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  1. If all you care is about bullet dumping and burst DPS, then sorry you will be hella disappointed with many autoguns variants. Honestly this upgrade is similar to how the Soma Prime when it was released. The Soma Prime doesn't even have a damage increase over the Soma (or crit boost), but the main benefit was a large magazine (200 vs 100) and larger ammo reserve (800 vs 540). In the end the Soma Prime has a tiny better burst DPS (due to faster spool), but greatly better sustained DPS. This same logic applies to Supra Vandal, again a tiny crit bump but even then it only has 16% crit. Which means it ain't doing significantly better than the base Supra anyway, But again improved mag size and reserve. And accuracy, so you can actually hit targets. Again burst DPS improvement is nothing remarkable but sustained and applicable DPS is much higher. The Baza Prime upgrade is similar to those 2 above. The Baza already has 800 rounds reserve, makes no sense to boost it to silly numbers. Baza Prime doesn't have double the mag size over Baza but it still has a substantial 50% increase, because it also had better crit and improved reload. This sustained DPS completely blows out the Baza out of the water, because you are talking about a difference of 10k+ at least in max modded stat.
  2. Good lord this will be funny. Repairing a minor Railjack Breach/Fire/Electrical when a Catastrophic Failure breach is active will no longer give Health back to the Railjack
  3. Can we work over the titanium cost first ?
  4. I will keep this simple. 1) 5 second invulnerability when entering or leaving a ship as Archwing. This is the primary time where most AWs are at the most vulnerable. For Amesha, she escapes those with either her 1 or 4 cast immediately on leaving. The rest is a death sentence. 2) Greatly increase fall off of NON-hit scan weapons. At least reward us for our aim. Basically double or triple it. 3) Forward Artillery is sad. Even with the mod, at Veil levels, you are still using up to 3 to 4 shots. Forward Artillery should completely ignore armor (it is the BFG) and no range falloff, considering how difficult is it to aim that thing (it is a fixed mount and highly dependent on piloting). Even with those removed it will still take some effort to pop Veil crew ships (maybe from 3 beams to 2). 4) Damage battle avionics needs to hit harder (no abusing Rhino roar is not a feature) for Veil usage. It is no secret why the most popular is either Tether or Blackhole for CC, cos the damage is negligible. 5) Randomized loot. No random loot should have stats lower than it's clan equal. For example Sigma III at base is +50 cap +100 Flux. ALL MK3s should have these as their minimum lowest value and different max cap. For example Vidar will be 50 - 100 for cap. While Zekti should be 50 - 80 for cap etc The fact DE could make all Faction weapon drops better than regular Clan T3 (always same damage stats as Clan T3 before adding ROF / damage bonus) but somehow forgot to ensure reactor / engines / shields get the same pass baffles me.
  5. Ah no fun allowed 😞 Fixed Aksomati Prime and Baza Prime having the same Riven Disposition as their normal variants despite the UI displaying their correct Disposition of 1.
  6. Now here I need to ask on this, but why do you need to read the forums for solutions ? After I figured kill enemies fasts also give light, I just spam speednova and stopped worrying about the pumpkins. Heck I don't even want CC because slowing down kill time is negative so only nova speed master frame for this event. Just like why I pick Nekros for survivals so I can ignore most life support. I completed the event like within endurance the day it was released with a pug, not a clan team, so how was it difficult ? In fact there is no difference between a newbie player and veteran here since it uses the same mechanics that we all know from the Arlo nightwave.
  7. Used speed nova, no bugs whatsoever. Even lantern hall way hero have to try very hard to fail because of the super speed mobs chasing him (Power donation + Overextended nova ftw)
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