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  1. Something that would be neat would be a Peculiar mod (or regular exilus) like "Radar Tuner" or "Target Painter" or something where if you fully scan an enemy or creature for the codex you can "tune" the radar to "paint" ONLY that enemy/creature you are looking for (via the codex... or some other method). Maybe obtainable as one of Simaris' standing rewards considering the cephalon himself would see it as a useful or "worthy" mod for his particular school of thought. I would say it could be found in Onslaught but I'm not sure diluting the tables there further would be a good idea. 😞 In gameplay it would be a sidegrade mod, removing the typical functionality of the enemy sense/enemy radar/animal instinct/sense danger/etc mods. This would be in favor of the utility of focusing on a particular "specimen" to use Simaris' lexicon. It would take up at least two mod slots to be useful (even with Ivara tbh), first the sense mod to get the enemy marks on the map and then the Tuner/Paint mod to filter out the "irrelevant" "specimens." Could be an Arbitration thing but It would really fit Simaris better. Having it affect Ivara's passive or Banshee's Sonar(!!!!) would definitely be going a little too far. Would have to consider host/client and self vs squad in display of marks perhaps. Maybe a different color and/or shape (color blindness is a thing) would be better to distinguish between types of marks. Sometimes I just have an ax to grind with those Butchers you know?!?! Might be "OP" for farming purposes tho... D:
  2. Nice job on the remaster so far. Please do a pass on the loc-pins! I have one marker floating above the flight ceiling for controllable flight (this being a pin which i had set to show in hud). Now its there permanently, off randomly by the coast in an inaccessible altitude so i can't even fix it myself. The other Plains loc-pin (also floating high above the plains) I can at least get rid of myself if you can't fix it. I would be fine with a loc-pin refund personally. Don't know how others would feel. Edit: Noticing some audio lagging/layering issues, esp. in archwing. Did notice a change in archwing engine noises? Don't usually have the volume turned up quite that much so I might've missed it from a prior update. Not sure. Liked the variable power engine noises though. Tried doing some conservation when I spotted some kuaka. No echo lure. It made the retrieval noise but the kuaka were just left laying on the ground in invincible mode. I waited around a bit and no progression. Ended up eventually leaving them there after scanning them. Talked to Master Teasonai, reloaded into Plains, tried again, no issues. *shrug* This was after I started tracking a Mergoo.
  3. Thirding. I was lucky on my first bounty. I took a potshot with my Pyrana P while it was off in the distance and left it with a sliver of health before Eudico shouted at me. I was lucky that it was so far away otherwise I would have failed it with one shot.
  4. In bounties Nekros' Shadows seem to be capturing containers for the enemy but it is difficult to tell in the heat of battle. Either way, I kept seeing strange things going on between the Shadows and the containers, primarily the green tether connecting to Shadows and the objective symbol turning red. Not sure if Shadows should be able to cap containers at all.
  5. You can't let him "see" you. Higher ground is better for staying out of sight. Move is the sightline turns toward you.
  6. If you activate Revenant's 4 while sliding you don't gain control over your warframe's movement. Danse Macabre starts and continues to move in the direction of the slide at the same speed that the ability was activated. Sometimes the momentum of the "slide" brings you to a stop while still channeling and you gain normal control over Danse Macabre. Sometimes you do not stop "sliding" and have to deactivate 4, after which you return to sliding and can regain normal control and restart 4.
  7. Finished the quest and have the bp but am missing the last cephalon fragment as well. Is there a way to get the specter to respawn? I tried going back out at night with the mask and nothing happened. And I thought that I did let all the dialog happen but when I see something to kill, I kill it, so maybe not? I did hear everything that the wiki notes as being part of the "hidden" transmission when I checked it so I'm just a tad puzzled why I didn't get the fragment. Although... I did build and claim the last two parts without going to the plains in between said parts.
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