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  1. Been waiting for this.......now i can sell all my ignis rivens at double price :D
  2. I get what ur saying, but it cant just be a coincidence..Getting 13 in 20 then 0 in the next 20.. Thank you to all who answered my question.
  3. Ik, thats how i got 13 ._. Its that theyve stopped i cant get any after the 20th run
  4. I started kavat genetic code farming a few days ago, i got 13 in around the first 20 rounds, now, 15 rounds after that im still at 13, i mean i get the kavat rare mods, but no trace of kavat genetic code HELP plz !!!
  5. Oh, sry i stopped looking at this post since i had no replies,i already havde those rivens sry
  6. Well.. S.Lectas gone Nice frost skin, and thnx for the maroo endo update
  7. WTS Daikyu zeti-puratta --- 144.3 dmg 44.4 dmg to infested -86 recoil Mr8 Rolls= 8 WTS Daikyu geli-hexacron --- 124.7 crit chance 85.4 status chance 87.6 cold dmg Mr8 Rolls= 1 PM ingame or post ur offers here