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  1. I agree on the increased reactant drop chance, or rather increased spawn rates of the fissures instead so more enemies get corrupted. I also solo relics so I can give you a tip that I do during my interceptions. Capture two points, then juggle a third to positive without capturing it. Once you're at least a point ahead of the enemy, leave the third point alone to default back to uncaptured. There should be a decent enough time from the split captures for you to get enough reactant. All you'd have to do is just watch your captured points and kill as many corrupted as you can. Rarely this can fa
  2. I have an arcane from Little Duck that turns my void damage into viral. Since I didn't fully rank it, I still do some void damage with my amp, but the necraloid doesn't heal from it (for some reason). Using void blast on him though does work with healing him.
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