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  1. Another new update, another grind to get to. Here we go.
  2. Fashionframe beckons! Edo Prime in its own package. Yassssssss. AkVasto finally. <3
  3. Because it's a "IWANTITNOWGIMME" mentality.
  4. So, don't build it, and give feedback to DE in the proper channel so they can change it if it's an oversight. Posting in General Discussion just goes nowhere, and other than your five-seconds-of-fame, nothing really gets done. In the meantime, those of us who can build it, just will. It's grind heavy yes, but it's fairly doable. Few hours of ducat farming and you'll be sorted. Now the five forma I need for it tho....
  5. Mountains out of molehills imo. Ducat's are not hard to get, heck, if they were tradable I'd throw you the 1K myself. And wasn't there complaints that Umbra jank was too easy to get? Look at us now.
  6. This is finally happening. Thank you DE.
  7. Had that issue too. Some Orokin Derelict missions and Lephantis didnt count for me even though I had farmed Nekros before. Interestingly, I capped node EXP without completing Derelict and the Kuva Fortress.
  8. Despite what they say, I think we can just take it as scrapped. Hydroid is one thing, Zephyr, Limbo and Chroma soon? I personally dont see it happening, and since they thought of scrapping PT's before Tennocon, sounds like it isnt a priority to them as it might have been before.
  9. Give us today thy daily meme As we hype those, Who have already hyped us.
  10. Sucks to be you then. I for one will welcome our new shadowy boi. In the meantime, feel free to contact DE and ask for that refund to your founder's account.
  11. You have to wait for them to say "we'll address this in our Devstream", then repeat the statement they've said here while everyone sits uncomfortably for a minute or so, before they then try to distract everyone by showing a concept for an idea they have that's not even ready to be launched in game. Don't like this change we've made? Here, look at this new shiny we have for you.
  12. If you wanted to maintain rarity, making the parts tradeable seems a bit wonky to me. All it'll do is incentivise burnt out players who want the gear to throw platinum on it. Maybe that's what's been intended? Make the grind for something to such a point, it makes more sense to just buy outright with platinum. Ivara, Nidus, Harrow, Khora and the Vandals. There's been this pattern for a while, and it isn't the same as how it was when I started. Frame from a quest thing. Maybe make harder quests, but still. This forced rarity has never tasted good to me.
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