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  1. Stumbled upon this exact number with multiple builds. Didnt think it could be a coincidence, then the guys at reddit told me it was the largest number possible for a 32-bit int. Anyone else found this number yet? sorry if its already been done before. Im not really active with the forums.
  2. Zarr 161 cd 213 cc -28 mag cap 300p War 162 cc 80 cd 36 corpus -61 sd 200p Vulkar 167 ms 221 cd -87 imp 300p Tipedo 311cc 2.9 range -27 grineer 300p Talons 127 cd 161 ms 116 tox -52inf 350p Synapse 21.7dmg 12.3sc 21.2cc-5.1corp 400p Supra 141dmg 77ms -79recoil -32 infested 300p Strun 146cc 162cd -28corpus 350p Snipetron 178cc 183dmg -107recoil -61zoom 250p Rattleguts 99ms 75cd -25zoom 200p Sicarus 347dmg 145cd -32reload 300p Mutalist Cernos 252 dmg 151ms -34 ammomax 350p Mew
  3. Ignis Toxi-acricron 76.4 Critical chance. 67.7 Critical damage. 53.9 Toxin Damage. -24.3 Reload speed. MR14, V-polarity, 900p (negotiable) if you have any similar trade offers, don't hesitate to psn stats, although I prefer to sell over trade.
  4. Dual keres has been sold!
  5. Redeemer has been sold!
  6. SATI-VISICRON 68.6ms 108.9cc 122.3dmg -58sc V-polarity Mr9 1500p SOLD @1200P !!
  7. ~~Redeemer: 117cd 244cc -75finisher 1600p~~ Pyrana: 53cd 61elec 108cc -53sd 900p ~~Dual Keres: 324cc 143cd -30grineer 1100p~~ Battacor: 164cd 199cc -56punc 1200p Baza: 96ms 136cc 161dmg -96slash 700p Amprex: 99dmg 102cc 65ms -25reload 1600p Spira: 228cc 144cd -28grineer 800p Tiberon: 138cc 148dmg 84ms -35mag 1300p Tipedo: 311cc 2.9range -27grineer 500p Venka: 140dmg 78cd -35finisher 400p Vulkar: 168ms 221cd -87impact 700p Synapse: 195dmg 110sc 191cc -
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