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  1. We have had the operator for a while now and have been able to customize them extensively, but unfortunately some aspects seem to have been completely abandoned about them. For example, once in a while during a mission they might pop up on the side of the screen to say a line, but that's that. A simple few suggestions to spice that up, and share your looks with other players to really give this feeling of "personality" you develop via your choices. - More lines for the operator to say during missions. - Lines based on your alignment you gained due to choices in previous missions. the more "white" your choices were, the less emotional and more logical your operator should sound, the more "black" your choices were, the more your comments will be based on emotion rather then logic, and the more balanced, you get the gist of it. - No longer show only your own operator during missions, at random, pick one of the other players or yourself to show and deliver a line. In gameplay its not that significant, but some more lines for them to say would really make it less annoying, as right now I'm subconsciously tuning my own operator's remarks out as its just too repetitive. It would make it a lot more interesting with more lines, the lines being given personality based on choices you made. And most importantly, showing other player's their operator's, so you can actually see them for once, as you rarely ever do in normal gameplay unless you visit the likes of little duck. As well as the possibility to make remarks on the mission's progress itself, for example if a defense target is running low on health, the operator making a statement about how they are about to fail if they don't defend it better. or at the same time making a proud remark when the defense rounds are over.
  2. Just the most important part would be adding the ability to give Merulina K-Drive mods. She's literally THE K-Drive warframe, but can't mod her personalized K-Drive.
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