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  1. I don't even read squad chat. Out of sight, out of mind. WF is simple enough that you can just do things on your own and the mission will still complete itself without a hassle. As for MR, I grind MR specifically for the syndicate rep. Time matters a lot. With a 27K cap, I can get the 5k and 22k on any syndicate within the first day of launch. While other folks take 2 to 3 days. This is very significant if you are intending to uhhh "exploit" the market with sales :) For example, back in the day I managed to sell syndicate weapons for over 300 plat each because my MR lets me grab it fast enough. Most dudes were not even half way through the syndicates, much less grind fast enough to get there in time to exploit the early adopters / whale. By time, they were done, syndicate pistols were like 80p.
  2. Because no one can be satisfied. There are still people calling for an Oberon re-work even though he is currently one of the most balanced in recent years. As for Chroma, the issue is that his 2 and 3 don't sync well with his 1 and 4 and requires Chroma to be build differently. A balanced build would be ideal, but that means all your abilities will be below average. It is the same deal with a CC stomp Rhino that prioritizes range and efficiency, but this murders his 2 and 3 which reliant more on power str and a long duration (his 3 needs both).
  3. fatpig84

    Why people want more Umbra?

    Cos nice scarf. And umbral mods can make certain builds very OP.
  4. Or just make them cannot be sold in the future. There done. Downside is of course, if you want the slot, you can't get it. But hey fair trade off no ?
  5. fatpig84

    Ability to Hide/Show MR

    Personally I don't really care for MR as long they don't die every 30 seconds. But MR is useful at a glance whether I know I will be carrying the team or just chilling. Yes high MR is not end all be all, but it also means they can use weapons and rivens that are far more powerful than what most low MRs can use after all.
  6. fatpig84

    Mastery should give more rewards

    That works if you get 27K standing like myself, so I can unlock an Arcane and sell it within 4 days. For those with less, it becomes much much harder. In any case, high MRs don't really need to worry about plat since they have options available to sell stuff for plat without worry. Not so for a low MR, hence I asked whether can we put in a bunch of slots as part of the MR level up. Since going from MR 1 to MR 10 is pretty easy, while the rest require a bit more effort.
  7. fatpig84

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    I actually laud DE for daring to play the Child Soldier arch type in WF. Not many companies (except Bungo with Halo) would dare risk it as it is a pretty heavy subject. Of course we are now digressing, but we can pretty much say, gameplay wise, there is nothing to Warframe wants or needs from Anthem except maybe flying. In Anthem, their transition to jump jets is nice, but those overheat which is extremely annoying which leads to plenty of forced encounters. Which imo leads to padding out on content. In open world WF, you can safely ignore all forms of forced ground combat as long you got energy to spam Itzal / Amesha's 1 or Elytron / Odonata's 2 which means you can avoid most time wasting encounters, thus making Warframe hyper efficient. 1) Because the Orokin are desperate, they are losing at the Sentient battle. They have frames who are made of infested humans but those won't listen to anyone as they are usually insane. But somehow the Void infected kids can. So why not ? Remember they are fighting a war of extinction, so who cares about ethics ? Even the Spartan IIs from Halo are basically kids who are super augmented and thrown to fight rebels (John 117 was only 14 for his first major operation) and aliens while Spartan IIIs are war orphans with a huge chip on their shoulder. So if other fiction can do this, why not warframe ? 2) Because it isn't perfect or the Void isn't exactly benign. But again a little transference issues is probably the last thing on the minds of scientist to stave off extinction. In any case Quills / Vox Solaris have already found ways to negate this completely with the new Arcane. 3) Because when DE first made Warframe, they had no story in mind. They needed a product that runs smooths, lets you shoot things, spam cool abilities, parkour and have fun. And hope they get enough so they can keep the lights on. That is the reason why I bought founders for them, even though when I joined, there was a grand total of 2 maps. Then when warframe began to thrive, they started worrying about things like lore. Personally I did not like the idea of kiddies doing war stuff, but eventually I warmed up to their idea. Child soldiers are still not my favoured form of game media but I still play WF because I like how it plays. That is the reason why I stayed, because I liked the gameplay enough to shell out dough, Lore (like the story in Doom) is just secondary to me. 4) Your rule of cool doesn't apply to me. If you enjoy playing the arch typical knight / samurai in armor that must dive deep into the action, well go ahead if that is your jam. But personally I find remotely controlling entire armies a much better preferences and while safely tuck away and twirling my mustache for my next diabolical scheme. Hey, I grew up addicted to RTS / RPGs / tactical combat after all, action came a distant second. So that is my rule of cool. And why I love Nekros to bits. A mini army and more phat loot. That is the life.
  8. fatpig84

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    That sounds ridiculously low tech. Iron man 3 remote controlled suits are the rightful way to go, so you don't put the operator at risk. Not withstanding that Tony Stark had his Ultron issues which forced him to dial back on AI and remote suit development. Warframe doesn't have this issue because the frames and operators are linked by Ze Void™ and the powers of empathy™ thus very difficult to remotely hijack. The only way to hijack frames so far have being physical means like a Collar or Kuva Queen soul punching the kid out. So Transference is definitely the way to go. You can lose frames, but you don't lose the operator. It is the same reason why modern warfare are so big on drones and unmanned aircraft because the operator that you spent years training won't die. You can build something really quick, but to train a new guy to be proficient does take a while.
  9. fatpig84

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    The Combo systems existed since ME2 and ME3. Bioware even use it in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so I am not sure what's so ground breaking about it dating back in 2009 and 2010. It has being 10 years and I am not surprised Bioware uses it for Anthem, because it is kinda their schtick. As for warframe, hahah no. Enemies still die extremely fast even in sortie difficulty. Combos worked for Mass effect because it is a cover shooter and your TTK (time to kill) is low without it. Anthem for what it seems you don't need to take cover as much, but people still need to take cover if they play wrongly. In Warframe, your TTK is measured in 0.X of a second in regular content and single digit in sortie level content as long you are using any weapon with decent loving (IE forma and potato). So combos will just be inefficient at best. Even the majority of players in Warframe rarely even synchronize their powers. So combos ? Ain't got time for that mate !
  10. fatpig84

    Mastery should give more rewards

    I have zero issue farming for plat, but I believe it gives free players more of something to look forward to.
  11. fatpig84

    Mastery should give more rewards

    Yeah specifically it should give slots. As an MR26 founder with waaay too much slots to spare (i would have even more if i sold my non-prime frames and non-prime sentinels, but I don't need to, i got enough to keep em all), I have admit this is something I take for granted since i got plenty of plat. So how the rewards be given out ? Say 1 frame slot, 1 weapon slot every 5 MR ranks. So at MR30. The dude will have 7 frame slots (first is free) and 7 weapon slots (first 2 is free). But let's not kid ourselves, once past MR 10, plat earning power is increased quite significantly. So they will just be nice bonuses. So why give them free I seen waaay too many low level or players with less than stellar finances, so I still think tying slots to MR is a good way to at least a good form of progression. Why not trade for it ? Why not sell syndicate stuff or rivens or even ducat fodder some might say? Well if you are low MR level, even ducat fodder primed weapons are powerful. A Lex prime set sells for a mere 15P, but it is still arguably one of the most powerful side arms in the game, even though its considered Ducat fodder. Syndicates well lets just say at MR26, I can do both 5k and 22k rep caps in the same day since I got a 27K cap. Lowbies with 5K cap a day will have it real rough to even reach R10 of a syndicate, which is where their good stuff are at (mods / arcanes etc). Sortie rewards like rivens are too hit or miss to be a reliable source of plat. Hey this seems familiar Yeah older players might have seen such a thread from me before but I still firmly believe we need a bigger carrot to have greater player retention. P.S. Revised a bit since once every 5 levels seems more reasonable.
  12. fatpig84

    AimBots or just a really strong mod/Arcane?

    They basically got a strong riven if they are at the level 4 or level 5 bounties. Most ships will vaporize at level 1 to level 3 bounties to anyone who has a strong high damage sniper or Opticor. No riven needed. Key to one shotting ships is ludicrous front loaded damage, not necessarily burst damage. P.S. As for aimbotting ? Nah. You are probably lagging or de-sync. Because there are times where ships suddenly appear and explode, because the host or other team mates have already handled it.
  13. Broken War only has 10% status chance with guaranteed impact procs. It will never be a bleeder weapon, period.
  14. About time this happened :)
  15. fatpig84

    The Rise of Anthem:- Warframe Overhaul?

    Honestly I am not worried about WF losing to Anthem at all. What I worry is how EA will kill Bioware with predatory practises in a $60 USD game. And sadly, I think that is what going to happen.