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  1. I'm archiving disruption demolisher pathing. Thread here:
  2. Last night I had a small problem while I was playing the Sedna disruption. Keyed one terminal during round 3 and I did not see the demolisher anywhere. Once the terminal's timer ran out, I went looking for it (was a bailiff) and found that it was stuck in this room tile near the center on the platform with a couple other regular units. I didn't get an image of it cause I wasn't thinking then. And now, as I'm playing the infested disruption on Ur, it's happened again with a demolisher juggernaut. EDIT-1: Same tile as the first pathing problem, only the unit gets stuck in the void out area. EDIT-2: Demolisher bursa is too fat to fit through archways. Demolisher anti-moa has a problem with the side pathways in this room tile on this end. EDIT-3: Seems like the stereotype for grineer intelligence is correct. Demolisher Kuva guardian can't find it's way around a low-hanging structure.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix! Though, could we get some conservation fixes soon?
  4. I can understand why it's natural. I guess I'm just used to attempting to overachieve on doing a rather fun activity. It's not too big of a deal to me if triple-perfs can no longer be a thing now. -nod-
  5. Could we get some conservation fixes relatively soon-ish™? The most common issue that occurs for me (since I mostly use Ivara for conservation, but often switch between her and Octavia) seems to be the clipping issue on flying animals when they're being put to sleep. I also noticed sawgaws move the moment you look at them when they haven't seen/heard/smelled you at all, making tranquing seemingly impossible. I have to use the sleep arrow and archwing up to get the pesky things (and the clipping issue goes alongside that). They used to be my favorite animal to track, now they're just flying cockroaches fleeing the light. And also noticed that while the tranq rifle is silent, if you manage to mark one animal out of a group of three (i.e. pobbers, condrocs, kuakas), and then mark the other two you only get one perfect capture and the others are either good or bad for some reason. I can easily tranq all three animals, with some difficulty against the condrocs since they begin to fly off after two shots, but it's a bit disheartening. The standing from them doesn't really concern me too much because I can spend hours just tranquing animals, or turn in other things as an alternative. I just want to have that accomplishment of being able to get a full set of perfect captures in the small committees and colonies.
  6. Heckin yes. Easier time to get kavat codes. And the Quick Escape fix? Double heck yes.
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