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  1. I see what the point of the sporothrix was going for, a sort of mid ranged marksman rifle semi auto feeling that has some issues in practice. With what the current state of what this weapon is, making it have a battery reload instead of it's current small ammo pull and heavy miss punishment will help it feel much better as a weapon. (spamming bodyshots on this weapon as a status sniper with great base damage works well until your forever out of ammo, and keeping it as a small headshot damage increase rewards accuracy) The other way you can take it is making the sniper combo increase the d
  2. The effects of the Residuals really needs to be better (no status procs? isn't the point of them also the be small CC fields? the toxin one can do more dps instead), Theorem Demulcent is alot stronger than people give credit for. (primed element mod on every weapon for little work? it's a very large dps increase over time, much higher than other arcanes) People just want arcanes that let them get buff now I guess. The other two Theorems are pretty bad, Infection is pointless or useless, Either enemies are too weak for buffing your cat/nekros shadows to matter or they are strong enough tha
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