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  1. RIVEN MOD NAME RIVEN MOD STATS PRICE STATUS* [AMPREX PURA-CRITATIS] 86 cd 109 cc 34 infested 500p SOLD! [QUANTA CRITA-ACRIADA] 109 cc 87 cd 29 infested 200p negotiable [TONKOR CRITATOX] 77 cc 45 toxin 150p negotiable [BRAKK ZETI-VEXIATA] 141 dmg 60 electric -68 recoil -55 cd 200p negotiable [ZARR CRITATIN] 150 cc 46 mag cap 200p SOLD! [SPIRA ACRITIO] 58 electric 62 cd 100p non-negotiable [VULKAR VISIDEX] 128 sc 253 dmg 300p negotiable [AZIMA IGNI-PURADRA] 86 heat 43 infested 71 firerate 50p non-negotiable [LATRON PURACRON] 208 cc 64 infested -31 zoom 200p negotiable [PENTA CRONI-CRITAATA] 141 cc 57 firerate 145 dmg 250p non-negotiable PM Here(Preffered), on PSN or Ingame(If PM ingame please tell me that you have come from forums) Might accept worthy trades depending on offer, Opinion on prices is appreciated *Status will be changed when sold
  2. Im not actually going to buy it, nor do i have enough plat, but...........how much are you aiming for?
  3. o.O dayum..............12857 pages *Blinks in disbelief*
  4. were you collecting kuva?
  5. If you make it 360ยบ , we can only be hit from above or below......its gonna make it tooo good. Never gonna happen . . In the case it does happen so........It will get nerfed the day it is released, no use.....
  6. Which game? first time hearing this ._.
  7. Currently, Its used to get to other places or put in a place enemies cant reach to use augment It certainly needs a buff, the word decoy literally means something to draw aggro to make an opportunity for you to run away, with its current HP, it dies the second it draws fire Opportunity go poof
  8. yea, prime access comes to PC and consoles together, sadly, content updates donot :( if dual weilding comes it will be as a content update, because content does not come in prime access so we conclude, we will NOT get it even if PC does, which makes me kinda salty XD
  9. yea.......no i love the thought of it and am waiting for it, but even if they bring it to PC with oberon prime access, we aint getting it on PS till 2/3 weeks after that suks to be us lol xD
  10. that is a great and OP thought !!! pretty strong passive, just what we need for volt!
  11. Imo: (2) gets more cash for DE stretched on a long stretch of time (1) gets DE lesser cash than (2) but in a short stretch of time so if they need immediate funds they should shoose (1) otherwise they should choose (2)
  12. like guards at borders? they take shifts i guess cant believe there are ppl who would go that far
  13. So............ I was wondering how the current leaderboard topper in ambulas reborn got 1000 animo beacons in a single, solo run?
  14. True...If hes the only one with the scare it means he soloed it.......Which is NOT POSSIBLE imo, DE should check it out