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  1. Best stats for a Zenistar Riven?

    Hehe.....i have onee with: 72.6 range 36.7 speed -2s combo duration
  2. WTB Maxed Primed Pistol Gambit and Maxed Primed Target Cracker 100p each
  3. WTS Opticor Euphona Galatine Sybaris RIVENS

    Euphona sold @1350p
  4. OPTICOR HEXA-CRITATIS 2000p 178 critical chance 139 critical damage 107 status chance -46 reload speed EUPHONA PRIME ACRICRON 1500p 128 critical chance 86 critical damage -36 Ammo Max GALATINE CRONITIS 800p 53 critical damage 35 attack speed -20 status chance SYBARIS HEXACRON 800p 150 critical chance 95 status chance -21 Damage to grineer OPTICOR SATI-VISIPHA 1000p 100 heat 112 multishot 197 damage -44 damage to infested GALATINE VISITIS 1500p 52 critical damage 110 melee damage -20% critical chance on slide
  5. Wts Zenistar riven 0 rolls

  6. WTS Rivens: Reaper Lacta Galatine boar opticor

    Reaper= 247dmg 174range -69finisherdmg 500p Lecta= 44cd 47critonslide 500p Galatine= 53cd 36speed -20sc 1000p Boar= 227dmg 160ms 1000p Opticor= 100heat 112ms 197dmg -44infesteddmg 1000p Prices are more or less fixed, i can negotiate a bit though, pm here, ingame or on psn
  7. WTB skana riven

    Stats must be either cc cd with good negative Or cd dmg with good negative Pm offers here, ingame, or on psn(preferred)
  8. [Quanta crita-acriada] cc cd infested no negative [Zhuge hexatis] sc cd no negative Its 150p each, but if you buy both ill do 200 both
  9. So..........This is a known problem thats happening to many people but DE refuses to help? maybe.... many players have not been getting their totem and sigil after completing the required tasks, this affects collectors the most, ive sent a request on support for almost 3 days but to no avail, at least tell us what we did wrong. you bring a thing that's only gain able by watching a stream of a warframe partner for one hour and watching him get the achievement but dont accomodate the affectees when it bugs out? this is by no means a way to get more supporters if you cannot even help your current players. i am requesting this again, please help us, please tell us why we didnt get our shinys and could you please by any chance deliver them to our inboxes.
  10. Thanks for Watching Devstream #99!

    Fire up the grill, chicken embers roasting grineer scum

    In his defence, it is veerryy frustrating when kids offer 20p for godrolls then block you if you say no ._.
  12. Not getting PoE twitch items

    Waiting for one on support
  13. WTS Rivens

    [VEctis visican] 1000p ms d -zoom [Soma visitis] 1000p d cd -zoom [Skana Visitis] 500p d cd [Galatine cronitis] 1000p cd speed -sc [arca titron visicron] 1000p cc d -grineer [Euphona prime acricron] 1500p cc cd -ammo max [lecta plecitis] 600p cd cc.onslide [opticor sati-visipha] 1000p heat ms d -infested [Reaper Prime Visitor] 500p d range -finisher Pm ingame, here, or PSN(preffered) Ty
  14. Not getting PoE twitch items

    Watched tactical potato get the achievement and watched him for 1hr 20mins, only got syndan pls help ._. This is killing my collector soul, potato is the only one i follow and i dont know if anyone else is left I NEED THAT SIGIL AND TOTEM ;-;