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  1. I just use AW and raise a ruckus and shoot them down. It is not difficult with M&K.
  2. Necro, but just read Rhino Prime lore will be enough. Bottom line, the flesh bag in the Warframe can be either a frothing infested mass or human. And yes even infested mass do have some sort of Sentience even if they are not connected to the Hive Mind.
  3. Shred is 11 (rifle) Seeking Fury is 11 (shottie) Vigilante offense is 9 (both) The only one that needs 15 is pistols. But pistols already have the best Multi-shot mods in the game (Barrel D and L Torrent). So I rather they have this as a weakness.
  4. Escort missions that are "problematic" Sortie Defense since the dude wanders everywhere. But it was fully intended by DE cos they don't want a Defense team of doom to dominate sitting on top of the pod. But eh you can fix him with Limbo banishing the joker. Defection is the one that is truly aggravating is because due to AI getting stuck and DE love putting horrible pathing and enemies in the way. Worse of all, the AI seems to flip out randomly when waiting at pit stops. That is why players recommend just getting an Oberon or trinity and just heal run the way through.
  5. Uhh just give back Hyekkas their stealth detection will be more than enough. Don't overcomplicate for the sake for "muh better gameplay". Ratel already seem to detect stealth so it is fine. Infested have their energy draining gimmick so that is dealt with as well.
  6. Tanky frames / cloak frames can leverage on their abilities and literally wade into it with their melee and be utterly rewarded for it. However, you only see such gains in Steel path.
  7. Currently it is the tank and damage meta, when damage was much lower, we had the CC meta. Anyway it is a lost cause. Back during 2013, DE was thinking whether should primes be cosmetic grades with extra polarities (for the effort taken to find them), a huge number of people voted stat increases. So the moment the first Prime had a major damage buff or in case of warframes a stat boost, it led to what happen now. Every prime / wraith / lich weapon / dex etc heck every new weapon MUST be a statistical upgrade or at least match the previous high tier. Add the modding sys
  8. Switch Teleport is perfect for breaking Spy so I rather it stays. I only want his decoy to have a slight buff. Like it being invulnerable when cast for X seconds, so it can actually do it's job. Or if enemies destroyed it, it explodes like a flashbang, blinding all targets in X radius for X seconds. As for Disarm with the aug is arguably the strongest soft CC in the game. It can remove Eximus auras and even Infested abilities (including infested auras). Only reason it sees little use is that people want enemies to count to them without their ranged weapons. IRD forces
  9. Every single problem in lore were caused by the Orokin / Humans (created grineer, tenno / warframes, sentient, corpus are their off shoots). And given how the Orokin experimented and treated folks beneath them, it is safe to say things like Geneva Conventions means a bloody zero to them. So don't expect anything less from their offsprings.
  10. I loved both AW (even the first version where a volley of missiles that will put down everyone except Valkyr) and RJ. I wanted them to be expanded on but not integrated in such a way that they are literally more than fluff (Corpus RJ is regular missions with more steps, I got my orbiter and landing craft for that) Necramech is just another toy to carry heavy guns for Profit Taker, and million dps exalted weapons so eh I don't really care much.
  11. Guess your play with teams that are very inefficient then. In most RJ games that I am in, my other 2 dudes are already in both objectives by time half the fighters are gone and waiting for me to pop radiators. They can cut through all the 90+ grineer with nary a sweat. Aka they are efficient. Anyone who waits for the whole battle part to end is thoroughly inefficient. I will even demand players who have limited AW experience to fly through entire squadrons of fighters than wait for me to clear the skies. Cos they need to learn how to fly AW properly in hostile space too.
  12. Pretty sure Grineer RJ already fixed the problem. Just make it so after killing X amount of RJ enemies, they will stop spawning. Then you can spawn as much enemies as you want for indoor tilesets. Or limit the tileset size, so you don't need to put that many mobs. Go for higher mob density rather than sprinkling a few dozen here or there.
  13. Lavos isn't even half as powerful as what Garuda can pull off rofl.
  14. Meh vote kick was talked back since 2013 it never happened. It won't happen. Because unlike other games, the average WF mission barring endless modes is often less than 10 minutes, heck 5 minutes. How toxic can a person be that you can't stand him for 5 minutes? As for why low MRs are matched with High MRs, because the gaming population is small duh.
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