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  1. Thanks for the un-nerf. Back to farming hard.
  2. Finally Dethcube gets a pass. After nearly so long.
  3. Just run Oberon nowadays, Trinity if you absolutely have no confidence in your team or if you are quite new and can only focus on a few tasks at a time. A good Oberon can be a pretty swell buffer with Smite infusion (which thankfully buffs his own damage too) and hallow ground stops magnetic procs cold. So you can even free up Harrow if your team mate knows to make use of Hallowed ground.
  4. Basically he wants a bigger aquarium, more space to store stuff. And a zoo / area to keep the animals that we have rescued ??
  5. What does Artax rivens do with Primed chamber ? And no I do not want Primed Chamber back. If DE wants, released Primed Charged chamber a 16 capacity mod that does slightly more. Like how Primed Heavy Trauma does 165% while Collision Course does 120% for 1/3 less mod energy.
  6. I typically play the Phoenix Renewal Oberon in Arbitrations.... If you die faster than 90 seconds, no one should revive you. Ever.
  7. Aura forma ? I even forgot those exists lol and have a bunch of them laying around. The only aura worth running is CP anyway in endgame, since all enemies can gain armor now, even Corpus. Energy siphon is too weak, the classic rejuv and physique deal too little. Radar mods help for sneaking spy mission... But there is Ivara and Primed Animal Instinct so... Steel Charge only matters if your frame has no forma and need all the points it needs (but if you are formaing soon, that doesn't matter), otherwise it is either Power donation / Growing Power. I supposed the only reason why you want an aura forma is for certain frames like Nova, so you can make super speed enemies with Power donation (V) without losing your natural (-) power slot.
  8. You know what I am thinking ? Good riddance that Quest warframes are gone. First, I am sick and tired of having to play a long bothersome quest for frame. When I played WF in U8, I just know that Venus Jackal has Rhino and I need to kill it until the BP drops. Fast and easy, no fuss, no weird requirements no nothing. In fact, I was so happy that I gotten Gauss all done within 30 minutes. That is the way things should be. Don't drag stuff, story quest are often draggy and outstay their welcome, I want to try the new frame ASAP in my next sortie or ESO content. Now to be fair, initially I was hyped on frame quest, then after a bunch of them, I got tired and also sorry for DE. Because no one will appreciate these stories once people gotten the frame. Heck if you are a new player, it is even easier to buy Mesa Prime than do Patient Zero and it will be cheaper and Mesa Prime superior to quest Mesa. Also the way to unlock these quest frames all use similar boring mechanics. There is nothing creative at all. Sands of Inaros was to me it was filling up a jar of sand on a kill quest, going through the motions until you fill it up and then you get 1 part (and people gave it rave reviews) Hidden Messages required every component to be build FIRST before you can progress to the next part. Limbo Theorem had elements of both and it was made worse with the need for Archwing. And lastly, let me ask those pro-quest Frame players, when is the last time they replayed a quest for warframe ? Be honest, do you even play it yearly ? And Leverian I say, it is a good way to give the old frames without Lore a quick summary which I appreciate. Without dragging DE too much until the next content drop. Because only the mainline story quest is what is important, rest is just filler.
  9. Warframe's brand of parkour is what makes it unique, take that away and we are just a glorified 3rd person shooter with powers. Ala Mass Effect 3 / Mass Effect Andromeda MP.
  10. Nightwave is trying to "push" people beyond their comfort zone with incentives For example, I never done a K drive race until that 1 NW request. Sure I STILL think it is as boring as watching paint dry for most of the races, but at least I tried it and found 1 race I liked.
  11. Disclaimer, I know I sound dismissive but....I can't wrap my head around, how can people who are complain there is a content drought ? When they.... 1) Have not collected all mods ? 2) Have not done all quests yet? (yes there are those) 3) Have not finished nightwave or sit there and complain it is unfair ? 4) Have not max rank possible syndicates (I'm still not done with Vect kids) 5) Have not hit highest maximum MR possible in the meta ? 6) Have not fully unlocked even 1 focus tree ? Etc etc but I will stop here So unless you have done everything, then there is content but you chose not to partake in that. I for the longest time avoided K-drives because I consider them a waste of time when AW are superior. And I never bother maxing all Focus since I am Vazarin core and the rest I can't be bothered. So I choose not to partake the content and reject to explore their abilities they have to offer. DE gave me the content but I don't want to take part any of it, and you know what ? That is fine, but it will be irresponsible for me to say there is no content when I chose not to accept it. Content that isn't for me IS still content, just I don't want to play it. So ask yourself truly, have you completed everything ? If yes, more power to you sir, even me playing since U8 could not do that. Then yes, you fully reserve the right to ask for more content. But for people like me, eh I chose not to accept that content, so imo it will be unfair to put all the blame DE. It is just isn't for you, but that doesn't mean it is not content. Now personally I only play WF if there is a big drop or a nightwave and I play other games. Ever since I maxed the recent NW, i have being hitting other games and it will be just nice for end of this week or next week. So back to WF fresh again. And of course asking DE to work faster is okay, but I rather they don't go back to the old days where we have "weapon drops" as new content. I prefer properly fleshed out content, not easy fixes.
  12. It depends how your elements are worked out. Currently infested ancients are the only enemies who can take 100% extra damage with Corrosive + Blast together. Usually I keep a sidearm with that element and it works wonders. Basically a 10k shot is going 20k, a 100k shot is 200k. They die like droves either way as long you are packing proper elements. After all, you don't need your entire loadout to be the same elements.
  13. Wally doesn't even want to drop by. I can count the last occurrence I seen him after Umbra quest with 1 hand... Heck 3 fingers ? Just be glad you have a nice friend :)
  14. Even if you skip Hydrolyst, next week is still fine because Season 2 ain't ending anytime soon yet™
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