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  1. I was loving the dual energy colors up until this update. Every color combination I try now just looks completely wrong to me. As stated earlier in the thread the secondary energy color is now far too dominant on multiple frames(might be all of them, haven't checked). It looked perfectly fine for the most part from the update(24.7.0) until this change and I was able to create many good color combinations before the hotfix. To be fair, the problem seems to only be the colors on the warframe itself, the abilities still have the correct looking color combination when used in gameplay. Example 1: Revenant I made a color combination for him with a saturated deep blue/purple from the Eminence palette as the primary color and a saturated light blue/teal from the Ice palette as the secondary color. The result was nice and vibrant with his "energy lights" being a perfect mix of both colors connecting really well with his flowing "energy emissions". After this update the "energy lights" no longer have any trace of the primary color in them - they're just a flat light blue/teal. However the "energy emissions" are the correct color, which makes them look completely disconnected from him, like it's just some random energy flowing from nowhere. Example 2: Oberon Prime Another color combination I made using a saturated deep blue from the Shamrock palette as primary and a desaturated red/peach color from the Corpus palette as secondary. I was extremely happy with this combination and it ended up looking like a deep blue/purple with a bright red/peach glow shining through it. After this update it just looks like a deep pink, nothing special about it anymore. So in conclusion I just want to ask why was this change even necessary? Because from what I've seen so far it made all the dual colors worse. Maybe there just needs some sort of color balance adjustment, I don't know. Also I want to point out that while I can just flip the order of the colors to make to make Oberon Prime look right fashion wise, that will flip his colors during gameplay as well, which messes up the look of his skills. As for Revenant, flipping the colors doesn't work at all, it just made him look bright blue/teal all over. I'm hoping the change can be reverted as a permanent fix or at least until a better solution can be found. Thanks for making the best game, DE!
  2. Well said. As long as Onslaught forces a room-nuking or Maiming Strike meta I'm staying far away. In my opinion, being able to reliably get to Zone 8 / Rotation C solo in intense but normal gameplay with a decent build, should be the baseline in this gamemode - just ramp it up from there. Currently you have to be a very experienced player with the strongest mods in the game to even have a slight chance at getting to Zone 8. This is not fun. The easiest fix would be to only increase efficiency drain after each Rotation C.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Ramping up efficiency drain is very bad. It needs to be reduced significantly or changed some other way. Personally, I'm staying away from Onslaught until this aspect has been improved. I play mostly solo and that currently limits me to maybe a handful of viable builds in normal Onslaught and Maiming Strike or Riven melee builds in Elite. This is a problem since I don't have Maiming Strike(sold the ones I had) and I don't plan on ever getting it again because it's awful and boring to use. Simply put - a meta involving Maiming Strike is a bad meta.
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