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  1. A lot of dual emissive color channels are messed up, I noticed it mainly on some cosmetics, but may be elsewhere as well. The issue is clearly visible on the Equinox Prime accessories - the Narvarr Prime armor and Isabeau Prime syandana. I use a light red(left slot) and deep blue(right slot) emissive color combination which creates a vibrant purple color, but after the update it just looks like desaturated dark red. :s
  2. Focus on ranking up Vox Solaris and you can just buy them for standing eventually if you don't want to farm.
  3. Let me hit you with a dose of logic to hopefully soothe your entitlement: From what we've been shown, Empyrean looks to be much farther along in development than The New War, and we know The New War will release at the end of this year. This means Empyrean is very likely(*) to be released somewhere between September and November this year. (*) -meaning not guaranteed
  4. This change doesn't really make sense though, it's not at all the same as Revenant's case. Wisp isn't firing a warframe ability at the nullifier, she's opening a portal to the sun which means she's firing pure sunlight. Are the nullifier bubbles really built to withstand the power of the sun? Seems unlikely to me. O_o
  5. A few days late, but I just have to say I sincerely hope they never do this. It removes flexibility and a big chunk of player choice since I always level 3 syndicates at the same time. I'm currently keeping Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda close to max by using different sigils on different frames. Before a Prime release I can just max out all their standing easily to spend on relics and that's how I like it. It also enables me to buy most augments immediately on release. Over time I've learned to incorporate the sigils into my fashion or simply hide them behind a syandana. In my opinion if fashion is your concern it would be better for DE to give us an option to toggle sigil visibility on or off.
  6. I was loving the dual energy colors up until this update. Every color combination I try now just looks completely wrong to me. As stated earlier in the thread the secondary energy color is now far too dominant on multiple frames(might be all of them, haven't checked). It looked perfectly fine for the most part from the update(24.7.0) until this change and I was able to create many good color combinations before the hotfix. To be fair, the problem seems to only be the colors on the warframe itself, the abilities still have the correct looking color combination when used in gameplay. Example 1: Revenant I made a color combination for him with a saturated deep blue/purple from the Eminence palette as the primary color and a saturated light blue/teal from the Ice palette as the secondary color. The result was nice and vibrant with his "energy lights" being a perfect mix of both colors connecting really well with his flowing "energy emissions". After this update the "energy lights" no longer have any trace of the primary color in them - they're just a flat light blue/teal. However the "energy emissions" are the correct color, which makes them look completely disconnected from him, like it's just some random energy flowing from nowhere. Example 2: Oberon Prime Another color combination I made using a saturated deep blue from the Shamrock palette as primary and a desaturated red/peach color from the Corpus palette as secondary. I was extremely happy with this combination and it ended up looking like a deep blue/purple with a bright red/peach glow shining through it. After this update it just looks like a deep pink, nothing special about it anymore. So in conclusion I just want to ask why was this change even necessary? Because from what I've seen so far it made all the dual colors worse. Maybe there just needs some sort of color balance adjustment, I don't know. Also I want to point out that while I can just flip the order of the colors to make to make Oberon Prime look right fashion wise, that will flip his colors during gameplay as well, which messes up the look of his skills. As for Revenant, flipping the colors doesn't work at all, it just made him look bright blue/teal all over. I'm hoping the change can be reverted as a permanent fix or at least until a better solution can be found. Thanks for making the best game, DE!
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