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  1. WTS Op corinth riven

    Corinth visi-acricron 157 damage 84 crit damage 76 crit chance -72 status duration 3000p
  2. Wts God/good rolls

    XD one of my favorite weps in the game
  3. Wts God/good rolls

    Opticor cc cd sc -grineer 1500 Opticor cc cd dmg -infested 4000 Opticor cc cd -statusduration 1800 Opticor cc cd -corpus 2300 SOLD@2200 Akbolto cc cd ms -rld 2800 Akbolto ms cd +recoil 1200 Vulkar cd dmg -magazine 1100 Venka cd dmg -finisherdmg 900 Euphona cc cd -ammo 1400 Galatine speed cd -sc 1100 Boar ms dmg 700 Arca titron cc dmg -grineer 800 Aklex sc cc -grineer 600 Sybaris cc sc -grineer 700 Daikyu cc ms -corpus 600 Lecta cd critonslide -speed 800 skana cd dmg 300
  4. Wts good opticor rivens

    Sent pics on psn
  5. Wts good opticor rivens

    Opticor acricron 1700 Opticor critatis 2300 Opticor hexa-critatis 1500 Opticor visi-critatis 4k Im also lf lato cc ms d with neg, pm if u have one!!
  6. Best stats for a Zenistar Riven?

    Hehe.....i have onee with: 72.6 range 36.7 speed -2s combo duration
  7. Thanks for Watching Devstream #99!

    Fire up the grill, chicken embers roasting grineer scum
  8. New Free Prime With Prime Weapon Bundle!

    its the same for prime access in that case, we work for it all, and pay2win players get it all for cash in essence thats not wrong you know, DE needs funds, we cant expect them to develop a game without making any dough i lost like 15k+ plat due to free prime for prime bundles, but i honestly support it because its a productive idea. dude.....seriously you sound like an insensitive ten year old....... Anyone would be pained over stock price decreasing, think of a scenario where you lose two thirds of your plat, how would you feel? anger at this is justified, its not entirely wrong, all humans have their own thoughts, their own point of views, and not everyone understands each other not everyone chooses to leave his plat loss and look towards a brighter future, one with more players in the game and quicker development. 7 prime frames........honestly speaking thats not a big feat, let me tell you why you don't feel his anger, seeing as you are so raged by one little comment, i can tell that if it were you loosing all that plat you would likely hire an assassin to end DE. try to put yourself in his shoes, look from his perspective....
  9. New Free Prime With Prime Weapon Bundle!

    WHY DE WHYYYY!!! first you killed my 40 frost sets prices now you're killing my 23 soma sets prices? . . ehh........i like that you're being thoughtful for newer players, they need the boost ;) keep up the good work xD
  10. Twitch Drops Prep and Exclusive Sigil Drop

    something like this https://imgur.com/a/2y7gF
  11. Twitch Drops Prep and Exclusive Sigil Drop

    it wont work.......if anyone has noticed, when you login on twitch and change tabs for a certain interval, it sets you to "idle" status, meaning you're not watching anymore so i doubt youll be getting anything you might get a title "Troll" or "Bot" though
  12. Twitch Drops Prep and Exclusive Sigil Drop

    i hate this too lol, update will land around 11pm for me, but....my way of handling this: 1) start watching a few streams 2) go to sleep 3) wake up to see mah loot and not get it spoiled for me either :)
  13. Chains of Harrow Update 21.3.0: Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Was looking forward to this :D
  14. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    Hopefully not 10gb plus *GULP*
  15. Last Post Wins

    o.O dayum..............12857 pages *Blinks in disbelief*