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  1. Sellin some Low-Midrange riven mods. My prices might not be the best but theyre not the worst either xD -Aklex- 67 heat 86 multishot 103 cc -28 infested 600p "Ear Grape for the Win!" -Amprex- 59 toxin 64 elec 95 cc -34 zoom 950p "Lord of Cinder and Corrosion" -Amprex- 153 dmg 78 ms -17 ammo max 700p "No crit but still lit" -Balla- 107 cc 119 cd -57 slash "Havent decided yet so throw an offer!" -Dokhrahm- 106 elec 114 cc -61 finisher 600p "Greatsword? Nah ill just pickup my trusty Corvian Greatscythe" -Dread- 92.2 sc 94.7 ms 203 dmg -87 projectile speed 200p "perfect example of a suicidal negative" -Dual ichor- 101 sc 176 dmg 94 cd -36 grineer 500p "Float like a butterfly, sting like an infested bee" -Galatine- 54 cd 36 speed -20 sc 300p "old is gold, orokin gold that is." -Lecta- 50 cd 51 ccslide -13 speed 300p "Extra! Extra! Getcher credits right here!" -Paris- 200 cc 119 sc 220 dmg -54 reload 600p "actually works pretty well as a hybrid build" -Reaper prime- 246 dmg 184 slash -31 corpus 400p "the reaper cometh" -Redeemer- 118 cd 122 cc -75 finisher 550p "unorthodox yet exquisite" -Sicarus- 318 dmg 133 cd -30 reload 700p "noisy cricket v2.0" -Silva and aegis- 89 sc 78 cold 141 dmg -36 infested "Same as balla, gimme an offer!" -Synapse- 196 dmg 112 sc 191 cc -46 corpus 750p "No Questions Asked" -Tipedo- 156 cc 179 range -27 grineer 600 "For ma bois out there liking it big" -Venka- 101 dmg 56 cd -27 finisher 500p "Who said you need an adamantium plated skeleton" Dm here or psn if interested. Get 100p off per 1000 pl! Wanna trade? Dont hesitate to offer! Im always down to trade for good rivens for my youtube builds. Especially godly rolls of non meta weapons. Just one condition though.... Please make sure it has a negative! (I have no-neg trauma due to.... Reasons) Thank You Very Much! Regards. AliXar.S
  2. Haha very S#&$tily made but i guess its something
  3. So... I accidentally bought 2 of the same instead of one each... And now i need to get the other by trading in this extra.
  4. Corinth Crita-Visitis 85.8 Cc 137.6 Dmg 72.7 Cd -31.8 Damage to corpus 3500p In case you need a build video, not very well made but.... You know just in case...
  5. Amprex sati critaata: 99.5 dmg, 102.2 cc, 65 ms, -25.4 reload speed. 3500p +-x (My build melts level 100 c.heavy and takes 47 ammo for level 165 c.heavy gunner, can demonstrate. Heres a build video) Amprex visican: 153.6 dmg, 78 ms, -17.3 ammo max 800p Battacor acricron: 156.8 cd, 190.3cc, -53.5 puncture 1500p Dokrahm critatio: 106.4 electricity, 114.1 cc, -61.4 finisher damage. 500p Tombfinger croni-vexican: +73.5 firerate, 108.4 ms, 85.2 electricity, -36.7 mag cap. I dont really know how much this goes for, so id appreciate some offers... Amprex vexi-toxicron: 59 tox, 63.5 elec, 94.8cc, -34.1zoom (This is a good alternative to the godroll build, strips armor like a pro) 1200p Thank You.
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