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  1. I agree with this. Despite how lovingly helpful and nice the community usually is, there are quite a few people who take the game a little too seriously or decided to ruin someone else's day just because they didn't get their way/what they wanted. (i.e. Eidolon "elitist" min-maxers joining up on public random Free-Roam during night and then complaining that the squad is going fishing instead of getting lures/their shard to start the next fight when he was the one who joined the free-roam node instead of finding a squad via recruiting chat prior. People farming Hydron, Sedna for Wolf and leaving at five waves when others want to level. Traders who want to sell their item for ridiculous prices and aren't open to haggling. [It's gonna be 980 plat. Someone already offered me more and I'm being generous.] ) Usually it is mostly some of the randoms that you meet that turn out to be the bad apples. I love playing public to help out other people after I tend to finish the content I want to work on solo. I'm pretty much no-lifing the game cause I have nothing else better to do while I'm working on adulting so I'm available to my friends and clan members whenever. This person needs to get this many resources? OK! Let's go farm. You need standing for a syndicate that I already maxed out? Let's get to work on that then. I try to help out as many people as I can because nowadays I'm noticing more and more the worst of the community's bunch in pubs. Someone gets upset at how I play the game because I don't play it the 'right' way/get called a prick or whichever because my MR is high. I've been in Warframe for six years and I've learned to change up my style to make things more fun. Others get mad that the newer player is wasting time exploring and looting when they want to speedrun the mission for the quick reward. My point is, the negativity from those momentary missions builds up and ignoring just seems like the best option sometimes but you still don't want to see that or the other garbage that got spouted. I've gotten better at handling myself when I get upset but others may not and I know a couple who are easily moved, so a clear chat option would be absolutely wonderful. Edit: somehow my text got stricken through and I am so confused.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix! Though, could we get some conservation fixes soon?
  3. I agree with this option, but with the added requirement of waiting that long out of combat and going to a bounty tent/giver to change the loadout. That seems a bit more agreeable for me, considering I can spend hours inside either plains or vallis. Having just the one loadout you go in with gets boring after a while.
  4. I can understand why it's natural. I guess I'm just used to attempting to overachieve on doing a rather fun activity. It's not too big of a deal to me if triple-perfs can no longer be a thing now. -nod-
  5. Could we get some conservation fixes relatively soon-ish™? The most common issue that occurs for me (since I mostly use Ivara for conservation, but often switch between her and Octavia) seems to be the clipping issue on flying animals when they're being put to sleep. I also noticed sawgaws move the moment you look at them when they haven't seen/heard/smelled you at all, making tranquing seemingly impossible. I have to use the sleep arrow and archwing up to get the pesky things (and the clipping issue goes alongside that). They used to be my favorite animal to track, now they're just flying cockroaches fleeing the light. And also noticed that while the tranq rifle is silent, if you manage to mark one animal out of a group of three (i.e. pobbers, condrocs, kuakas), and then mark the other two you only get one perfect capture and the others are either good or bad for some reason. I can easily tranq all three animals, with some difficulty against the condrocs since they begin to fly off after two shots, but it's a bit disheartening. The standing from them doesn't really concern me too much because I can spend hours just tranquing animals, or turn in other things as an alternative. I just want to have that accomplishment of being able to get a full set of perfect captures in the small committees and colonies.
  6. I would say Corrupted Vor's appearance and death speech, Lotus' nagging about relics and reactant, and her lines about Bursas/Juggies. I usually make fun of these a lot with my friends and bf.
  7. I just want the four quests that aren't replayable to be replayable so I can earn the warframe parts again.
  8. I'm having the same continuous issue. It began some point a long while ago and got fixed one or two hotfixes before Nightwave dropped. Now my joining/inviting is broken again and I don't have any other workarounds unless I host some friends (which I have terrible and unreliable internet) or someone else hosts me (which most of the time doesn't work).
  9. Heckin yes. Easier time to get kavat codes. And the Quick Escape fix? Double heck yes.
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