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  1. And to think this thread would be better off in Feedback. GD, it's just going to get ignored. Oh well. Another hot topic going nowhere.
  2. Wait wot. I thought Gauss was a better Excalibur. Tell me you're pulling my leg.
  3. Still irrelevant no matter how good if my personal playstyle wont make any use of it. But no. In Warframe, no one is allowed to have preferences, and choices of how they want to play their own game.
  4. Still broken. Bring back Stamina, Melee 1.0, and Parkour 1.0.
  5. But but, that would mean I don't get the attention I want, and the validation I so rightly deserve...
  6. Exactly. This be the forums. There's no such thing as expecting constructive and factual replies. We're all sh*tposters on this sh*tposting day.
  7. Nah fam. That's too difficult. Me, be credible and through on the internet? Stuff like this needs a PhD in the finer sciences. I am shook at the elitism of this reply. Fact checking? Pffft. You need a big iq to do this.
  8. This reminds me of something I was told: If everyone can do it, I can do it, if no one can do it, I must do it. Meanwhile, I am here going: If everyone can do it, let them do it. If no one can do it, how can I be expected to do it.
  9. I fear you're going to be incredibly disappointed with me as a person.
  10. Lurk around here long enough, and you'll find this OP is always like this. Multiple posts every other day, caps out at less than 50 replies, give or take.
  11. And me, back when I did this test just took a banshee and redeemer to it. XD
  12. Good luck though! You'll get attention here, but not the one that matters.
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