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  1. Probably forum thread count farming then.
  2. But how else will we have our amusement in threads like this?
  3. Don't forget to complete Nightwave 1.5 for Eidolon Ephemera and watch any of the main events at Tennocon 2019 on Twitch/Mixer for Lotus Ephemera. Also yeah. Smoking Body was kinda my white elephant too. Now it's like... what do?
  4. Veganism is a missed steak. see what i did there? no ragrets.
  5. According to some catholics, i am going to hell cause I dont recognise their doctrine. reeeeeeeeee. Let's make it fair the way OP wants. DE should add like, 7+ billion colour palettes into the game to represent every single person. Then only will the game truly have full inclusion and fairness.
  6. No u. Seriously though, what did you have to make in making another thread again? Your last one didnt get the replies you wanted? Forum reputation farming? It's a can of worms. Open to one, everyone else will start demanding recognition. By your logic, if x does not get a colour palette, they are not welcome?
  7. As a Protestant, I am offended. How dare you not respect me and rub elitist christian theology in my face. Also, we need a palette for every race, every religion, and every binary and non-binary mode of representation. This should be done asap. I personally identify as an assault helicopter and worship the flying spaghetti monster. Where's my palette's? This is discrimination. or something like that. /s obviously.
  8. I believe your previous thread put the conversation on this where it should be. Edit: To quote Datam4ss who said it very well; "Game developers should remain apolitical and never take a stance in anything which is controversial/always act neutrally. In the same vein, colour palettes should be what they are - colour palettes. They should never be attached to any minority/political group/organisation."
  9. Cause no one agrees with you? All I see here is people just disagreeing with the premise you put out in your thread. Toxidity would be saying you suck at farming credits, or with the game in general, that's why you're having problem. Personal attacks, excessive trolling and all that rot is toxic. Play long enough anyway, and you'd be looking for credit sinks. Longer, and you'd be looking for sinks for all sorts of resources. Heck, i've never done Index or PT aggressively and I'm sitting at 100 million+ or so of credits. Blew 5 million today ranking up prime mods.
  10. Know those feels. Took me 88 days of farming all Ephemera drop places to even get everything. Literally that and nothing else. Log in, ESO, Arbi, Exploiter Orb, Stalker farms. Daily. It was hell.
  11. I mean, OP did admit to being sarcastic on the first page lol. Some things don't need an /s. XD
  12. Specifically; "EIDOLON EPHEMERA (not exclusive to this rewards table)", implies that there will be another way to obtain this ephemera and given the name, there's probably a high chance it won't come from something like Profit Taker, etc.
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