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  1. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    Hopefully not 10gb plus *GULP*

    Hmm..........Didnt know nice people still existed since the industrial revolution xD
  3. [WTB] Saryn prime

    Yeah........Atterax prime dosent exist yet
  4. WTS Euphona ,sybaris,zhuge,quanta riven

    [Euphona prime Acriata] 207 dmg 86 cd -19magcap - madurai polarity mr8 1500p SOLD!!! [Euphona prime visibin] 193 dmg 75maxammo -19magcap - mr15 500p SOLD!!! [Sybaris Acri-deciata] 102 dmg 83 cd 62 statdur mr8 400p [ZHUGE DECI-ACRITIO] 127 cd 84 elec 110 statdur -72 flight speed mr9 100p [Quanta Crita-acriada] 109 cc 87 cd 29 infested mr16 200p
  5. WTB 0roll rivens of............

    Euphona 0roll riven 100p each Sybaris 0roll riven 75p each Hek 0roll riven 75p each Tigris 0roll riven 100p each Soma 0roll riven 75p each Dread 0roll riven 50p each ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pm ingame or psn, posts here will be seen for the next week
  6. Rakta cernos syndicate proc is useless

    The rakta cernos proc was made silent because if it alerted enemies the stealthy approach of bow wouldnt work But........... When the proc kills someone, the stealth multiplier resets....... So whats its use except destroying your stealth xp bonus Any thoughts?
  7. Wts sybaris riven

    [SYBARIS CRITAPHA] 1000p 100.2 heat 178.3 cc -25.4 zoom mr15 6rolls naramon polarity Maxed SOLD!!!
  8. Is Warframe becoming pay to win?

    And even tennogen is for plat on console
  9. Is Warframe becoming pay to win?

    In a pay to win game you HAVE TO pay to actually be strong, in the case of warframe which is imo the only f2p game out there, its only pay to look good, you can trade for plat, sure the plat comes into the system by SOMEONE buying the plat, but that someone dosent have to be you, its the person who bought it's choice to buy it because it was more convenient for him to buy rather than grind stuff In all honesty, LSG01's posts are identical to an old womans nagging and complaining "ohhh.....why dont i get plat for free, WHY DE WHY" seems like what your saying
  10. Selling sybaris hotcakes

    1 hotcake gone in a few hours, dont miss the rest !!!
  11. Selling sybaris hotcakes

    Sybaris Critadex 133 cc 78 sc mr8 sold 1200p Sybaris critapha 100 heat 178 cc -25 zoom mr15 Sybaris hexa-visicron 105 dmg 94 cc 52 sc mr11 sold 1450p -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pm offers, these are currently seling very good
  12. Riven system is exploitative and needs to change

    Answers to OPs points: 1) I agree , but if you think about it, it makes a bigger reason to get boosters, and if people like me use 200p every month for resource boost, the plat in the system decreases and the market is made more stable 2) I completely and utterly disagree, sure the amount of kuva used to amount of kuva gotter ratio is a bit one sided, but think of it like this; if for example, we roll a riven after every mission, it would make rolling too easy and the chance of getting good stats per riven will also increase, everyone who needs a good riven will just roll one for himself and the price of rivens will fall, causing getting plat even harder and the circulation and usage of plat in the system will further decrease 3) I partially agree, i agree there should be more variety of ways to get kuva, like being possible rewards of spy vaults and sabotage caches, but i dont agree to the 'ensuring players a return for their time and effort' this is the worst point you have made, no offense, think about it, if you could decide a stat every 12 rolls, would you not pick stats you need instead of adding more effoert, if it were so, youd be seeing god rolls here there and everywhere. as for people who wish not towaste time and effort, just go to trade chat and buy a riven, I do agree with the no. of slots increase aswell this thought has been well put into words by OP Please correct me where I am wrong fellow tenno, Sorry for any typos and grammatical mistakes since English is not my native language
  13. RIVEN MOD NAME RIVEN MOD STATS PRICE STATUS* [AMPREX PURA-CRITATIS] 86 cd 109 cc 34 infested 500p SOLD! [QUANTA CRITA-ACRIADA] 109 cc 87 cd 29 infested 200p negotiable [TONKOR CRITATOX] 77 cc 45 toxin 150p negotiable [BRAKK ZETI-VEXIATA] 141 dmg 60 electric -68 recoil -55 cd 200p negotiable [ZARR CRITATIN] 150 cc 46 mag cap 200p SOLD! [SPIRA ACRITIO] 58 electric 62 cd 100p non-negotiable [VULKAR VISIDEX] 128 sc 253 dmg 300p negotiable [AZIMA IGNI-PURADRA] 86 heat 43 infested 71 firerate 50p non-negotiable [LATRON PURACRON] 208 cc 64 infested -31 zoom 200p negotiable [PENTA CRONI-CRITAATA] 141 cc 57 firerate 145 dmg 250p non-negotiable PM Here(Preffered), on PSN or Ingame(If PM ingame please tell me that you have come from forums) Might accept worthy trades depending on offer, Opinion on prices is appreciated *Status will be changed when sold
  14. WTS Sybaris Riven (Cc, Cd, Mc)

    Im not actually going to buy it, nor do i have enough plat, but...........how much are you aiming for?