% cool down builds to solo Platinum, your cool down is as long as your animation to finish ? The game is even spammier at the highest levels, because there is no energy / energy drain monsters to worry about. The only thing why it looks balanced is because most spells have very small AOEs except for Singularity.
  6. The thing is DE has made hard content but people don't procure it for whatever reasons. Some people live and breathe in Arbitration or ESO. But most of those who go but "muh hard mode" rarely appear in those at all.
  7. A long rant here....Because I was one of the few that really like AW. I even solo interceptions when people thought was impossible with AW when AW was first released. And I dare say the reason why AW is in this state because DE has already treated Archwing as maintenance mode. Moving forward DE is going to focus on Railjack for any large scale space / aerial combat. Modular AW is nice, but it won't fix the core issues that DE chooses to ignore. Now to cite the long list of issues.... 1) When AW was first released, enemies did ton of damage. A volley of missiles was literally enough to one volley most Archwings. Then DE nerfs the stagger, damage and conveniently forgets about it until they release Railjack. Cue Railjack launch. Every single veteran Archwing player got Vietnam Flashbacks when a single volley of crew ship missiles tore open all but the tankiest AW to shreds. Specifically Amesha. That's why one of the first patch for Railjack was to give AW temporary invulnerability when entering or exiting ships. That change made Amesha usable in RJ but no one is going to touch the rest as players know the other AWs can't mitigate that kind of damage. 2) Arch guns perform so poorly that they need a statistical buff to do decently on the ground. Just look at the stat difference between a AW Imperator Vandal and the Imperator Vandal as a heavy weapon. Trust me, you would hate Profit taker if the Heavy weapon stats were the same as AW weapon stats.. 3) As mentioned RJ is DE's baby. But seeing people using AWs to snipe at enemies is not what they wanted. So they removed hitscan from AW weapons (if any) and replaced it with a slow projectile speed. So much so that only certain AW weapons are usable as the enemies are very fast. The end result ? More Amesha use, because only Amesha can slow down the targets enough to shoot them properly and thankfully use the full AW arsenal. Heck Odnata's missiles CAN'T even catch up with enemy fighters. So good luck using Elytron arsenal for anything. And again this is a useless knee jerk reaction that DE refuses to roll back. Because for the last 3 months, people were void holing the entire Veil tileset back and forth. Now they just change it to tether or seeker volley instead. Because once your ships got strong enough, you are faster than AW, you are tankier than AW. And you can nuke waaay better than AW. Everything was straight up better. In fact Archwing gameplay was no longer existent in Gian point for several months. People only use AW when they have to board something in Veil, like a Galleon or sentient ship, Basically AW is dead and buried for any form of endgame space content 4) And did I mentioned how ridiculously DE nerfed their abilities in open world or under water ? Heck underwater was the worst btw as AWs are sooo slow. Only Amesha was largely unaffected. So all AWs (exception for Amesha) for all endgame purpose is dead and buried. They are a nice jackpack to taxi around in open world because K drives (shudder) are objectively worse at that role. But no one is going to use their abilities in open world because DE nerfed them so heavily so why bother ? Also they no longer have a niche in endgame space combat since RJ has surpassed them in every way even before the armor nerf on enemies. And even then, DE still refuses to roll back nerfs that are completely unnecessary.
  8. Fixing mod stacking means only certain mods get chosen instead. You think people are going to give up Hell Chamber for say something like Vigilante Armaments ? Would you trade Primed Point Blank for Blaze ? Would you trade Vitality and Steel Fiber for Gladiator Resolve and Gladiator Aegis ? Would you use Augur secrets if it locks you out of Umbral Intensify / Blind Rage etc. Heck if using Augur Pact means you cannot use Hornet Strike, I can assure you no one will use Augur Pact ever. Except for newbies who can't max out Hornet Strike anytime soon. Essentially those mods will be treated as wasted space and dumped in a corner. Period. And Vigor is of course the worst example of the lot as it is only 120% Shield and 120% health. if using vigor makes you lose both access to Redirection and Vitality, no one will ever pick it ever.
  9. Actually DE did do that for Plains of Eidolon. Long range and powerful enemies. But players got so salty getting rekted by mortars (slow flying but extremely damaging projectiles, that can 1 to 2 shot you if you choose to stand still) or the flying gunship of doom (which to be fair is tough if you can't aim at weak points which i guess constitutes 90% of the player base). Or getting knock out of their AW if they fail to dodge the anti-air missiles or projectiles. Hence DE was forced to scale back the power of artillery, air support and Grineer anti-air. That problem eventually fixed itself because after POE as players have gotten a significant buff after farming POE like mad. But POE became nothing but a literal stroll in the park because whatever difficulty it had was long gone.
  10. Most People play Scarlet spear only for the arcanes. That's it.
  11. Tether is not my style as I like particle ram a lot. But no denying it is powerful. So I will still spam missiles. Plus less headache in pub games as side gunners will trigger your Tether early. Can't do that with seeking volley.
  12. It depends on how you calculate your earnings. Gian point map is normally clear in 3 minutes in a good ship but factor in traveling between repeats instances and mob spawn. Lets put it as 4 minutes.. Individually boarding every ship just for a few extra resources and blowing up the reactor, would take let's say an optimistic 30 seconds per ship. From AW slingshot to entry animation is roughly 10 seconds, hacking assuming you use cipher instant. shoot the reactor then swiping crates then using warp to ship. There are 6 crew ships on Gian point. That is additional 3 minutes per round. OTH if everyone does the boarding thing except the pilot, you can shave it off by a minute or so (remember opposing ships can be at great distances, and 1 person each time on the sling shot). So say 2 minutes. So if you can justify the extra 50% time spent for the resources, then I say go ahead. Nothing wrong if you prefer resource than intrinsic. But i rather scoot and snipe and get faster exp on top of that.
  13. And when is the last time people use a real CC frame ? Last check Scarlet spear was Limbo and he got nerfed in a few days. Bottom line pure CC frames are already extremely unpopular frames to use. They have the same frail tendencies of some "DPS / nuke" frames (plenty of nukers like Gara are not fragile at all), but CC frames also don't deal a lot of damage. Heck Gara, Khora and Octavia overlap so hard that they outright replace most CC frames in their role (nyx / vauban / Limbo etc) while retaining very high TTK. So if Khora can't use her 2 or 4 due to some arbitrary restrictions like yours, she will use her 1 and instant delete the mobs for over a million damage. Then people say then extend it to all abilities. Hey but we have nullifiers already for that. So this solution is nothing new. As for adding more AOE effects, do we want to propose more AOEs with possible knock downs ? Warframe is a horde shooter, an enemy that deals AOE even if in a cone is going to cause huge problems for many players. Add on CC immunity and endgame difficulty levels, you have a recipe for huge complaints. Or the hardcore simply calmly one shot it with their min max builds while the other 90% complain.
  14. Staying in one room is dull, but it doesn't break the spawning and keeps enemies coming. Because if a single player wanders off, map spawns will be triggered to follow him instead as he is closer to them than the main body.
  15. Buggy for Jordas yes. But LOR was mostly okay. Now I was not in the hardcore that ran nightmare LOR all the time, but I can count the amount of time regular LOR bugged out with 1 hand. Granted maybe we are just lucky *shrug*
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