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  1. Great to see the scoring fixed. Now how about fixing the Nova Atomica skin? 🙂
  2. Yeah, the color saturation and quality of the skin need to be completely revamped. I spent 225 plat on this. 😞
  3. My thoughts exactly, the "back-breaking" and the subsequent defeat at a Lich's hands was never the problem in my opinion. My only problem was that it would result in essentially a one-shot death, which shouldn't exist in the game. As far as I'm concerned we should keep the animations, but let the Liches instead use them as a counter-attack to defend themselves. It would also create the perfect window for the Lich to escape. Other than that these changes all look fantastic. Someone mentioned the murmurs are too grindy, but in my opinion that won't matter once these changes makes that grind worth doing. I can finally min-max my kuva weapons!
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