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  1. The problem is that wukong is base off Chinese stories and changing one of his abilities away from his story would defeat the purpose of naming him "Wukong"
  2. Also defy and mutation have the same outcome but require different income to get the outcome.
  3. Not everyone has money to spend on a virtual game.
  4. This is just an idea but what if Defy was passive so that way you could have a new 2nd ability. You might be thinking that defy as passive would be over-power but to be honest if it was a different it would probably be op but in Warframe it wouldn't be that overpower. Also another thing is that it would not be full immortality because like god mode abilities there is a weakness.
  5. Ask yourself this who is better in survival Garuda or revenant.
  6. Keep in mind that only one mod you need from a arbitration to make revenant a god so with only needing one mod you can toss out that vitality mod. I don't think I have ever had a problem with my teammates killing my thralls due to thralls spreading faster than they can kill them and a surprising amount of people mostly experienced player don't shoot at the thralls anyways unless they have abilities which benefits them like energy vampire, penance, etc. Your not going to be reaving off the thralls anyways because Mesmer Skin is all you need. That 3% is affected by mods and rhino's roar sure you can't reach 100% but this scales no matter how much health or armor they have even 99.9999% and overkill amout revenant can still kill it in the same amount of sweeps as a level 1 enemy.
  7. Enthrall: You are right thralls usually do die to teammates however it is not the biggest deal because if you were to enthrall another enemies in different room you can get them back. Mesmer Skin: This ability on it's own it makes you as vulnerable as a harrow using his 2nd without a natural talent with a cold proc. However what If were to tell you that with just one mod you can become virtually un-killable that mod is rolling guard. Also you can safely use self damaging weapons without losing your charges or dying. Reave: This ability scales infinitly because this leeches a percentage of there health. If you were to have a roaring rhino you could 99% of enemies with only two sweeps. Danse macabre: Just fine. All of revenants abilities with the exception of Danse Macabre can and will scale infinitly.
  8. Because in my opinion he might be a hidden gem.
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